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    7 Signs That He Is SUPER Into You

    “How do I know that he likes me? He seems like he does, but I just don’t know.”

    Well, ladies, as a guy, I can tell you seven signs that he’s probably into you!

    1. He likes your photos. You post that photo on Instagram and he likes it almost immediately.

    2. He texts you first. Guys aren’t naturally the biggest texters, so if he’s texting you first, there is a fairly good chance he is into you.

    3. He always hangs out or at least tries to hang out with you in youth group. If he’s making an effort to hang out with you more than his boys, he’s probably into you.

    4. He remembers something you said from a long time ago. Guys have “selective hearing.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s kind of how we are wired. If a guy remembers something such as your favorite song or movie, there is a good chance he’s trying to impress you and is probably into you.

    5. When hanging out, he brings his bros around. He wants to see how you are around his friends. This is a BIG indicator he’s into you.

    6. He will share his food with you. You may laugh, but a guy loves his food as much as you. If he cares for you in THAT way, he probably will share those fries with you, seriously.

    7. He acts a bit different around you than any other girl. For example, he may pay more attention to you during group activities than to anyone else.

    These are just a few ways to know he is probably into you. Not EVERY guy is the same, but these are seven signs I have known to be true because, heck, I’m a guy.

    Ladies, what do you think? Have you noticed other signs that a guy is into you?

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


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