7 Signs That He Is SUPER Into You

    “How do I know that he likes me? He seems like he does, but I just don’t know.”

    Well, ladies, as a guy, I can tell you seven signs that he’s probably into you!

    1. He likes your photos. You post that photo on Instagram and he likes it almost immediately.

    2. He texts you first. Guys aren’t naturally the biggest texters, so if he’s texting you first, there is a fairly good chance he is into you.

    3. He always hangs out or at least tries to hang out with you in youth group. If he’s making an effort to hang out with you more than his boys, he’s probably into you.

    4. He remembers something you said from a long time ago. Guys have “selective hearing.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s kind of how we are wired. If a guy remembers something such as your favorite song or movie, there is a good chance he’s trying to impress you and is probably into you.

    5. When hanging out, he brings his bros around. He wants to see how you are around his friends. This is a BIG indicator he’s into you.

    6. He will share his food with you. You may laugh, but a guy loves his food as much as you. If he cares for you in THAT way, he probably will share those fries with you, seriously.

    7. He acts a bit different around you than any other girl. For example, he may pay more attention to you during group activities than to anyone else.

    These are just a few ways to know he is probably into you. Not EVERY guy is the same, but these are seven signs I have known to be true because, heck, I’m a guy.

    Ladies, what do you think? Have you noticed other signs that a guy is into you?

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


        • Hahaha yeah–I always try to moderate it so that it’s not super duper obvious that I’m just liking all his photos. xD

    1. I’ve noticed a lot with Christian boys that they will either touch you too much(hugs, handshakes, high fives, prayer handholds) or he will refrain from touching you as much as possible. (No you’re not disgusting he’s trying to impress you and refrain himself)

    2. Ok I like this guy and I have no idea if he likes me. I mean he a quiet mind my own business type of guy and doesn’t show his feelings at all. I thought he liked me but I’m not sure. He says Hi to me when he sees me. I’ve never heard him say hi to any other girl before. He lives real close to our place and just recently started coming past with his four wheeler OFTEN. He’s quite a few years older then me and was think maybe that’s why he doesn’t show his feelings that much. Can you help me? Do you think he likes me????

    3. Ladies, if the guy isn’t willing to say to your face that he’s into you, he’s not worth your time. It’s not your job to decode his messages, it’s his job to communicate exactly what are his intentions. You shouldn’t have to Sherlock Holmes a guy to understand if he likes you or not.

      • Okay lets be honest here, its not like girls are the ones to step up and explicitly say “hey I like you” to a guy either. Unless you want to say a girl who isn’t willing to do that as well isn’t worth a guy’s time either, then I think we should all realize no one, guys or girls, always has the confidence to just tell that person straight up that they like them. :3

    4. Haha number six! A guys life revolves around meal time! Take it from my dad. He’s always treating out if we don’t eat because we were up early. I remember he did it just recently. I said goodby to him, I was leaving, and he immediately said “did you eat?”
      Haha, wouldn’t trade him for any other dad!!

    5. He skates next to you ALL session, stares at you when you try to go talk to another friend who you haven’t seen in FOREVER, get mad when you even mention an ex-boyfriend, invites you to his youth group, tries to convince coach to let you be his skate partner (even though he has perfectly nice, fine young lady for his partner), actually shows you his knives, tries to get you to come out your shell…. Yupp, he’s into me.

    6. Hey, girls! Could you help me out? There is this one guy in my 4-H club that raises steers for the fair along with me and one other little boy. I’ve been noticing some “changes” noggin on around me and him. I don’t know him well, but I can’t tell of he likes me or not.
      I often catch him just staring at me and when I look over and smile or whatever he looks away and pretends to be doing something else. He also is really quiet around me but chatty around other girls on the club. Does that mean he doesn’t like me or does?? What do you girls think?

      • I think there might be a chance that he likes you as more than a friend. Take some time to think about if you like him back. I f you do then be kind and smile a lot laugh at his jokes; Don’t over do it, but it sounds to me like he’s waiting for you show that you like him back. Having said that don’t tell him let him make the first move.

    7. Okay, could someone help me out with this?
      I met this guy about two months ago. Every Saturday, I go with my mom to the grocery store. We have this mother daughter time every week and It’s something I enjoy doing. Well, When I walk in there’s this guy that works there. When me make eye contact he ALWAYS smiles at me. When I walk to a different aisle, He will kind of move to the end of the aisle that I’m on. The thing is I don’t know if he’s just being really friendly (That’s his personality. He’s a sweetheart!), or might be interested in me. Also, he won’t say much to me, he strike up a conversation with my mom and quickly compliment me about something. It doesn’t help that I’m too nervous to say anything. HELPPPP!

    8. a guy could easily do these things and not be into you

      ex) he brings his bros around…because he doesn’t want to be alone with you because he thinks you like him, or he likes your photos…because he has no real hobbies and is SUPER into social media.

      OR he could NOT do these things and be super into you! some guys have a facebook but check it once a week, in which case he won’t be the first like on most of your posts.

      these are all just arbitrary stereotypes that mean nothing. normally I love PI posts, so I’m not trying to bash, but this is just bad advice. usually it’s pretty easy to tell with a person how they feel about you (generally speaking). for some people it may take longer to come out than others, but one of the worst things you can do for any friendship or potential relationship is to start over-analyzing all the little things. he might just be sharing his food with you because you’re buddies and he knows how much you love cheetos.

      just b cool, k? <3

    9. I would say he does 5 and 7, however, we have the same friend group and so his guy friends are already my guy friends. He is kind of shy and I am super confused because his behavior could mean that he likes me or it could mean he sees me as a friend. I feel like there is so much gray area when it comes to this topic. I do not get to spend that much time with him. He is super sweet. Last night we spent a lot of time together and got to know each other a lot better. I really wish there was a way to figure out if he liked me without there being a chance of him finding out I was asking about him.

    10. I really don’t think this is accurate. There is no tell tale sign except for an actual verbal notification. Everyone is different and we can’t put people in boxes, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. You’re basing whether or not a guy likes you on the fact that he shares his food with you… he might just be a nice guy who wants you to have one of his french fries. People are too complex for it to be this easy. If this article was accurate, I would be surrounded by guys who probably just adore me… but I’m not. I’m surrounded by guys who love me as a person and value my friendship. Relationships are not this easy.

      • I completely agree! I think some of this goes back to the idea of guys and girls being friends, which I think is totally possible, by the way! Some people just require or give different amounts of attention and affection, you know?

        • I completely agree. My best friend is a guy and all apply accept the last one, but we are mutual in the fact that we’re just friends.

      • Oh jeez, that’s awkward, lol. I’m going through the same thing with a friend but he hasn’t gone that far yet (thankfully) and I have no clue how to tell him the feeling is definitely not mutual DX

    11. There’s a guy in my youth group who’s a year older than me and is quite literally almost my twin. He and I met two and a half years ago at a missions trip, and we both liked each other after that… without either of us knowing that the other liked us back until a year or so later. This past summer, I went on another missions trip with him, this time to Trinidad, and he and I were both in the drama team. During the VBS that we held each morning, I would act as the crazy Doctor Paws and he’d be the host who helped me learned that God loved me. Throughout the week, he and his other friend, Eric, became really close friends with both me and the rest of my group of friends. Afterwards of the missions trip, I would see both of the two of them on Wednesdays and Sundays, and it was then that this guy, Richard, and I began to realize how similar we are. As time has gone on, I’ve begun to hang out with Richard more and more when our youth group meets, and every time he has to leave, he’ll give me a high five and make sure he’ll see me the next Wednesday or Sunday. More recently, he’s begun to stand a little closer to me when we talk, and he put his arm around me to say bye a couple of weeks ago (he’s very minimal with physical contact, so that was abnormal for him.) This past weekend, my youth group was at a Winter Retreat. When I went into my church on Friday to sign in and drop off my luggage for the weekend, Richard immediately came over to me and talked with me for a minute or two until I had to run off cause I had logistical stuff to do. At breakfast on Saturday, he braced himself one my and my friend’s chairs, and talked to just me and Eric, who came up on the other side of me. I didn’t talk with him very much the rest of that day, but on Sunday morning, I dropped my luggage off at the truck and he caught me on the way to the dining hall and he, Eric, and I talked about some jokes from their cabin until we got to the dining hall. We then split cause we sit at different tables, but he came over like ten minutes later and invited me to a spiciness competition (we’ve been trying to figure out who can handle the most spiciness for the longest time since the missions trip, and it’s always been a tie), and I said sure, and that I’d go over to his table when my section was called to get food. Once he left, my friends teased me and said he was flirting with me. When I protested, they pointed out how he only talks to me, he always has his hand in his pocket, and apparently he’d gone up behind me several times to talk to me, and then walked away like I wouldn’t be interested, and everyone but me had noticed. Do you guys think he likes me or is he just being friendly?

      • Hmm… I’m not positive, but from the evidence given, it seems to me that he’s into you. Physical contact can be a big sign, because guys don’t typically go around putting their arm around all of their female friends… So keep an eye out for more signs, but I do think he’s into you at least a little.

        • I saw him again yesterday, and he was hanging out with me even more than he usually does, and he was being really sweet and joking around a lot. When we went to say goodbye, we gave each other a high five (it’s kinda our signature way of saying bye), but our hands stayed against each other for a bit before we took our hands away. I had to run back into the next door room to grab my phone that was charging, and on my way out I saw him again, and we talked for a bit before we said goodbye again, but this time he put both his arms out and we hugged. (As I said before, he’s pretty minimal with physical contact aside from a few typical things, and he has never hugged ANYONE at church, and both of our lives are essentially our youth group.)

      • Hey lady. So from what I have read it appears as though he likes you. But I wood encourage you to be careful. Sometimes guys will act that way and will be into you. But then the question is what are there intentions or are they just playing you! Don’t let your mind get so caught up into it. Say a prayer. For my ex I prayed ” lord if it is your will then make it happen. If it is mine then don’t let it happen ” hope this helps

      • I think it is really great that he shows minimal physical contact with you! It shows he really wants to honor and respect you. I do think he is in to you and maybe trying to get to know you even more. I hope this helps you!

    12. What about if he blushes and awkwardly chuckles when there is talk of you and another guy. Or what about if he teases you a lot when you’re together. And how about staring? These are things I’ve seen in a guy that I can’t seem to read.

    13. I think #6 applies both ways ;-). Especially as I’ve gotten older and started paying my way more often, I paid for every single tater-tot in that little bitty box… and don’t even get me started on a sip of my Iced Caramel Latte, extra caramel, extra cream, and totally with Whipped Cream on top!

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