7 Signs That It’s Time to Move on From a Relationship

    Girls, last week I shared with you “7 Signs That He Is SUPER Into You.” This week, I want to share the opposite: ways in which you can tell that you should MOVE ON from a relationship that’s hostile or just not working. The following seven signs aren’t ALL the clues that it’s time to move on—just some of the ones I have seen. I hope this helps you in your journey to find your Mr. Right!

    1. He starts to become distant. A guy who likes you wants to be around you all the time. If his texts are getting less frequent and he’s becoming more interested in hanging out with his friends than you, move on.

    2. You fight and argue more than you have fun together. Sometimes you just don’t click. It happens. It’s okay. Move on.

    3. When he’s with you, he spends more time looking at his phone than listening to you. That guy should be totally focused on you. If he would rather spend time on Instagram than be with you, MOVE ON.

    4. He’s busy like all the time all of a sudden. Yeah, he is avoiding you and that is a GIANT RED FLAG! Move on!

    5. You texted him at 8 a.m. to say good morning and don’t receive a text back until way later in the day. Come on, we’re in the 21st century—we’re all more attached to our phones than we are to Nutella. Move on!

    6. His body language is negative or just too neutral. Watch his body language. Does he seem agitated? Does he seem disinterested in your life? Is his body pointing in a different direction from you? If so, MOVE ON!

    7. The way he talks to you suddenly is no different than when he talks to other girls and guys. That means he doesn’t feel you are a special person. If you’re having a hard time distinguishing his tone of voice between the way he talks to you and the way he talks to others, MOVE ON!

    Ladies, what signs have YOU seen that it’s time to move on?

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. These are all great things to look for! But girls do need to be careful to not overanalyze! That’s one problem I used to have a lot. Sometimes we get busy and can’t text for a little. Doesn’t mean you need to break up 🙂 But these are all good points!

      • I love that you say not to over analyze I am so one of those people, trying not to be. It’s hard though, but it’s worth like everyone says if you are going to be in relationship with someone then you need to trust them. Thank you.

    2. That’s the same thing I was thinking @allisongrace sometimes I have my phone off so if he has a good reason then it’s okay but if it happens alot and he’s making excuses then that’s another thing.

    3. Lately, the guy I have been in a relationship with has been conversing with a lot of girls… and I mean a lot. I am not saying that’s bad, but he has been discussing deep subjects, that I believe should be held just between him and me and not anyone else, of either gender. We call every once in a while, but even when we call, he is almost always messaging someone else and most of the time, it’s another girl. I feel like in that short amount of time we have listening to each others’ voices, we should also have full attention on the other person. We don’t see each other much, so I find that important. I don’t know, maybe I am just blowing things out of proportion, but I really need advice and I am starting to feel a sadness in my heart.

      • @EmilyMae4
        I have been going through the same thing with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years and it’s harder since I’m 7 months pregnant. But he used to be perfect but now it’s only perfect at its moments. We did break it off for about a month last year and I found someone new really fast and ever since then I’ve always had a thing for him mostly because he was the perfect guy but love brought me back to the one where it was only good at times. But I still hold on hoping it will go back to completely perfect, I know it’s hard but if your feeling ignored then you need to find someone who makes you feel special and that makes you feel perfect. I hope this helps. I’m still trying to break the love but I know how hard it is.

    4. What about when guys are trying to get physical with us even though they are not presenting none of this signs and he seems pretty interested. This is happened to me and to a lot of us. This is something would like for you to talk about more. Blessings. Thanks :).

    5. emilymae4 have u talked to him about it? I had some of the same issues with my boyfriend of 3 years and talked to him about it but he always blew it off and the issues only became worse. I was hurting a lot because of it. after praying about it and finally giving it up to God, God led me to letting the relationship go.It hurts but God has given me great peace and security in him. I have true joy now I know what that sadness in your heart feels like but I can tell you God has great great plans for you 🙂

    6. I can relate to #1 on the top of this page. I guess Christmas vacation was to long for him. He stopped emailing me the day after christmas, and I just figured he had to help his grandpa or something. Well I figured wrong. Once we got back after vaca he wouldn’t really talk to me, and wasn’t sitting farther away from me at lunch. I was just really, really confused and frustrated, but mostly confused. I often ask myself it it’s something I did, but really it was him who chose to break the relationship. The breakup really affected me and my life choices and such. And what really up set me was that he decided to tell me in a note, and that he didn’t even care enough to tell me in person. And the words he wrote in the note were words(of many) that girls do not/never want to hear. It said “i don’t like you anymore and I have lost all feeling for you.” Especially being together for 3 years, that was even tougher. there is so much more to this story/breakup. If u want more or have questions. you can ask me i don’t mind talking about it.

    7. I am 25 and about 6 months ago I was supposed to get married to my fiance but I called it off. I moved to Thailand as a missionary teacher, but i told him that if God wills and he can fix those ways that he was hurting me, i would love to come back. I did not anticipate how painful it would be still dealing with him, now that we are apart.
      He is the only man I have ever loved so it has been hard letting him go, or even know if I should. He has a lot of things he is working on, as I do also, but his flaws contunially happen and hurt me even though I am in another country, Deep down I love him so much, but my mind wants to let him go… I wish sometimes life was so simple, it is hard investing so much and then it being for nothing.

      • I am only fourteen but I can relate to wear you are coming from.It is really hard once you know that all you did was for nothing I mean I can understand trying to give it all you got to make sure that your relationship is ok.I also know that wanting to have someone in your life for a very long time doesn’t help anything. I know the feeling as to where you just want to be with that person and you can’t stop thinking about that person and everytime your with them it feels so different then the first time like there is more of a connection and then they go and rip your heart out and they can’t stop hurting you and everything you ever wanted is in them but then you look and there is nothing left I may be 14 but I can relate to where you are coming from I have a lot of things and have been through a lot of relationships to the point where I keep asking my self is there really a better guy out there and if so where is he I know that he is out there somewhere but I just don’t know where and I want to be with this one guy that is in highschool he is a year older than me but I just don’t know if he really honestly wants to I can’t get my mind off of him and I know what your thinking I am to young to start dateing it is just that his sister is in my grade and so it makes it harder and I can’t stop thinking about how me and him were last year we started out friends in the sixth grade but I honestly don’t know what to do or think and me and him have a lot to change if we really want this relationship to work.So I totally feel you.

    8. If he flirts with every girl on the face of the earth, move on.
      Some people are just flirty people; I mean, I have some friends that ‘flirt’ with other friends. It’s just their personality: super nice.
      BUT, if the guy you are dating can’t keep his eyes off of other girls or won’t stop flirting, you should probably reevaluate the relationship.

    9. I disagree on a few of these.
      1. I wouldn’t want to be around my significant other all the time. I think space is good–sometimes you just need a break from each other, and that’s fine. If we’re constantly together, I’m sure he’d crave some guy-time every so often.
      2. I do agree, though I’d be thinking about why we’re fighting and maybe we can work it out. If it’s the same thing every time, maybe you should work on that.
      3. I agree on that one in most instances. There are times when he may need to–maybe his boss needs his help with something, or one of his family members is sick and he wants to make sure they’re okay. I think that asking what’s up and kindly telling him it bothers you.
      4. That isn’t always a red flag. Life gets busy sometimes–I have this friend who I used to text all the time, but then he started getting really busy because of work and whatever. It happens. I’d be asking what he’s so busy with though.
      5. That doesn’t mean anything. I’ve gotten texts at 8AM before and not answered them til later and still be attached to my phone all day. I’ll get one then, but be sleepy so I’ll mark it as read, then go back to sleep. By the time I’m up and ready to go, it’s in the back of my mind. I’ve been known to not answer texts at all because I just forgot I hadn’t responded, or the message failed and I didn’t know. And occasionally I’ve had technical difficulties–one of my phones would randomly go on silent and I’d miss texts from my boyfriend and anyone else who might need to get ahold of me and I wouldn’t know til awhile later when I would realize I never got a response. And not every guy is attached to their phone either–my brother rarely uses his and it usually dies before he realizes he needs to charge it. He once went 2 or 3 months without it before he realized it was missing.
      6. There’s not much to worry about on body language. He may not even realize he’s doing it. Ask him about his day–maybe something happened that bothered him and it’s been on his mind.
      7. That’s nothing to worry about either. You gotta be friends before you can really let a relationship thrive, so talking to you like he would his other friends isn’t anything to worry about, unless he’s talking to a different girl like that.
      Overall, the main problem I have with this list is that it’s so absolute. “All people are attached to their phones”, “If he doesn’t talk to you this way he doesn’t think of you as special anymore”, “if he’s busy a lot, he’s avoiding you”. I just don’t think it’s fair to make assumptions that everyone is a certain way. You also shouldn’t jump to any conclusions right away–just because he doesn’t respond to your good morning texts shouldn’t automatically mean you need to dump him. Just my 2 cents.

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