7 Things That Make It Tough to Be a Christian Girl Today

    Ladies, it’s not easy being a teen girl these days. But what’s more difficult, I feel, is being a Christian teen girl in today’s world.

    Scripture offers a pretty good explanation of how we should live our daily lives. But not everyone is Christian–and even some who are don’t live it to the Word. And because of this, much of how others live their lives outside of Christ can be a distraction to Christians who strive to live according to their faith.

    Here are the 7 things that make it tough to be a Christian girl today.

    1. Media. Have you noticed that, whether it’s television, movies or music, so much of what is offered as entertainment is full of violence, promiscuity and other types of immorality? And the media continues to push the envelope in as many ways as possible. As a Christian girl, cherry-pick your media with caution!
    2. Fashion.With modesty lacking in much of today’s fashion, Christian girls can have a tough time finding appropriate clothing. Short skirts and dresses, plunging necklines and peek-a-boo features are all the fad these days–so much so that modesty has become unique.That’s why I write our Modest Is Hottest series…to prove that you can look cute and fashionable, and still dress modestly!
    3. Peer Pressure.You love your BFF and friendships are so important, but not all your friends share your Christian beliefs, right? You want to fit in, or you don’t want to be left out, so do you ever set your Christian values aside…at least for the time you spend with them? And if you don’t, do your friends question, tease or ridicule you? Peer pressure can be a huge distraction to your faith.
    4. Non-Christians. Do you ever feel like Christians are made to feel abnormal? There was a time when Christianity was the norm. This country was based on Christian values, after all. But somewhere along the line, Christ was pushed out and now He’s rejected. Some non-Christians question your faith, as if your beliefs are outdated or ridiculous.
    5. Boys. Ugh…boys! It’s tough enough when you have a crush on a guy. But what makes it worse is that more girls are getting together with boys at a much younger age, and in many of those situations, the relationships are intimate. This puts a lot of pressure on everyone and expectations are heightened. How do you deal with that without feeling left out or lonely?
    6. Society and Schools. Many schools have made it easier for young people to stray away from their Christian values because those Christian values are now so taboo! Everything outside of Christianity is promoted and celebrated. But your Father, your Creator, is shut out! You can’t even glorify Him on a tee for fear of suspension from school.
    7. Social Media. It may be a fun way to communicate and share with your friends, but social media can take over your world. Christ should come before everything, but many teens are putting social media above Him. God created the earth and everything on it and around it, so don’t get lost in another dimension.

    Ladies, it’s tough to be a Christian girl today, but it’s not impossible. Remember that you can do all things through Him. Also, keep this verse close to your heart:

    No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

    As Christians, we will be exposed and tempted by a world that fights God. You don’t have to hide in your home to avoid these things, but you do have to remain vigilante and cautious, and you will likely have to defend your faith often. But that’s okay. Because God’s worth it. And remember too that God understands the difficultly. If you look to Him for strength, He will help you in your most difficult times. Don’t be blinded by the world. Keep your focus on Christ. God bless.

    Ladies, do you find it tough being a Christian girl today? Share your story…we love to hear from you!

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. I totally agree. I wore a t-shirt the other day that said “pray to pass the test” I got the shirt at church camp last year and was excited to wear it. I didn’t even get through the building before I was told the shirt was in appropriate because it somehow promoted cheating and bad study habits. I was like that dosnt even make sense! The same thing happend when my friend wore a shirt that said “on fire for God”. Because it was deemed offensive……this sad world we live in

      • The only non-Christian environment I have is swim practice..But my GOODNESS the things they talk about make me want to scream because it’s just so inappropriate I can’t even put it into words how disturbing it is! Society sickens me sooo much I could never BEGIN to IMAGINE trying to express how much it sickens me!

    2. yes, i had a book mark with a bible verse on it and somebody said the book mark was gross and my christan friend did not back me up. Also we had to put 5 things we would want to surive in the wildeness, i put Bible as one and somebody said they would not bring a bible and God would defentally not be on her mind if she was trapped in the wilderness. another time a kid critasized me for wearing a cross neakless.

      Dear God,
      thanks for all my christan friends and teachers who help me get through the day. thank you for all the wonderful inspiring christan websites i can go to for help. i want help to spead you word at school and make my school a better place.

    3. This is definitely true. I haven’t had as much persecution as the other girls but having to make decisions on what is appropriate and was isn’t is really difficult. Is this modest? Is this allowed? Should I believe what they are telling me (As far as social media is concerned)?

      It makes it a lot easier having a christian friend to help keep you accountable. I eat lunch with 4 of the most beautiful Christian girls I could ever ask for. I know I can tell them anything, not be judged, get good advice (backed up by the book of truth of course!), and also talk about boys…lol.

      Also at school see if there is a bible or prayer group. This will help you meet more people that are on the same page. A reminder and a great source of encouragement when times get tough.

    4. It truly is. I have been coming across many youth who are facing fear, rejection, and low self-esteem etc,. But I’m so thankful to be able to come across youth who are learning to know who their Saviour is and glorifying Him. What I struggle with boys, and social media. Each day God always gives me the grace and strength to face each day and be able to serve Him where ever I go. Its definitely a battle but God is not surprised and is our Rock!

    5. When I was a freshman in High school, I had a Biology 1 honors class with a teach named Mr. Holdeman. He was an outspoken evolutionist and atheist. After learning of my Christian beliefs, he began to continuously and repetitively teased and bullied me in front of the whole class. Mocking my beliefs in a, “supernatural fantasy that was merely invented, and a fairytale.” The class would laugh, and it was hard. But I never gave in. I am a sophomore now, and even though Holdeman still teases me, I can tell that he respects me because I am different and confident. He respects me for standing my ground even when I was so “obviously wrong.” I have him in my hip pocket now, he looks up to me. It’s amazing how the Lord works. It was tough my freshman year, but totally worth it. 🙂

      • Wow, if that teacher was picking on you for your faith, he should be fired. That’s what teachers are supposed to be teaching against! It sounds kind-of like my freshman year when my biology teacher would teach us evolution like it was a fact instead of a mere theory. I was so angry with her, but it didn’t change anything about my faith. I applaud you for keeping your head up and not compromising your faith. Keep going; you’ve obviously got a good head on your shoulders 🙂

    6. One thing I noticed is it is hard to find good guys with faith in Christ. That’s why I haven’t started dating yet:) but I know God has my future planned and hopefully that includes a great Christian guy who can respect and love The Lord with me:)

      • Keep your standards high! As an 18 year old girl who really couldn’t find Christian guys to lead me spiritually, I understand how hard that can be! But they are out there (I’m happy to say that I’ve recently met a few!) and there’s most likely one waiting for you if you’re patient with God’s plan. When God tells us to do something (like be chaste or wait for His timing), it’s for a good reason!

    7. Yes, it can be hard to be a Christian teen girl in today’s world. But, the older I get, in regards to peer pressure and media, the less it bothers me. I mean, when I was in the early stages of “teen hood”, everything was a bit harder. I cared more about “fitting in” and such. At some point though, you realize how frivolous the things of this world are. You see past the “perfect faces” and “perfect bodies” to people who are broken. God gave so much for us. I mean, the Creator of the Universe died for the world that rejected Him. Why should I care if they reject me? “All I know is I’m not home yet, this is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong”

    8. This is really true and I’ve been experiencing these things. Nowadays, even some Christians don’t look like they are one because of how they talk, act and think. So, it’s really difficult and I have some Christian friends who are like that. They keep on talking about things that are not appropriate for their age and they treat those as a joke which isn’t good. Just, many Christians are now being conformed by this world’s pattern and it’s just so alarming and at the same time, sad to know.

      Anyway, I believe that even if it’s difficult for us, it’s not difficult for God. So, we just have to trust Him and let Him lead us to the right things that we should do. There is nothing impossible for Him anyway and I pray for more strength for us. 🙂

    9. Yea it’s really hard. For me it’s especially with media. There are a lot of ‘cool’ and ‘good’ shows out there to watch that I really do want to keep watching- but they have a lot of junk in it that I’ve been noticing and it has started to like harden my heart when I hear friends or people in my church are going through a rough time, to think it’s ‘normal’ or ‘no big deal’ when it really is! It’s hard for me to examine some of those shows and really ask myself, “is this really what I should watch?” Because even if I know somewhere deep down in me that it is best to stop watching, I have this urge to still watch and see what happens next in the plot of the show. But that’s when accountability comes in =) you talk to close friends or highly respected and godly people in your life about it. And when I have a burning urge to watch it again (hopefully) one will be there to remind me why I decided to not watch them in the first place. Or at least when I do watch them when they’re not around, they can remind me again there and help me do my best to fight the urge next time, right? =)

      • I completely get that. I love so many shows that I know aren’t Christian and have a lot of immorality in them, but most of the time when I watch these things I just remind myself to guard my heart against all the bad things and most of all just remember that God come first. TV shows are good entertainment to me, and as long as I don’t let them change my views, overtake my life, or become more important to me than my relationship with the Lord, I’m okay with watching them in moderation. I understand that TV shows to you are really addictive and can affect you, and I completely admire the fact that you’re able to resist them because you know exactly what’s good for you. Hopefully, I can follow your example more often 😉

    10. I find it very hard. One thing that really bugs me though is the immodesty all over the place. Most of us know that guys are so visually wired and it is so sad that girls that dress inappropriately aren’t just exposing themselves but all girls. It makes it so hard for those that want to stay modest to stay modest because the more guys see other immodest girls the easier it is for them to see us in the way we try so hard to avoid.

    11. Yes it is extremely hard. When friends at school don’t promote Christ in words or actions, or don’t want to hear anything other than “yeah I’m okay” I find myself going to the internet where there is always someone else who shares my frustrations and will listen to me. Sometimes that is bad because I can get too sucked up in another world and wish too strongly to live in a place only with these understanding people. But I need to focus on real life and actually doing things for my future, even if that means doing them on my own, pasting fake smiles by day and crying and praying at night. It’s all that I’ve got but I’m thankful for whatever God chooses to throw at me, He knows I can handle it and in the end I’ll be stroger. Someday the smiles will become more genuine and the tears will come less often. I know this. And I’m thankful that because of any hard times I go through, I can use my experience to help someone in need or to give glory to God. ^.^

    12. I can combine peer pressure, boys, and society and school into one with being a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome and Attention Deficit Disorder at a small school with barely any girls at it, in a class with eight boys and no other girls, and (just giving an example) the only entertainment media my parents would let into the house before I was 13 was Arthur, Barney, and Disney movies and Playhouse Disney (when it was Playhouse Disney) because I (emphasis on I) was the one who got the attitude from watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Emperor’s New School. Not my sister, who had a worse attitude than I did, but I had the attitude.

    13. It’s kind-of hard to be a Christian girl today. I was out in the mall, looking through the new store that had just opened up, and I saw two dresses that I absolutely ADORED! But when I tried them on, I realized that I had to hang them back up. One’s V-neck was too low, and the other one’s skirt was too sheer. It was disappointing because I really liked them. It’s so hard to find cute, modest, affordable clothes nowadays.
      I also find it hard because I am a bookworm. There are so many books out there that people are raving about. I tell myself “Okay, they sound good, I want to read them” only to find out they’re full of immorality and swearing. It’s unnecessary to put that garbage in books; all it does is ruin the plot! Ugh. Frustrating!!!

    14. It really is hard to be a Christian girl nowadays. At my school, most of the kids there look down on me and some of my friends. I’m not going to lie, some of the things that they say about us makes me really upset. About a week ago, one of my good friends started saying things like “Whoop Whoop Jesus let’s have dinner”, I don’t know if that mocking God or what, and I sometimes have my doubts. Although through these experiences I have had, there’s something I’ve learned. God is faithful and he knows what he’s doing. Trust in him and everything will be alright. Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!

    15. I think that it is really hard to be a Christian girl these days, because so many people don’t approve. On top of being a girl that’s going through hormones and middle/high school, she has to think about on how to be a better Christian and a better person. I think personally it’s a lot of stress but I also believe it’s God’s plan and that somehow it’s going to turn out for the better. You have to wonder, do I really want to keep following what God wants me to do, or follow what my friends and peers are doing? I have this one friend, who comes from a rough back round and a tough family. She goes to church regularly and is always talking about how she loves God and how much she wants to be a pastor. I believe that she has God in heart and that she looks up to him, but she also looses sight of some important factors of being a Christian girl. She wears a lot of short skirts and low-cut shirts, and has a new boyfriend all the time. She cheats on them and lies about things that would be okay if she didn’t lie about them. I believe that she has God in her heart and accepts him but looses sight in what everyone else does. Another example, I have this neighbor I walk home with after school. We talk a lot and I’ve known him for a long time. He is Methodist and I am Catholic. I don’t see much difference, but sometimes he will says things about my religion that I find offensive. He will talk about my friend I mentioned earlier, and how she is a “slut” and how she will get nowhere in life. I feel like I have say these things too, to him because otherwise I won’t fit in. I regret doing this and ask God to forgive me. One time he said to one of his friends, who is Jewish, “Yahweh isn’t a real god”. He treats some people not very nicely and is offended when they get angry. I think it is very difficult to be a Christian girl!!!!

    16. Well getting beat up by 3 girls in the bathroom because I talk about Jesus alot, wasn’t a good day. It’s VERY HARD being a Christian girl especially at school! None of the other Christian girls said anything to those girls, except my bff Trish. She wanted to beat them up But I told her that’s not what Jesus would want. And from reading all the others girls here I see I’m not alone, especially “horses4ever” I tell all the girls that modesty is in the bible but that it is just common sense. But I get laughed at all the time but I don’t care… I know that Jesus loves me and He will never leave me!

    17. I think sometimes, being homeschooled makes it easier, but sometimes harder. Cause like, where I may have been able to have an impact on someone’s life, instead I can’t because they avoid me, cause the second I say, “Oh, I’m homeschooled!” They know, they know I’m probably a hard-core follower of Christ, and they are afraid of that, afraid I’ll judge them. They don’t understand that, while some things they are doing are wrong, and I want to be able to influence them, and show them a better way of life, I’m not going to come in all, ” You terrible sinner! I’m gonna fix you, get you all in shape! Now, you’d better have three Bible verses memorized by the next time I see you!” No way! But people don’t see this.

    18. I struggle with every thing on this list. Living is such a fast paced, media centered world, sometimes it seems impossible to center your life around God and do everything you do with Christ in mind. But I heave to remember that this time on earth is nothing compared to eternity in Heaven! It’s ridiculous trying to please this world because it will NEVER satisfy me, nor anyone in it. Jesus is the only one who can satisfy my every need and desire, and He’s already a part of me. If We keep faith as much as we can, He can do anything through us. Anything! Keep strong girls! Heaven could be a minute away! 🙂

    19. Almost all my friends believe in God. I go through these struggles every day. I have a gay friend. He’s a guy. I get made fun of for hanging out with him. People will say “your a Christian why are you hanging out with him?” I always say he’s my friend because he is. I get bullied by my friends. I go through many struggles every day but, I know God is always here for me no matter what I’m going through.

      • Is your gay friend a Christian? Than that’s a perfect opportunity to evangelize! Also, you can help how to deal with being gay in a way that pleases God. Being gay isn’t a sin, but how you take action with it. And your friends shouldn’t make fun of you! God says to love ALL people, not just certain ones. 🙂

    20. i’m sorry to say that this isn’t just this generation, guys. NEWS FLASH: guys were always around. every generation thinks they have it bad, but, well, not everybody gets to have a pity party.

    21. It’s very hard to be a Christian in my environment. I show horses and everywhere i show the people are ride, they swear, dress immodestly. Even my horse trainer and the people I ride with at her barn are like that.
      Also in my local 4-H club, it’s the same! I just try to remember to stay pure and modest. I know God will be proud of home if I follow his word in a world like this… Don’t give up, girls!

    22. And it can be hard at work…I’m a pk and when people found out, they started to exclude me from a lot of conversations and it got really hard to make friends…they all cuss and think that flirting/crass jokes are ok, and they aren’t for me, so I have to keep true to my morals while trying to have friends even though they are exceedingly crude. I just wish people knew I was that way because I was a CHRISTIAN, not just my father’s daughter…you know?

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