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8 Items to Take Your Back to School Fashion to the Next Level!

Summer went by so fast! Now all gears are shifting towards the new school year. Here are a few of the hottest and most versatile trends of the season to add to your fall wardrobe.

1. Patterned Pants/Leggings – It is such a nice change to have the exciting design and colors on pants! The trick to pulling off bright and intricate leggings and pants is to to go with an understated neutral or solid shirts and shoes. Also, make sure you wear leg gins with long tops since they can be immodest without. Since we are talking fall clothes any pattern is appropriate! As it gets colder floral is better exchanged for winter appropriate patterns.

Patterned PantsPatterned LeggingsBright Patterned Jeans


2. Kimono Vest – This look is modern and elegant but has been around for ages! To pull off a sheer kimono vest in a youthful way, try pairing it with a traffic tank or long necklace. The busy patterned kimonos go best with solids and visa versa. What is so fun about this look is they are really varied in cut: sleeves, sleeveless, long, short, fringe, there are lots of options!

KimonoBlack KimonoLong Kimono


3. Layer Necklace – These gorgeous accessories are so wearable. They dress up an otherwise plain outfit and go with both dressy and hipster looks. You can put together several of your own necklaces or buy one where they are all attached. They come in a huge variety with lots of different chain sizes, lengths, colors, and charms.

Gold Layer NecklaceSilver Layered NecklaceLayered Necklace


4. Distressed Denim – What is so fun about the way girls are wearing distressed denim this fall is that it can look classy with paired with the right ensemble. In other good news, most of time you you can make your denim look this way at home! A lot of places have them for purchase as well if you aren’t interested in DIY. To make sure the look stays modest make sure the holes in the fabric aren’t too high on your legs.

Distressed Demin JeansDenim JacketDistressed Denim


5. Messenger Bag – Add a feminine touch to this classic look and you have the perfect accessory for back to school! Leather, lace, patterns – anything goes when it comes to sprucing up your bag. Try to get one light and appropriate for your size to enable everyday use (and save the stress on your shoulder!)

Messenger BagMessenger BagMessenger Bag


6. Ankle Boots – Since school starts right during the weather transition ankle boots and booties are the perfect option! Not too tall but still with plenty of foot coverage they work for warm or chilly days. They can also be paired with just about anything including dresses, shorts, capris, cuffed pants, skinny jeans, leggings, and more. A mini-heel or wedge is also a great way to look dressy and taller but still be able to make the long walk between classes.

Ankle BootiesTOMS Ankle BootAnkle Boots


7. Field Jacket – These jackets are lighter weight than pea coats and perfect for fall. They are usually a lightweight cotton with military-inspired pockets and snaps and buttons. They come in lots of neutral colors and can be layered over just about anything.

Field JacketFeild JacketFeild Jacket Old Navy


8. Shift Dress – Somedays you want to dress up a little for class. Whether it is a presentation or that cute guy you are hoping to run into – shift dresses are the perfect casual and comfortable dress for campus. They are loose and go with flats, boots, and sandals. They are also made with all type of sleeve lengths to go with the changing seasons.

Shift DressPatterned Shift DressShift Dress



Have you started thinking about your wardrobe for the upcoming school year? Which item from the list above are you going to get first?

Image: Lightstock | Maura Griesse


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  1. Pinkypie2017

    Posted by Pinkypie2017 on July 11, 2015 at 01:18

    Umm I’m sorry but what is immodest about the holes in your distressed jeans being high. Legs are NOT A SEXUAL ORGAN seriously PI relax a little bit

    • Briana_loves_Jesus

      Posted by Briana_loves_Jesus on July 15, 2015 at 21:17

      Hey Pinky I read a blog one saying that guys complete the picture in their head so if you show them more then what needs to be shown they can be tempted to well complete the picture. Hope that gives you a better understanding:)

    • Miku4evr

      Posted by Miku4evr on July 13, 2015 at 22:55

      I’m guessing to avoid showing your underwear and looking trashy.