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8 Reactions We’re Having to the Release of Nicole’s New Book


By now, you’ve heard the news. Nicole Weider’s brand-new book, Project Inspired: Tips and Tricks for Staying True to Who You Are, is officially available online and at a bookstore near you.

If you’re anything like us, you get REALLY excited just thinking about the look, the feel and the smell of a new book. It’s the ultimate roller-coaster ride of emotions!

Here are just eight of the reactions we’re having to the release of Nicole’s new book (#allingoodfun):


1. When we first heard about Nicole’s new book, we got a little excited. (Okay, no. We got REALLY excited.)



2. Once we regained control of our emotions, we sat down to order the book…in a not-so-calm fashion:



3. When we found out that it would take three to five business days for the book to be delivered:



4. We spent the next few days literally waiting on the mailman to deliver our copy:



5. When we received the notification that our book had been delivered, we wasted NO time getting to it:



6. When we finally had the book in our hands, our excitement got the best of us:



7. When we opened it up and took that first sniff (oh, c’mon—we know you do it, too!):



8. When we read the first chapter and knew that we were in for an amazing read:



We definitely don’t want to sound self-congratulatory, but when you have a good thing, sometimes you just have to boast a little.

If you want to experience these eight reactions as well, be sure to order your copy of Nicole’s new book!

Image: giphy.com


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