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8 Signs You’re Growing in Faith

Walking with God is discouraging at times.

Just writing that sentence made me feel a twinge of guilt! But it’s true—we can become hardened to the progress God is working in us, so conscious of where we fall short that we fail to see how much we’ve grown. And while we ought to remain humble and willing to change, we can recognize the work of the Spirit in our lives!

Celebrating the sanctification process might seem a bit strange, but I think it’s an encouraging look at how far God brings us in short seasons. Think about who you were last year! I am sure, if you’ve been seeking God and walking with Him, that you’ve become a stronger, wiser, more gracious person. That’s worth stopping to praise God!

Growing in faith is a process and it never ends until we see God face to face. But in the meantime, here are eight signs the Spirit is working in and through you for His glory.


1. You desire to seek God.

We don’t desire God on our own strength. That’s a fact! It is the Spirit’s work in our hearts that initially draws us to God, and then we have a choice—respond to Him or run from Him. As we make the choice to draw near, the Spirit works in our soul to produce MORE faith and growth. If you are desiring to seek God, that’s God showing up in your life! How amazing.


2. You are actively in the Word.

When we desire to seek God, the first place we should go is the Word: the Bible. It is here that God most clearly reveals Himself to us, and it is here that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). Being in the Word, with a teachable spirit, is a sign that you’re growing in your faith.


3. You are cultivating a prayer life.

Prayer can be so, so hard. It’s a struggle for me to lay aside my to-do’s so I can draw near to God’s heart. Prayer was modeled by Jesus, who taught us how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer and gave us an example to follow (Jesus continually withdrew to be alone and pray). A desire and effort to cultivate a prayer life is a huge part of growing in faith.


4. You are plugging into a godly community.

This is a big deal, especially in a culture where people are departing from the church and claiming they can have a thriving Christian life apart from it. We NEED the church! Godly community was God’s intention from the very beginning, through Israel in the Old Testament and now through the local church. Being in community is so essential to your perspective and growth as a believer.


5. You are learning from fellow believers.

On this note, putting yourself in a community where you can ask questions, learn and become a stronger person of faith is a sign that you want to follow God. This, in turn, is a sign of growing faith in Him. When you’re humble enough to learn from other believers, you’re showing the Spirit’s work in your heart.


6. You are looking for ways to serve.

I was reading today in John 12 how Jesus set an example of service and told us we would lay our lives down just as He did. When we follow Jesus, it often means giving something up—our comfort, our desires—in order to serve others. When we’re motivated by faith, this will be an honor, not a duty.


7. You are letting God change your behavior.

Holiness is God’s goal in our lives. We are to be holy as He is holy because this glorifies Him! It sets us apart in a sinful world and helps us bring love and truth to those around us. If we follow Jesus but won’t let Jesus change our behavior, then we’re not following Him. We’re trying to make Jesus follow us. Letting the Spirit work a change in our behavior is a sign of spiritual maturity.


8. You are learning to trust His will.

Lastly, growing in faith means growing in trust. As you learn to trust God’s will and work in your life, your faith blossoms. This is the foundation for every decision you make.


This faith journey doesn’t end, and it’s hard at times, but how beautiful it is to see what Jesus does in the lives of those who believe Him!

How has God worked in your life this year?

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