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    8 Ways to Keep God at the Center of Your Long-Distance Relationship

    If you’re in a long-distance relationship, still going strong, growing together and maintaining a solid foundation through every obstacle, congratulations! Being miles away from the person you love is no joke. It is a surefire test of patience, grace and endurance—qualities that will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

    Thanks to today’s technology and the imagination, there are many ways to remain not only close to each other, but also close to God until you two come together. The foundation you build now will set the culture of your relationship for the future.

    Here are some ideas to keep your faith growing together from a distance.

    1. Get on a Bible study plan together. Pick a daily Bible plan together on an app like YouVersion and stay on track with the same reading! Later, when you guys get the chance to talk, it will be the perfect opportunity to share the different revelations you experienced and go deeper in God’s Word together. You can make it a daily discussion or a weekly Bible Study discussion depending on how often you get to talk!

    2. Read a Christian/spiritual development book together. This is essentially the same idea as the Bible study plan. However, pick a Christian book instead that challenges your faith, and read through a chapter each day either individually or together. Then you both can have a discussion on what you’ve read and how it can apply to your spiritual growth.


    3. Send morning Scriptures. Make it a new habit to pick a verse each morning that speaks to you and send it to each other. You both can briefly share what it meant to you or your relationship and be mutually edified on a daily basis.


    4. Pray together. You’d be surprised how quickly this goes out the window. The truth is, if you barely have a prayer life individually, there’s a chance it doesn’t show up much in your relationship either. Hold each other accountable to taking your relationship and your decisions to God in prayer. Remember this is setting the foundation for the course of your relationship. If your expectation is for God to be the center when you come together, then it needs to start now.

    5. Make sure your personal relationship with God is intact. Relationships are made up of the people in them. Godly relationships don’t just happen, they’re built; and they’re built individually first. If you’re not keeping God first personally, how can you expect to keep God first in your relationship? Spiritual growth should be built and maintained with ourselves because a God-centered relationship starts with the foundation we bring into the picture.

    6. Love with the God kind of love. Let’s be honest: A long-distance relationship will test your trust, your patience, your endurance and your level of sacrifice in ways you may have never experienced before. By choosing faith over fear, grace over unforgiveness, hope over doubt, and patience over desperation, you’re essentially deciding to let the Spirit of Christ rule over your emotions. This is the kind of love any relationship must have in order to succeed and flourish!

    7. Create a worship playlist together. You can use music platforms like Spotify or Apple Music and jointly add some of your favorite worship songs. Not only will you become familiar with each other’s tastes, but it’s also pretty cool when they have that song stuck in their head and you can both jam out in praise together since you know all the lyrics, too! This is a great way to grow closer to God together through music.

    8. Visit each other’s churches online. Do both of your churches stream their services online? Why not make a virtual visit? See what church culture your loved one is planted in and tune into the message online! Now that you know each other’s interests, you guys can talk more about it later and even get familiar with what types of churches to look out for in the future.


    Contrary to popular belief, long-distance relationships can be and have been greatly successful, depending on the character of the people in them and their intentions to come together with a purpose.

    Are you or have you been in a long-distance relationship? If so, what are some things that have been beneficial to you? Comment below!

    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses
    Brittney Moses is a Los Angeles native, passionate about seeing this generation live wholeheartedly on purpose. While pursuing Clinical Psychology, she leverages her platform to reduce stigma, educate and assist with helpful information on the integration of faith and mental health. Still, her favorite part of life is being called Mommy to her sweet son Austin.

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