8 Ways to Renew Your Faith

    To have faith is to believe in God, but it can be tough to have faith in a world lost in man-made desires and needs. Even many Christians are adrift and Christ’s message is lost in ambiguity.

    It’s not always easy to maintain faith in a God that most people don’t even know anymore. So how can we renew our faith? Check out this list of ways to renew your faith this new year!

    1. Attend church and/or youth group. Attending church on a regular basis is one of the best ways to renew your faith. In essence, church is where you learn about your faith. It instills lessons and keeps you up to date with your faith. The same applies to attending a youth group.
    2. Select music, movies and books carefully. The media plays a major part in turning our focus away from God and toward Godless ideals. It’s full of violence, promiscuity, deception and so many other Unchristian elements. And the truth is that, consciously or unconsciously, you instill within you the media you consume, whether music, movies or books. This is why selecting Christian media helps you turn back to Christ and renew your faith. “I will not set before my eyes anything that is worthless. I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not cling to me.” (Psalm 101:3)
    3. Choose close friends wisely. Your close friends also play a huge part in your faith. If you hang out with people who are not devoted to Christ–whether they’re Christian or non-Christian–then you will likely take part in things that are unChristian. When you hang out with believers, these relationships will bring you closer to God. “Do not be deceived: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’ (1 Corinthians 15:33)
    4. The world around you is such a wonderful way to renew your faith. Why? Because it’s the perfect reminder of God’s creation. Pay attention to nature and the amazing wonders that only The Almighty could have created.
    5. Evangelize. As Christians, we are called to share God’s Word. In sharing His Word, we are understanding Him better, which, in turn, brings us closer to Him. “But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15 )
    6. Pray. Prayer is a private conversation with the Lord. And you can do it any time. Your relationship is strengthened with prayer, because it’s a reminder that God is always there when you need Him.
    7. Do good for others. When you do good for others, then you are living a Christlike life. And when we behave in a manner that is Christlike, we get a taste of who Christ is. And what better way to renew your faith in Him?! “Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” (1 John 2:6)
    8. Read the Bible. How can you understand your faith, let alone renew it, if you don’t read the Word on a regular basis? And that doesn’t mean reading it from front to back and then putting it away. It means reading it throughout, and then reading it on a regular basis, and then referring to it often. The Bible relates to everything in your life. People who say that the Bible is too old to relate to today’s world are wrong. Until God comes up with a revised version of the Bible, my guess is that this is the version we should be living by. So read it, understand it and live by it!

    The above list may seem all-consuming, but God must be number one in our lives. Therefore, the best way to renew your faith is to surround yourself with Christ. We may get lost in the world, but if we hold onto Him, we will always be able to find our way.

    Ladies, do you feel that you need to renew your faith? Do you have a tip that could help your fellow PI Girls? Please share with us, we love to hear from you!

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. Number 3 is ridiculous. Who did Jesus befriend? Prostitutes and tax collectors. How can we be a light if we aren’t friends with non believers?
      And I find it crazy that you assume non believers take part in “unchristian” activities. Many of my unbeliever friends don’t take part in what you deem “unchristian.”

      I appreciate the other ideas, but I really have a problem with you telling these girls that non believers are a danger to them.

      • I understand where you are coming from but remember the people Jesus hung out with the most were living for Him. I believe that it is okay to have non Christian friends as long as your closest friends are christians

        • I understand that we need Christian friends to build each other up. Trust me, I know that’s important! However, ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Habits like gossiping and pride occur within Christian groups all the time. That’s just as bad as “unchristian” behavior like drinking or sex outside of marriage.
          To summarize, I know Christian friends are super important. But we cannot be afraid to branch out and befriend a non believer! How can we minister if we do not love?

        • Jesus did both. He helped and befriended the poor, sick, and unwanted, but he also had twelve disciples. I don’t think he was just their teacher, but their friend as well.

      • @AllisonGrace Thank you for your question. I should have been specific regarding friends. I made the change above to “close” friends, not people you sit at the lunch table with or chat to in a gathering -although I know that your argument still relates. I’d like to clarify further, however, it would be too extensive for the comments section. So I will try to do an upcoming post on this. Let me state, though, that what I “deem unchristian” is irrelevant. The point of the article is to find ways to renew your faith, and when you hang out with non-believers, then your focus is not on Christ. Evangelizing and ministering to non-believers is different, and this is what Christ did when He sat with prostitutes and tax collectors. They “drew near to Him,” listening to Him and His Good News. And He’s seeking the salvation of the sinners, not “hanging out” with them. And it wasn’t until they gave up their sins that they became His followers, such as Mary Magdalene (after Jesus cast the demons out of her) and Levi the tax collector. Anyway, my point is that Christians should only have believers as their closest friends if they want to renew their faith. Again, thanks for the question. I hope this answer helps, at least until I can clarify in an actual post. God bless, TMG

      • I understand what you’re saying. I have struggled with this in the past because I find it difficult to decide whether I should protect my own faith or help others in theirs. It makes sense that we should sacrifice our own well-being for others, but I don’t believe God ever wants us to sacrifice our faith, and I also believe that the people with whom we surround ourselves has a HUGE impact on who we are, whether we think so or not. The Bible does say to reach out and love non-believers, but it also says not to befriend people who do evil.

        Proverbs 22:24-25 says, “Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn his ways and get yourself ensnared.”

        Proverbs 13:20 says, “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

        Lastly, 2 Corinthians 6:14-16 says, “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God.”

        I think what this means is the people we hold closest to us (our best friends and our spouse) should share a love for the Lord. Our friends have a huge influence on us, and while a Christian may have a huge influence on a non-Christian friend, it almost always ends up that the non-Christian friend has a bigger influence on the Christian friend. The reason for this is we share things about our lives with our friends, and we seek advice from them. A non-Christian friend is not going to give a Christian friend good Christian advice. However, that does not mean we should not reach out to and love people who are not Christians. God teaches us to go out into the nations and make disciples out of them. In order to do this, we have to at least interact with non-Christians. It’s important to me kind towards and even be friends with non-Christians in hopes of leading them towards Christ, but non-Christians should not be our closest friends. Also, if you have a non-Christian friend, I firmly believe God wants you to witness to them. I know it can be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you, but I don’t think God wants us hanging around non-Christians UNLESS we are witnessing to them. That doesn’t mean you have to walk up to your friend and say, “Hey! Wanna talk about Jesus?!” That would probably just push them even further from Christ. The best way, in my opinion, to approach a friendship with a non-Christian is to love them as Christ loves us. Be extra careful not to have a bad attitude or complain around them. Watch your language and the things you do or talk about. Jesus did surround Himself with sinners, but He never joined them in their sinful actions. By acting sinfully (including just having a bad attitude or talking bad about other people or teachers) in front of non-Christians, you are being a stumbling block. After Jesus ascended into Heaven, the apostles went out into the world to “make disciples of all nations.” They probably befriended people and loved people who were not Christians in the many different nations; however, their closest relationships were with other Christians.

        This is just how I see it. I have a lot of non-Christian friends, and they are what society would consider to be “good” people. But man’s definition of “good” people and God’s definition are very different. God says no man is good because of the fall of man, but man can be made righteous through Him, so the only “good” people are those who have been saved, and they are only righteous because Jesus was righteous, and Jesus basically traded places with those who follow Him. I’ve wondered about this topic a lot myself because it has confused me, and this is the conclusion I have come to. I could be completely wrong, for all I know. If any of it is right, though, I hope it makes sense and it helps clear things up! 🙂

    2. Sometimes I feel like my faith is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes I’m excited about Christ and about reading and sharing His Word. Other times, I feel distant from God. Even other times, I question my faith altogether. In the past, I’ve found listening to Christian music helps me because I am a very musical and audio person. As a dancer, I find dancing to Christian music also helps. Sometimes talking to other Christians is really helpful. I don’t always feel comfortable talking about being distant from God in front of my Christian friends because, even though I know I shouldn’t, I feel embarrassed about it. I have to remind myself that God put them in my life, though, for times like that. Sometimes when I don’t necessarily want to talk about where I am with God, just talking about God in general is helpful for me because it reminds me that He’s still there and that He loves and cares for me.

    3. I love listening to Kari Jobe & other Christian themed music daily. It keeps my mind on Jesus and living or Him. Daily devotions & praying help a whole lot too. I use the SOAP method. Scripture, Observations, Application, & Prayer. I write all of it down in a notebook. 🙂

    4. I been going trough a roller coaster & trails since I was thriteen past over two half y.r.s. Been diffcult and bout year ago was really hard on me things been rough on me lately”. My friend who has been almost two years has a really Rofer time than I do her family isn”t save UNMC she takes the Sepctures very serousley and always preying for me”! I wanted to point out a lot of church’s today do not open their Bibles my friend told me her church dose not open their bibles

    5. Reading Bible is what we Christians must do on regular basic. If we hear more about God’s words, we have strong desired to follow Jesus’ step.We want to do more good deeds. I got NIV Bible from my church and I read Mizo version Bible too. It makes me strong and confident.

    6. I once had to stop watching Switched at Birth because the recent seasons were so filled with cussing and other immoral stuff. I was a “new” Christian by then, so there were times when it caused me to stumble. The bad stuff on that tv show caused angry feelings within me, too, so I quitted watching it altogether. Never once had I regretted it! Anyways, as for music, I listened to Christian music much more often. Not just on Youtube, but also on stereo. I’m not perfect in my walk, but God is merciful whenever I ask for forgiveness. Have a blessed day!

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