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9 Signs You’re a Christian at Halloween

The culture of Halloween can seem to be a controversial time for many Christians. Whether you were raised in the church or are simply trying to be a light to those around you, here are a few signs you’ll probably relate to all too well when this time of year comes around.


1. You knew that witches and devils were nothing to joke about.


2. You couldn’t go trick-or-treating with your friends because it was hallelujah night at church.


3. The only ghost that was allowed in your home was the Holy Ghost.


4. Your parents were notorious for handing trick-or-treaters Bibles and scripture verses.


5. When stores start coming out with haunted stuff, you’re walking down the aisles like…


6. Trying to explain to your other friends why your family doesn’t celebrate Halloween like…


7. But getting ready for the fall festival at your church was like…



8. The struggle of having to find a modest costume that still looked on-point…


9. Knowing that no matter what, every day belongs to the Lord, and being able to rest in that truth.


Image: Lightstock | Pearl


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  1. AnnaofArendelle

    Posted by AnnaofArendelle on October 31, 2017 at 18:49

    Loving the Godfather GIF. 🙂