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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming, buy your copy now!

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    9 Ways You Know You’re a Homeschooler!

    As a homeschooler, you have some different experiences than the rest of us. Here are nine things I know you’ve either dealt with or felt…laugh along with me!


    1. When someone asks you what grade you’re in, you have to really think about it…but deep down you have no clue.


    2. You had already started reading books…in Kindergarten.


    3. You didn’t have to do school on your birthday, but all of your public/private school friends did. You probably texted them photos of your epic day.


    4. “Hey, let’s study geography while making cookies!” This was a common phrase spoken in your homeschool group.


    5. Your mom made you clean the house and called it Home Ec…now you really question it.


    6. Watching any TV show or movie at home turns into a learning opportunity.


    7. Your friends THINK all you do is hang out all day and have it easy, but you work REALLY hard.


    8. “Let’s go on vacation” really meant, “Let’s go to a museum and learn!”


    9. You develop a special, unique bond with your homeschool group that lasts a lifetime!

    Dave Herrmann
    My name is Dave, you may see me writing funny articles on PI or managing the social media accounts. My life is putting Christ first and everything else second. Life is beautiful when we smile and choose a positive attitude. God is good!


    1. I’m homeschooled in math and science, and I go to a Private Christian School for english and social studies. 😛 I can relate to every single one of these except for #2. I could read, write, and do math when I was three! Triple threat! 😀

    2. I skipped Kindergarten, i did have to do school on my birthday until 3 years ago because my birthday keeps lining up with the weekends. I’m in 12th grade. most of my friends are also homeschooled. lol and we actually do go on vacations

    3. I started kindergarten when I was 3, I do know what grade I’m in (12th!!!), and my Home Ec was doing the meals/grocery shopping for this month (that meant cooking all meals, buynig groceries while staying on budget, etc)

    4. Okay. So the only one I relate to is the learning on trips or whatever. But I mean everyone is learning all the time. Aren’t they? I can bet that you are learning right now. By reading this. It just really bugs me when people make homeschoolers out to be way different than public schoolers. It just does. And also we have grades. What is that about?? We do the same work any one else does. Yes there are “un-schoolers” who don’t really do anything. But that’s not homeschooling. We have grades, we learn (like everyone), we aren’t necessarily super smart but we are not dumb either, I only get my birthday off if it falls on a weekend, or we are on a trip. That is all. Thank you for making homeschoolers look weird yet again.
      A annoyed homeschooler. Who is a Sophomore. Who does have a grade.
      (and by the way. Sometimes we have more social skills than public schoolers… Just sayin’)

      • Homeschoolers are different than “Public Schoolers” or “School Kids”, but in a good way. Of course most of us know what grade we’re in, it just didn’t really matter to me until about 4th. I totally agree! I do school from 9:00 to 3:00! Unless I get done earlier. For me, it’s not, “keep working until 3:00” It’s “This is what you have to do, however long it takes”.

      • Thank You!
        People Always assume I just sit around all day and I can decide when to take breaks and stuff. And then they find our I could graduate my Junior year and I am already done with all the math and stuff I need to graduate High School. And they are like ohhhh.. wow…. so you are super smart?? what???

    5. I have totally been through almost all of those! Like the first one, Here’s me, age 7, at the park:
      Hi! What’s you name?
      Girl: Nicole! What’s yours?
      Me: Blank.
      Me: How old are you?
      Nicole: 7
      Nicole: What grade are you in?
      Me: I don’t know *shrug*
      Nicole: *mouth drops open* What school do you go to?!
      Me: I’m homeschooled! *smile*
      Nicole: Oh…
      Long awkward pause.

      The second one, not so much. I was still reading “The cow is brown. The cow’s name is Bess.” In second grade! Then in 3rd I moved on to “Hello Henry! It’s a nice day isn’t it?”
      And by 4th I was just starting to read chapter books. And then I started flying. Seriously! At the beginning of 4th it took me half an hour to read a chapter of one of the “Warriors” series books! By 5th I could read one in a day!

      I’ve never had to do school on my b-day, and if it was on a weekend, I still got Monday off! And yeah, when I was 9 I went to Disney Land for my b-day and told my neighbor all about it *smug smile*

      Number 4: I’m not sure I’ve ever done THAT, but making cookies was definitely part of science!

      My mom made my bro and I do chores…and I guess that was our home Ec, but she never mentioned it. Although, considering I didn’t know what home Ec was…

      I remember one time, on April fool’s Day, my mom told my bro and I we were going to watch a movie about the Natzis, not uncommon, we weren’t really thrilled about it, but we sat down, at first it was normal, all black and white with airplanes, then out of nowhere Wonder Woman appeared! I am totally serious! That was the beginning of that Wonder Woman movie! It cracked us up!

      Eh, I work hard. Sometimes…

      We used to go on vacation, although one of them was to Virginia and Washington D.C., so of course we saw some historic landmarks.

      Oh my Gosh! My friends from my first homeschool group are still my best friends today! (I was in it since I was 6)

    6. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLF!!!!!!!!! These are soooooooo true!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I can sooooo relate to alllll of them!……Even the grade one, but in a different way. I am did 9th grade at age 12, so when I would fill out a VBS form, I put my and and adjusted my grade to fit my age or else I would be too old. Then when I went to this other thing, I adjusted my age to my grade because otherwise I’d be too young 😛
      And every single time I go somewhere, I’m like “Mom, what credit can I put this towards? ?”

    7. Like seriously, my mom applies home-schooling to every activity we do! Haha, i think it’s our way of justifying how we go garage-saling during the day (personal finance) or take a few days off for spring cleaning (home ec) and go to fun piano concerts! (music/the arts) Of course home-schooling is just as much work as public schooling. We just have a flexible schedule, and often finish earlier because we are independent. Yet other times i’m doing school until 5pm! Can’t say I don’t love it though, home-schooling rocks!

    8. I wasn’t homeschooled, but 6 is so true for me also!
      We used to walk through this graveyard (I know that sounds sort of creepy, but it’s a really popular place for people to walk for some reason), and my mom would make my brother and I do the math to figure out how long the people had lived, and she would always pause movies and make us read the FBI warnings for the reading practice. 😀
      It was super annoying then, but I’m so glad she instilled a love of learning in us, because now I’m so thankful that I read a lot when I was little and still like reading now.

    9. Nope. Nearly all of them are not me. I barely know anyone in my co-op and yes, I know exactly what grade I’m in! 😛
      But I do work just as hard if not twice as hard as public school kids. SO THERE!

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