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Christian Life

A Christmas Reflection From Project Inspired!

At Christmastime, I often think about the shepherds as they headed to Bethlehem. What were they thinking? What were they feeling? I don’t know about you, but if an angel appeared to me, telling me my Savior had been born, I’d be at a complete loss for words. I just can’t imagine that expectation. What would they find? Was this, in fact, true? Had the Messiah, the one who had been promised, really arrived? Imagine the joy that probably overwhelmed them when they saw the child in the manger. Once they saw what the angels proclaimed, they left to tell others. How did they tell others? “Hey, there is a baby that was born—an angel told me this baby is our Messiah!” In Luke it says that all who heard the shepherds’ account were amazed. Imagine the look on their faces as they shared this story. Just completely awestruck! Man, if only we had the account of exactly what they said to others, right?

I love the song “O Holy Night.” I imagine the night was a bit chilly, I imagine the sky was a cloudless night with stars so bright it produced shadows as those shepherds walked. I imagine it was quiet, and all that was heard was their footsteps or that of their transportation (donkey, camel). I imagine that when they saw the baby, they fell to their knees. I imagine Mary and Joseph surprised at what was transpiring right before their eyes. I imagine these two young adults in awe, most likely the same age as many of you. I imagine tears of joy. I imagine them praying to God in thanks.

As we approach this season, the season of our Savior’s birth, I hope you too can find joy like that of these shepherds. I hope that the joy those shepherds felt at what they saw is the same joy you experience with our Lord and others. As Jesus said, make disciples of ALL nations sharing the Good News. At Project Inspired, this is our goal: to share the Good News, the Gospel. Our wish is that our site will give you a renewed hope and focus on your faith, and that it is helpful, makes you think and at times makes you laugh. Thank you so much for being a part of our community!

Have a Merry Christmas!

God Bless,

The PI Team

Image: Lightstock | Anggie


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