A God-Centered Love Story, by PI Girl Abigail

    We were all lined up, girls on one side, the boys on the other, watching as the ballroom dance teacher instructed a new dance move. Then, he walked in. I’ll never forget that moment, because I turned to the girl next to me and asked, “Who is he?” The girl shrugged and said, “I don’t know,” as if she couldn’t care less about the handsome boy who had just entered the room.

    I waited all night to dance with him. Finally, my turn came, and he told me his name: Matt. He was tall, dark, and handsome, with deep brown eyes, and a quirky, mischievous smile. Tall and thin and athletic, he was a pretty good dancer, even if he did seem to bounce up and down a little too much.

    We didn’t get to talk to each other much at first, but one night we ended up spending time together after dance class was over. I was mesmerized by him and by the fact that we seemed to have so much in common. We attended the same college, were both homeschooled as children, and even found out that we lived in the same neighborhood, but didn’t know it until now. I wanted to know him better, but I felt sure that he was not interested in me.

    Weeks went by before we had another chance to talk again. But the second time was so worth it. We decided to stay after dance class and watch the professional couples practice for a dance competition. While we watched, Matt asked me if I wanted to grab a pizza and bring it back. I was starving, so I agreed and we went over to the Ordinary where he bought dinner for the both of us. A little voice inside of me asked, “Is this a date?”

    Whether it was or wasn’t, I really didn’t care. We had a wonderful night together and then he walked me to my car where he asked for my number. That was the beginning of everything. From that moment on we were in constant communication.

    It seemed like we got to know each other overnight. I have never met anyone before who was so interesting, so understanding, or that I had so much in common with. About two weeks later, we decided to get up early, walk to the lake that we both lived on, and watch the sun rise. It was freezing and probably a bad idea because we both got sick the next day, but for the moment, it was romantic.

    It was there that he asked me plainly enough to be his girlfriend. There had never been any of the painful games that boys sometimes play. There was just Matt, who couldn’t help but be himself.

    Within a couple of weeks, I knew that I was in love with him. Since then, it’s just been a beautiful ride of getting to know this young man better and better each day. I love every moment that I am with him, and I miss him whenever we are apart.

    This isn’t to say that sometimes we don’t fight, because we do. No love story could ever really be complete without some adversities, and Matt and I have had our share of ours in the time that we’ve been together. But do you know what? That’s okay. God is using these problems in our lives to draw us both closer to Him, and I think that any love story with God in the center is the best love story of all.

    Written by PI Girl Abigail, one of the winners of our real-live love stories contest.

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    1. I love this story!! I cannot wait to meet my future spouse that God has in store for me!(: I’m not asking for a big story or anything(although this is amazing!) I want to no for sure that he is the one and I want us to grow in faith together.. I can’t wait!! I challenge everyone to start praying for your future husband/wife.

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