A Letter to My Teenage Self—With Contributions From 27 PI Girls

    We recently read a powerful letter written by Solange Knowles to her teenage self for the cover story of Teen Vogue. In the essay, she writes, “you have a long life ahead of you, and I’ll tell you it’s not gonna always be easy, but I can promise you it will be fruitful and with much purpose.”

    It inspired us to write our own message to our teenage self. We asked the girls in our Project Inspired Facebook group chat what they would say to their teenage/younger self. (Click here to join the chat.) Here are their answers!


    “Take time to enjoy yourself while still focusing on your studies. Spend time with your friends; you won’t realize how important they are until you graduate. Thank your teachers.” —Shiphra

    “School is much more important than you think it is; your parents are pretty much always right; never stop thriving for your dreams; it doesn’t matter what they think of you, God already knows your worth.” —Ryan

    “You are loved so much more than how those girls make you feel. Parents were right about quite a few things.” —Rachel

    “Hang in there, girl. God will send you the right man. For now, focus on school, have fun with friends and don’t worry so much. Everything happens in God’s timing.” —Mary

    “I would tell my teenage self: ‘You have a voice. You are worth more than what others say. You are loved beyond belief. Things do get better in the end, I promise you.'” —Marina

    “Please focus on school more and boys less. Your husband is out there and he is awesome, so calm down and study. Don’t be afraid to make things happen for yourself.” —Julie

    “If you’re looking for friends, don’t spend so much time trying to fit in. If people don’t accept you (or others) for who you are, they’re not the kind of people you want to hang out with. God will send friends your way, just be patient. And cherish all the times you spend with your family.” —Elizabeth

    “I will tell my younger self…it’s okay, Dorcas, that you don’t fit into the immediate world around you…you aren’t supposed to fit in. Really pleasing the Lord requires you to be different. ‘Cause in the future, you will be so glad that you didn’t fit in…yeah, I am so glad now.” —Dorcas

    “Things won’t always happen at the times that you expected them to and that’s okay.” —Angie

    “Your biggest prayer was answered. All the nights you spent crying in prayer for a friend, God heard you. Each tear you spent over this request was counted by the Lord. You have been praying for your future friends, their faith in Christ and their desire to grow in their relationship with Him alongside you. You may not have any friends at the moment, but in a few short months you will have a whole squad of friends who have a heart for God and who will help you through so many hard times. Hold tight and keep praying. God answers prayers.” —Allison

    “Be more conscious about your choices. Let Jesus be your role model.” —Lindsey

    “Know your worth even if no one else does. You don’t need the world to be there. Show yourself the love you seek from others. Just because a guy desires you, it doesn’t mean he values you—but you must value you. So use this time to focus on the direction and passions God’s placed in your heart because guys will come and go (yes, even the ones you think are “the one”). You may feel like you’re stumbling through life, but you will learn your way through and it will make you wiser. You will make it out of the places you never thought you’d recover from and become stronger for it. Stick with God. You’re more powerful than you realize.” —Brittney

    “Being yourself is actually a good thing. You were created for such a time as this. Instead of worrying about not looking like the other girls in class, not laughing at rude comments or jokes and not being like everyone else is actually a good thing. Stay true and stay centered. God has some wonderful things in store for you.” —Molly

    “Fear is a lie. Emotions don’t control us and don’t dictate how things will turn out. God is bigger and more powerful than any circumstance, thought or feeling!” —Breanna

    “I would say…it’s okay to love school. I always loved school but I would pretend not to and complain constantly about it, since that’s what I saw everyone else doing, haha. Also: Put more effort into your friendships (actually I need to do this now, too).” —Regina

    “Being the quiet girl isn’t a bad thing. Things may be tough right now, but you will have friends who stand by you in everything.” —Bethany

    “Get to know God and deepen your relationship with Him, and you will get to know yourself better, too.” —Ida

    “Focus on your identity in Christ instead of what other people say about you; kind words are worth more than you can ever imagine…every word matters; you will never regret investing in the relationships with your siblings instead of worrying so much about fake friends.” —Moriyah

    “To make more of an effort when making friends. Don’t stop after the first try; also to be more active in a sport or club.” —Jackie

    “Be okay with leaving your comfort zone, especially friend-wise. You’re scared, but so is that girl sitting all by herself. Reach out to people and don’t be so selfish.” —Amanda

    “Don’t believe the lies that Satan whispers to you. He’s actually scared of your destiny, and will tell you anything to discourage you from walking in it.” —Heather

    “I would tell myself that being a teenager is awkward for everyone. Everybody is struggling, some people are just better at hiding it. You don’t have to have it all together. You don’t need to know what you are going to do with the rest of your life. You will find your calling in college, so relax and enjoy this time in life. God has you where you are for a reason.” —Rachael

    “Take time to enjoy being a kid while you still can; life is short, but childhood is even shorter. Also, don’t settle for the first guy who remotely shows any kind of romantic interest in you. There are a lotta fish out there in the sea, but something tells me God’s got a good one for you to reel in; this guy is NOT it, so don’t even waste your precious time with him.” —Olivia

    “Remember that God is holding everything in His hands: your future, your grades, your possible husband, etc. He knows what’s best, so concentrate on the now and live the life He has given to you!” —Claudia

    “Get to know God. He’s the only one who can give you true happiness and satisfaction. He loves you so much that He died for you.” —Jasmine

    “Mental health matters.” —Mikaya

    “Be bold. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to step out and stand out. Take every chance to love others, living every moment in the light of eternity. And finally, don’t be afraid to do a harsh evaluation of yourself. It is not always fun or easy, but it is necessary for change and growth.” —Rachel


    What would you tell your teenage (or younger) self?

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. I <3 this article! What I'd tell my teenage self is to stop looking back at the past and fix your eyes forward at Jesus and the great opportunities out there! Persevere more cause if you just let your emotions down you'll never see a difference and you'll miss out on so much! Love the friends you have! Know that even when it seems no one loves you Jesus does and always down! Kill with kindness always no matter how fake it is inside!

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