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A Look at Chris Tomlin’s Single “Good Good Father”

Most of you who follow Christian music probably know the song “Good Good Father” from Chris Tomlin’s new album. The song was described as “incredible,” according to Tomlin, who, surprisingly, didn’t write the track, but first heard it with his wife and wanted it to be a part of his new music release. The Christian radio station Air1 Radio first played the song, and they did a “Behind the Music” article that explains the theme and message behind the song.


“The song, written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown, finds its roots in Tony’s story of growing up without a dad. The only person he’s ever called father, in his life, is God. The song has additional nuances too—often resulting in a myriad of experiences for each person who hears it.”

[Source: air1.com/music/news/2015/10/06/chris-tomlin-good-good-father-behind-the-music.aspx]


Watch the feature video about the song’s story here:



One of the songwriters on the single “Good Good Father,” Pat Barrett, said that some of the inspiration behind the song is, of course, what the Bible says in the scriptures. He refers to God as not being a distant creator and that Jesus described God as an intimate Father.

I just LOVE the meaning behind the heart of the song, and the chorus kind of at times brings me to tears. I love this song because we have somewhat of a generation who has grown up in some split families from divorce, or absent fathers (fatherless generation), or just have experienced brokenness in human nature. In my case, my dad passed away suddenly when I was 14, so to remind myself that God is my Father is vitally important in not only my walk with the Lord, but in life in general. Yes, indeed, He is a GOOD GOOD FATHER.

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name… (John 1:12)


PI Girls, how has this song spoken to you? Comment below and write down any prayer requests you may have.


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  1. martial_artist_for_Jesus

    Posted by martial_artist_for_Jesus on January 2, 2016 at 16:59

    At Chris’s “Love Ran Red” tour, his final stop was Pittsburgh… and as a particular Christian college student I got discounted tickets for it with my brother and friends!! Chris and Rend Collective were both awesome; and “Good, Good Father” was even better in person! 😀 I also loved how they personally connected with the audience, and didn’t keep their famousness from separating us in worship to our Creator God that night… they were just playing the role of worship leaders. It was truly amazing and spiritually uplifting, and if anyone here has an opportunity to go to a Christian concert like that, I highly, highly recommend you go! It is well worth the price! 🙂