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A PI Girl’s 6 Tips for College Freshmen


PI writer Christi Given and PI Girl Bethany with Vanguard University of Southern California mascot


This week, we’re featuring a loyal PI Girl, Bethany, who decided to attend a school in Southern California and follow in PI writer Christi Given’s footsteps as a journalist and communications major at a Christian school. Check out the story of her journey here.

Bethany is not only a hard worker, but also has chosen to attend a school outside of her hometown and state! That takes faith! It’s been quite a journey, but her story is so inspiring, and she really has made a difference in her local hometown through journalism and politics!




She also been a PI Girl since she was just 12 years old! Wow, Bethany has really been with us since the beginning. So awesome! Can you believe she has been with us for that long?




PI Girl Bethany’s Six Tips to Live by as a College Freshman

By Bethany, PI reader and new college student


Moving on from high school to college can be a huge transition for students. If you are stressing over this new chapter of your life, please know that you are not alone. I am in your shoes and understand a lot of what you are going through. I am here to provide you with six different tips that can be helpful to you as you start this new chapter as a college freshman!

1. Go to all orientations: Do you really need to tour the campus again? Yes, touring the campus multiple times allows you to know your way around, and you are almost guaranteed to discover something new every time. I know I did.

2. Get to know your roommate and other students on your floor if you’re living on campus: I know that this is an intimidating thought, but it is so important. Most students find out who their roommates are prior to move-in day, but these are the people you will be living with and spending a majority of your time with for the next year. Learn how they think and what they like, because the last thing you want to do is something that you may think is normal or okay, but might really annoy them. Roommates should be people you can rely on at your best and worst times.

3. Go to class: Going to class seems obvious, right? Maybe, but sleeping in and skipping an 8 a.m. class is easy to do, and is tempting at times. Avoid skipping class, because when you are in class, your professors will be more likely to provide you with vital information that will come in handy for tests later in the semester. Plus, it doesn’t make sense to pay your professors when you aren’t even in class.

4. Learn how to cope with homesickness: It is completely normal to feel a bit down and to miss your family. Even if you were like me and did everything you could to never be at home, you realize how much you rely on your parents and family when all of a sudden you don’t have it anymore. Allow yourself to feel sad. Every day is not perfect, some days are worse than others, so allow yourself to feel these feelings. There are so many other students feeling the same way. When I am feeling down or homesick, I like to contact my good friend Christi, who knows how to encourage me, but most importantly, prays for me to follow the Lord and the plan He has for my life.

5. Get involved: Colleges provide many different events and activities to get students involved and occupied before classes start. School clubs are also a great way to get involved! I know that at my school, they have groups for every activity or sport you can think of! These activities allow you to meet new friends, get used to being away from home and learn new things from others.

6. Stay in the Word: Whether you attend a private Christian university or a public institution, being constantly in the Word is so important. Holding fast to God’s Word keeps us set apart, because when we fill our minds with truth, we will naturally want to follow it because we have made it a priority in our lives.

Each of these steps is vital in the transition process from high school to college. Always remember that there are people who are feeling the same way you are feeling. Step out of your comfort zone. You never know who you will meet—they could become your best friend for life.

Above all else, remember what a privilege you have to attend college. Don’t take it for granted. There are many who will never have the opportunity you have, so embrace it. Go make a difference!


PI Girls, what do you think about these tips? Do you have any advice about how to deal with starting fresh on campus? Whether you are a commuter or live on the premises, these pieces of advice really ring true to settling in to a new semester and college experience.

Image: Courtesy of Bethany Torstenson


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