A Testimony of Showing True Love by Helping Girls in Tijuana

    PI Girls, my dear friend Masielle recently experienced a life-altering trip when she visited Tijuana, Mexico. Isabelle is involved in Saving Innocence, the ministry of another peer of mine, and she is passionate to help abolish sex slavery through organizations like the A21 Campaign.

    I love supporting Saving Innocence, and others like Unlikely Heroes. There is a lot of amazing work being done in shining a light in the human trafficking industry and putting an end to it, but there is a lot of more work to do. If you would like to support Saving Innocence, click here. If you cannot help financially, praying really is powerful and can move mountains.

    Here is Masielle’s story of her experience on her recent mission trip to the Selah House of Prayer. Keep lifting up their ministry as well.

    Selah: Showing True Love in Tijuana
    By: Masielle Vega

    Day after day she obeyed the prompting in her heart. The Lord had spoken and she obeyed. Even though her friend who had agreed to be a part of it left after a month, she stayed and kept seeking the Lord through worship and prayer in what would become Selah House of Prayer. Her actions reflected the scripture:

    Zechariah 4:10, which says: “For who hath despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth.”

    Ana Esparza had graduated from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and her heart of worship had only grown stronger. She took this passion to the poverty-stricken city of Tijuana, Mexico, and founded Selah House of Prayer. After some time, the Lord faithfully brought people to become part of the Selah team.


    What is the vision of Selah? To be a place that hosts the presence of the Lord and sends up adoration day and night. It’s not currently a 24/7 house of prayer, but will be in due time. Right in the heart of the Red Light District in Tijuana, it is a beacon of hope and a place of war. 

    “We wrestle not against flesh and blood,” as the Ephesians 6:12 scripture says. Worship is warfare and Selah’s worship is fighting against the dark spiritual atmosphere that has permeated that city.

    It is a well-known fact that the sex trafficking industry is rampant in Tijuana, but not many people know too much about how this happens. The root, of course, is greed, lust and everything demonic, and with the porn industry booming, it is heavily funded. It has been said if the porn industry were to die out, then the trafficking industry would have to go as well. A war like that must be fought not only in the natural through anti-human-trafficking organizations, but in the spiritual as well.

    Countless precious but naive girls who have yet to know the love of Jesus and haven’t learned that they are actually daughters of the Most High fall prey to guys who pose as boyfriends, but have the intent to lure them away into this nightmarish lifestyle. They are convinced that they will have the opportunity to make money and escape poverty, and even are told that they will be able to cross into the United States for a chance at the American Dream.

    The team at Selah House of Prayer regularly reaches out to these girls caught in this lifestyle through “street-reach” and with words of life and hope—the message of Jesus. They help them by providing meals and putting on events where they can come to know the love of Christ. They develop relationships with the girls and let them know they are loved. To the glory of God, many of them have accepted Jesus as a result.


    It’s one thing to hear about it or watch a movie, it’s another thing to get involved and do a freedom walk for an organization like A21 or volunteer like I do at “Saving Innocence” an anti-child trafficking organization in Los Angeles) and it’s yet a whole other thing to actually be there in the places and on the streets where it’s happening.

    These are REAL GIRLS  with REAL STORIES AND REAL PAIN AND REAL TEARS. In the cold they stand there along the walls. In the rain they stand there. In the summer heat and while hungry they stand there, barely clothed, day in and day out. Anyone from anywhere in the world with any history and any disease can buy them for a small price.

    How is this ok? The police drove by, in their military fashion, and they kept on driving as if everything was right in the world, on those streets… and as the day turned to night, the streets were lit with stringed lights like some sick twisted version of Christmas.

    It angers me that this happens and especially that Americans cross the border on weekends and on holidays in droves, to go take advantage of these girls. It angers me even further that what financially backs this industry is pornography; something that is permeating not only adults but also the youth of America and has such a horrid root and destination.


    You and I are not that different from these girls. They are just that-girls like you and I, some as young as fifteen. They want to wear makeup and dress up for the sake of dressing cute and feeling pretty, not so they can be bought, used, stepped on like a pair of shoes. They want to hang out with their friends. They want to giggle and laugh. They had dreams. They wanted a chance at those dreams. They wanted to feel loved and special. They wanted prince charming to come for them and live happily ever after. None of them wanted this nightmare.


    Molly’s infectious joy, infused by the love of Christ, convinced many of the girls to go to the party. One by one they went. But first, they changed their clothes, which I believe was out of respect. Some of the girls could not go because their traffickers said, “There will be men there.” For the ones that went, they got to hear Susan (my mentor) give her very powerful testimony of how God took her out of a very dark place and into His joy and plan for her life. There was not a dry eye in the room.

    These women so desperately wanted this Jesus who took the girl that was believed to be dead, but was just sleeping, by the hand and she arose (See Mark 5:41). Their eyes lit up. When the invitation was given, every single girl that was there got saved. We had somehow managed to create trust with them and they let us hug them; in fact, some reached out and hugged us! I could see hope rising in their eyes. As the night came to a conclusion the girls said goodbye.

    One of the victims gave me a kiss on the cheek and went on her way, a new girl, with a man named Jesus in her heart and the awareness that He is standing up for her.

    Jesus tells us in Luke 14 that when we throw a dinner we should invite those who cannot pay us back. This is what this team at the House of Prayer did and would like to keep doing. They want to be able to keep reaching these girls with practical needs but also more importantly, spiritual needs. In order to do this they need funds.


    Not everyone can actually go to Mexico and help out but everyone can do something; whether that be donating to organizations that fight human trafficking or creating awareness by telling others and sharing this article, and/or praying. As of now, this particular House of Prayer is not currently able to maintain 24/7 worship and prayer but that is the vision- to continually be lifting up the name of Jesus and letting hope rise in the darkest of places.

    This type of practical help, combined with spiritual support, does take funds to maintain. If you feel led by God to contribute to this cause, visit Selah House of Prayer, Tijuana.

    Find them on Facebook here and donate or support by praying!

    PI Girls, can you please pray for these girls caught in human trafficking? Pray for their safety, for God to release them, and for the light to shine in the darkness and to expose the words of the enemy.

    Christi Given
    Christi Given
    Christi Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host for the JUCE TV NETWORK, and has been featured on the Hillsong Channel. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. Given has been writing for Project Inspired since 2011, and hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith.

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