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A True Happy Ending for Two Hollywood Celebs with Eyes on God

In case you missed, it E! Online reporter and all-around awesome Godly man Jason Kennedy married the gorgeous and inspirational woman of God Lauren Scruggs this weekend in Dallas.

You may know Jason Kennedy from his work with E! Network. You may also know Lauren Scruggs as the supermodel who was badly injured during a freak accident involving a propeller plane in 2011. More specifically, she suffered the loss one of her eyes and the partial amputation of one arm. Fast forward two years later to the moment Lauren and Jason met during a publicity shoot for Lauren’s book and the rest is, well—history.

Just what is it that we love so much about this true Hollywood romance? Despite their celebrity status, the pair remain devout Christians. Jason leads a Bible study in Hollywood and Lauren, who is known for her fashion blog, Lolo Magazine, is using her own success to kickstart a foundation that will help provide prosthetics to those in need. We simply cannot say congrats enough to the happy and accomplished couple!

And in case you aren’t “oohing” and “aahing” just yet, here’s a little snippet from Jason on his recent marriage to Lauren: “God has blessed me with somebody I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Lauren changed everything for me and I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Now the question is…should we try and get this new couple on a PI chat soon?





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