‘Adult’ Mag Cosmo Preys on Disney Starlets!

    When I wrote my last article on Dakota Fanning and her underage Cosmo cover, I also mentioned that Selena Gomez was the cover girl for an upcoming issue. But I had NO IDEA IT WOULD BE THE VERY NEXT ISSUE.

    Selena has over 25 million fans on Facebook–I would bet the majority are young girls who are fans of her Disney show, which just ended in January. Millions of young girls will buy the magazine, wanting to read about Gomez; in the process, they will learn about 50 new explicit sex tips.

    The FTC WILL take action! It’s happening right now, but like with all things, huge changes take time, and slow and steady progress. We will NOT give up the fight to put this vulgar magazine in a bag to protect kids!

    The biggest way you can help is to SHARE this article, and sign the petiton! God is going to have the victory!

    We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

    [Image: Cosmopolitan Magazine]

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. I absolutely love your cause. However I don’t think there will be as much drama over this cover as the Dakota Fanning cover. Selena is, a year over the legal age, and as an adult she can do whatever. I don’t think people keep in mind the fact that she was a very young starlet starting off and getting even more famous as the 6-8 years went by but, I just don’t see there being a big thing over it. There might be, and I pray to God there is, but I can’t see it.

      • But, as Nicole said, Selena Gomez has over 25 million fans. Many people recognize past celebrities and will recognize Selena. Once they know it’s her they’re going to want to read the magazine because they think they’re will be “kid stuff” in it. But, They’ll see pornography and sex tips. That is the reason Nicole is worried about her being on the magazine; as am I, and many others.

        • Her clothing line “Dream Out Loud” just promoted it on their facebook page, which is clothing for young girls urging them TO BUY THE MAGAZINE!!!

    2. Seriously, how could they possibly come up with MORE sex tips? I’ve been reading their cover for about three years out of total boredom at the checkout, and from what I’ve seen, I think they probably covered about EVERYTHING you never need to know about sex…even after you’re married…

    3. This is horrible!!! There are a lot of little girls at my church who adore Selena. Yes she is growing up, but she doesn’t have to put herself out there like that. Wow I am really disappointed in her, and this is coming from a 15 year old. She knows she still has her younger audiences following what she does so why would she do that?

    4. I used to be a fan of Selena. But after her show ended, I saw her leaning toward the wrong side. 🙁
      I even bought all her albums! When I saw the pictures of her for Cosmo, I felt so disappointed in her. Please Selena, go back to the way you were!

    5. If these girls are underage, then they most likely would not be able to get to the store by themselves, or even have the money to buy it. So someone would have to give them the money, take them to the store, and then they would buy the magazine, but if parents will allow them to read it, there are probably already much bigger problems in the household and the girl has likely been exposed to worse. And even if Cosmo is sold in a bag, that won’t reduce the number of girls that find it in their own home. Try as we might, Christians can’t change or save pop culture. All we can do is stay away and do what we can.

      • There are SO MANY things wrong with this comment!

        1) A lot of kids (mainly 12 and up) walk places by themselves without their parents including to stores that sell this magazine. They are able to get to it themselves.And ever hear of allowance? They can but it for themselves too, and their parents might never know.

        2) Just because there are probably much bigger problems in the household already, does that mean they should be exposed to even more horrible stuff like this?

        3) “Try as we might, Christians can’t change or save pop culture. All we can do is stay away and do what we can.” I only have one thing to say about this: “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.’ “

    6. I wouldn’t use the word “prey” since she agreed to do the magazine. She’s out of her contract with Disney and wants to pursue more mature roles. Like Steve Burns when he quit Blues Clues. It was sad, but I don’t think people will go out and buy this magazine just because Selena is on it. My parents didn’t buy me gamer magazines when I just because I saw Lara Croft on the cover. They can explain to their kids why they can’t read the magazine.

    7. In English, we’re working with censorship. And today I received an assignment that allowed us to choose and ad that should be censored and write a one/two paragraph response detailing WHY the ad should be censored.
      I’m debating on whether or not to just hand my English teacher the front cover of a Cosmo magazine and writing my response about how the entire magazine should be censored.

    8. It’s so sad to see how these young girls sell their bodies, and all they seem to really care about is looks, fame, and cash. I support you 100% in what you’re doing, Nicole! I love ProjectInspired and it’s mission. I enjoy all the articles. Thanks for being so awesome, Nicole! 😀

    9. Even if we forgot all about the fact that it’s Selena and how young her fans are and Disney and stuff, look at how fake her body looks. Now the young girls that pick the mag up because they Selena on the cover are going to want to look like her and hate their bodies and do who knows what just so they can look like a photo-shopped picture. It’s so sad.

    10. i completely agree with what you are doing!!! Tons of “little girls” love Selena. So by putting her on the front cover of Cosmos… that’s going to attract tons of girls!!! Not good!!! But Nicole… EVERYONE knows you can stop this terrible magazine!! You rock girl!!! ♥

    11. Ugh for once I would like to see one former Disney star who doesn’t go down this road. Shame on you, Selena. :/ This is super annoying. Cosmo WILL go in a plastic bag. Thanks for all your doing Nicole!

    12. I have signed the Cosmo petition and think your cause is great, but I have to agree with th first comment. Selena Gomez is over legal age and it is her life. I don’t think that Selena Gomez on the cover proves that Cosmopolitan magazine is “preying on Disney starlets”. The only Disney starlet yet to be featured is Selena Gomez. Don’t get me wrong, I want Cosmo bagged as much as everyone here, but I think that Selena shouldn’t be judged. Yes, it was wrong of her to be on adult magazine, but she deserves grace and forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. The Bible says that no one is perfect. I believe she’ll look back on that and realize it was wrong, but until then, all we can do is not judge her. She’s just confused.

    13. Im not here to judge her. Im a huge fan if hers. I will deffinatly not be buying this. I dont buy cosmo at all. But someone did make a poing, she is 18. But i dont think age has to do with as much as it has to do with her dignity and charecter as a person. It might be a situation where she had to do it cause shes under contract with her manegment. I know some celebrities are in a company that they are under contract to do covers of certain magizines. Eather way i dont know, but i dont think we should be here judging anyone who goes on the cover.

    14. Ok I know I have already commented, but I just want to say one more thing…SHE LOOKS SO FAKE IT LOOKS LIKE SHE IS A BARBIE DOLL…that picture is SO photoshopped. Her complexion doesn’t look real her face doesn’t really look real. I feel sorry for those girls who are going to see this magazine and wonder why they don’t look like her. They really should stop photoshopping it doesn’t help anyone.

    15. I dont think Selena Gomez knows what she’s getting into! Millions of viewers loved to see her on Wizards of Waverly Place and also loved to see her in magazines! She’s only 19! Why would she want to do such a thing?! I just hope and pray she thinks before she acts.

    16. I was shocked when I was walking through walmart and I saw Selena Gomez on the cover of Cosmo….I have been a huge fan of her ever since I was little and saw her on Barney. I was very disappointed when I saw her on the cover.

    17. I used to read everything about your anti-cosmo campaign here but I never really signed the petition because i live in Egypt and I never knew they sold cosmo here. today i signed the petition because i was shocked when i went to a book fair where they sold books and magazines there was like hundreds of cosmo-issues old issues and new issues and what made me feel sad was that many girls teenagers have bought like 5 issues even my friend bought one. though i told her that it was a bad magazine but she was like it has dakota on cover i can’t not buy it. GO Nicole god bless you

    18. I took away my daughter Veronicas’ fashion magazines the other day and she had this specific issue. She is 17. She calls Latina,Glamour,Cosmo and Seventeen, her Bibles.
      Well I went ahead and threw all this trash into our fire pit and burned them all up. The reason why I took her mags away is because she has been bringing this trash to school and reading them when she was supposed to be paying attention to her teacher. Her teacher had to confiscate her magazines because she wouldn’t put them away when asked to do so. So I recieve a call from the teacher asking what I would like done with Veronicas’ magazines. I told her to tear them up and throw them away because I am not going to come to pick them up. She Lost them. This has happened a few times and I told her the Last time that if this happens again I am going to do something with her magazines that she will not like. She is receiving a D+ in this class.

      I am totally against this trash, Here is one reason why, On one Latina their Fashion page, the Model was wearing a skimpy corset top and mini skirt(in a very flirtatious pose, mind You)The heading was: Your get sexy guide: Warning things are gonna get a little steamy. We’re giving You a bunch of sweet(and not so sweet)ideas for those turn up the heat Nights. Satisfaction Guaranteed. I don’t think this is a very appropriate magazine for teen girls to be reading. Every issue of Latina the Cover Girls are in very revealing clothes and poses as well ast the Glamour and Cosmo mags.

      Latina has had J-Lo,Eva Mendes, AND Eva Longoria, and various others, they had Selena on the cover already too.

      You can definetly count on me to sign the Petition Better yet let’s get all these fashion magazines off the racks.

      Contact me at

      Thanks for listening

    19. Cosmo is not “preying on Disney starlets.” Selena Gomez is a mature adult capable of making her own decisions. If she didn’t want to be on the cover of the magazine, she could’ve said no. I also am proud of Selena for being on the cover of Cosmo. It shows she is comfortable enough with herself to be in the magazine which I think sends a positive message to women of all ages.

    20. I definetly agree with Nicole. Them wanting to be famous has blinded their eyes from valuing themselves. But like the going says leave Selena and every porn star of Cosmo because God always has punishment for everyone. The more they become famous and rich, they’re never satisfied they just WANT. Every fan of Selena’s should be aware. She just wants to get money for herself by posing in nude pictures and etc and she doesn’t give a damn for her fans cause if she did she would consider the effects it would have on younger and underaged fans. Can’t they UNDERSTAND?

    21. Yess I so agree with you 100% Nicole… this should come to a stop. These disney channel stars don’t even reason that little girl look up to them. We should be wise on the decision we make. This right here is opening a door to a lot of spirits. I pray for selena and girl that might be reading this.

    22. I really love the idea of not letting the mag get sold because eyes and ears are the gateway for demonic spirits. So if young ladies (such as myself)decide to go and purchase this mag then obviously we are not protected to all these demons. . . and honeslty she has a huge fan base , so if this happens , then its going to make a big splash internationally , because now the devil will have the youth in his hands they will suffer tremendously… PRaying its not 2 late!!

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