I could honestly care less on what I look like. I know God created me this way for a reason. There are sometimes though that I do think “Am I that pretty to actually get attention from the boys?” or “Do I look good enough to catch the boy’s attention?” I mean I’ve never actually had a boyfriend before but I have been told I am beautiful from a couple of boys, but at times it makes me wonder. I know though that no matter if other people think I’m pretty or beautiful, I know that the only thing that matters is that I know that GOD has made me this way and loves me for the way I look. I don’t need makeup to make me look pretty because in His eyes I’m pretty even without makeup. I know that even though people may reject me or can call me ugly behind my back or whatever, I know that God never makes trash, but treasures. I never really wear makeup because I see no real use of it, but sometimes I do just for fun.

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    1. Amanda, you are really really pretty!! If a boy doesn’t love you for who YOU are, with or without makeup, then he can go out and buy a mannequin, because he certainly doesn’t deserve you! Your beautiful, and don’t ever forget that!! 🙂

    2. what grade are you in?? ive never had a boyfriend either (im a freshman in high school) and i think its really cool about what you said about God never makes trash only treasures… youre very inspiring!!!! (:

    3. @Maggie, Im a senior in high school. Thanks for all the wonderful comments girls! Im kinda excited now though. I noticed a boy in band class keeps kinda flirtin with me and hes always complimenting me 🙂 so i guess ya just gotta look for those kinda things. I guess some nice boys are out there, ya just gotta find em 🙂 God Bless yall!

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