For the past few years, I have been struggling with my self image. The thing I struggle with most is that most of the time I look at myself and see dark circles under my doesnt seem to matter how much rest I get, they dont go away. But I know that God looks down at me and sees the beauty that He placed in me.
    The devil is the one who plants those evil thoughts in your head. He wants to make you feel ugly, unwanted, worthless. It is an on and off battle I have with myself. Whenever I think to put my image down, I listen to ‘Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful’ by Seabird and ‘Beautiful’ by Mercy Me ..I would recommend those two songs. If ever you are struggling they might put a smile in your heart. [:
    I honestly am thankful for the body that God gave me, tho. I have only worn makeup a few times when my friends would want to do it for me. I personally just don’t believe in makeup. Whatever makeup you may wear covers up that beauty that should be seen. It is basically saying that what God created is not good enough. That you need to help Him out and somehow improve His creation. Ladies, that is not possible to do. Listen to the words God has placed on your heart and believe them….you are beautiful.

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