Amanda Todd’s Story Has a Heartbreaking Ending

    If you’re not familiar with Amanda Todd and her story, take a look at the following video:

    I’m struggling to stay in this world, because everything just touches me so deeply. I’m not doing this for attention. I’m doing this to be an inspiration and to show that I can be strong. I did things to myself to make pain go away, because I’d rather hurt myself then someone else. Haters are haters but please don’t hate, although im sure I’ll get them. I hope I can show you guys that everyone has a story, and everyones future will be bright one day, you just gotta pull through. I’m still here aren’t I? (AmandaTodd, YouTube)

    The tragedy of this story doesn’t end with the video. Todd’s not still here. Last Wednesday, approximately a month after the video was posted–September 7, 2012–Todd was found dead following an apparent suicide.

    And yet the bullying still hasn’t ended for this young girl. Even after her death, some of the comments on the many copies of her video are so vile and mean. Where’s the compassion? Todd made some mistakes in her life, but they were not deserving of the hatred she received. We all make mistakes. But no matter the mistake, should we all be vilified for the rest of our lives? Should we be treated so mercilessly?

    What a sad world we live in, where people will be so hateful and unfeeling; where girls will offer themselves up for the attention they feel is lacking; and where boys will be driven by perversion, no matter what it entails or who it hurts. I wrote a post on “Why We Need Christ Now More Than Ever,” and I believe this story is a huge indication this is true. Had all the people who were directly involved in Todd’s pain welcomed Christ sincerely into their hearts, would they have been so quick to relish in her hurt? Absolutely not!

    Ladies, let Todd’s story not go unnoticed. She had the courage to share it and so I urge you to take note of it. Let her story be a lesson to all young girls regarding the dangers of social media. Be careful what you share online.

    I also offer prayers to Todd’s family. To us she was a face on YouTube, but to her parents, she was a daughter. She may have also been a sister and a grandchild. To those who loved and lost her, I pray that God comforts them and eases their sorrow.

    PI ladies, I pray too that you don’t become a person hidden in the crowd of hostility. There are millions of Amanda Todds out there. I pray you stand up and be the person who reaches out, protects, supports, defends and befriends. I urge you to be the person Todd needed. Is that not what Christ would want us to do?

    T.M. Gaouette
    T.M. Gaouette is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, blogger and fiction novelist. She was born in Africa, brought up in London and is now living in New England with her husband and four children. Devoted to Him, Gaouette is dedicated to glorifying God through her stories for teens and young adults. T.M. Gaouette is the author of "The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch" and "Freeing Tanner Rose," Christian novels for teens and young adults. She's currently working on completing her upcoming novel -visit for more on her Christian fiction work. Connect with her on and .


    1. Honestly, hundreds of kids commit suicide every single day and no one even cares. It really annoys me that this attractive young girl is getting a ton of attention and is viewed as some sort of role model for her bravery. Yes, she was victimized, and yes, it is sad that she committed suicide, but why is it only her that is noticed by the media?

      • That’s so sad! It really inspires you to go out of your way to be nice to someone, because you never know how it might affect them. I wish I could help every teen, every adult, every child who is considering suicide. I wish I could tell them how much Jesus loves them, and how much He cares for them. Thank you so much for posting about this video, because I would never have seen it if you hadn’t. God bless!

      • She got a lot of publicity because of the video. Other suicides don’t get this kind of coverage because they don’t make their struggles so public. The media picks over the tragedies and selects stories that will spark the greatest sensation.

      • exactly what i thought! Why is it that we only pay attention to whoever’s video is the most popular on youtube? There are plenty more cases of equal importance, where the same thing happens to many others. Whoever this happens to, the person is loved by somebody. The person doesn’t notice because somebody is being terrible to them. It’s really sad.

      • I agree with you. I logged in to post basically the same thing. I think we need to stop focusing on just her and start making a difference in EVERYONE’S lives. Why don’t we just sit with the lonely kids at lunch, or talk to a new student. Basically, as Christians we should be spreading the love of Christ to everyone and then maybe stories like this would be much less frequent.

        • Ladies, the focus shouldn’t be on why this young girl got attention and not others. You’re missing the point. The story highlights a tragic reality today. And yes, there are so many girls with similar struggles. But do we need to post every single one in order to recognize that, or should we take this story and be reminded that she was not the only one who suffered? My post ended with: “I pray too that you don’t become a person hidden in the crowd of hostility. There are millions of Amanda Todds out there. I pray you stand up and be the person who reaches out, protects, supports, defends and befriends. I urge you to be the person Todd needed.”

      • Those are just the kind of people that we need to show Jesus to. She needed to feel loved, appreciated. She needed the love of God in her life. Haven’t you ever watched “To save a life?” BUt wait, we cannot give people something we don’t have. If we don’t recieve the love of God for ourselves, how can we give it to others???? SHE NEEDED SOMEONE TO LOVE on her. She felt like she was nothing….

      • I think you should seriously rethink your comment. She was mercilessly bullied, and this is a platform for people to realize how awful bullying really is. You’re right, there are tons of girls just like her who don’t get noticed. So lets look out for them and pray for them.

    2. I find this video very sad… and yet inspiring. Nobody should be treated this way, and it just makes me want to go out and comfort anyone who is in a situation like that (and punch whoever put them in that situation, but that’s not the godliest approach.) It breaks my heart that there are so many like her. Girls, be strong! Don’t ever give up! It will get better, and that’s a promise. Not from me, but from God, your Creator and Ruler of all things! The path is rough, but the reward at the end if sweeter than anything you can imagine. I love you all! I may not know you, but I can’t help but to love you, because I know God loves me! Nobody has shown me a love like that, forgiven me for things I thought unforgettable and stayed with me through everything, talked with me when I’ve had no one to talk to. Please, don’t do anything to yourself, you’re so much more than they say.

    3. Too many people are using Todd’s misdeeds as grounds to dismiss her suicide as “well-deserved.” No, she was not an innocent and probably hurt a lot of people on her downward spiral. However, I think that makes this a even more tragic. She needed help to change her ways–sexual immorality, drug abuse, etc.– and she only received condemnation from her peers. It is inexcusable. Despite what she may have done while she lived, she is still a life lost to this world.

    4. I completely agree. Amanda Todd was loved… even when she felt so alone, there were people who loved her. The people who bullied her and made her feel terrible basically killed her… they killed her spirit and drove her to kill herself. What some people do is so mean to innocent girls who deserve better than this. God loves us, and if only the people who bully people knew Jesus… they wouldn’t be doing this. We need to work together with each other and with God to prevent this to the best of our ability.

    5. This is really sad, they should ask them self if that were them! then how would they like it? i wish i could be friends with this girl 🙁 because then i could deffend her. it makes me want to cry when someone is being blackmailed,bullied and ect… And if i could id want her to know that god and actual nice people are out there she just needs to search 😉

    6. That is so sad and those people who treated her badly could EASILY be one of us. We’re not being mean because we know her story. All they see is a person whom they were warned to say away from, when really she just made a mistake.

      Do not forget that WE TOO, are guilty of being mean like this to other people. Remember Amanda Todd next time you hear about a girl having sex in high school… or someone doing anything that you find to be disgusting and evil. Unless you know EVERYTHING about that person, you cannot judge them.

      They hate her because they don’t understand her. They don’t understand her actions or maybe they just can’t forgive her for her mistake.

      Let’s make a promise not to be those haters. Let’s, from this day forth, make sure we don’t judge people based on their actions. Only God can be the true judge because he knows everything about everyone.

      Don’t act like you are better then them, everyone. We are all exactly the same, action-wise. We just haven’t driven anyone to suicide.

      • I don’t think so. The way you put this- it’s like you’ve never known anyone in this situation personally. Don’t judge the entire world. I have been there. My best friend nearly took her own life. I didn’t drive her to it. In fact, I tried to support her through it. Just because you don’t see the people who are doing good doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

      • I 100% agree with this post. If you ever hear of a girl having sex or a picture of her boobs got leaked on to the internet, you probably wouldn’t feel sorry for her at that time because you don’t know the entire story. This video shows the entire story, something helpful people at her school had no idea about.

    7. And its not just her who commuted suicide because of bullying, I was on Deviant Art and I found a picture that listed suicide victims and one of then was A TEN YEAR OLD. How could be that cruel? I actually started crying when I saw that. Our world is so mean and vicious….

    8. A word to everyone, sometimes, the reason people come to this point is because they feel alone. They feel like shadows. They feel like they’ve been put in a plastic box, totally isolated from the world but able to see everything. Get to know people like that. It’s so hard to be the one who takes everyone’s blows, then gets ignored by the rest of the world. Just a friendly hello makes a world of difference.

    9. Ive experienced bullying but I just somehow never let it get to me! but i do understand completely that there are different levels of bullying! it just really sickens me how kids teens even adults can be so cruel and treat other human beings with no respect! I honestly went through some tough times with my sister when she was being bullied she didnt want to go to school and she ended up having episodes of anger and crying and yelling she wanted to die! thank god its over she didnt hurt herself and is doing well today! i send my prayers to the Todd family no one deserves this kind of cruelty no matter what they have done! I pray for the bullys because most of the time bullys are hurting too!

    10. I remember back when I was Amanda…(NOT to the extrmemes she had, but I only had one friend *questionable*, depression was setting in, I was cutting and thinking of suicide, ect). Some may call it “Emo” but, from my view, it people trying to see how far I’d go. Thank god I found Him. I often wonder “What if I hadn’t found God? What would have happened to me?” since I didn’t have anyone I trusted, so no one knew.

    11. everyone is turning her into a hero which makes no sense. Ending your life because you can’t handle the consequences of your own mistake is not something that should be considered good. She did something stupid and should have been brave enough to face the consequences. She is an example of cowardly behavior not of bravery Love, One of the girls that was bullied and didnt give up

      • I think you may have missed the point of the article. I don’t think people are “turning her into a hero” for taking her life. I know I’m not. However, what I took away from this article was that you can’t always see the whole picture of what’s going on in someone’s life. So, before you go making judgments and casting stones, put yourself in that person’s shoes. How would YOU feel if someone said that to you? How would YOU feel if that was happening to you? This article, at least to me, was a wake-up call to step out and do something kind for someone. It inspired me to act, and I hoe it inspires you too.

    12. When u read the sentence ” i just needed someone” it breaks your heart. She just needed even one friend who could help her on the path towards Jesus. These are the times when I think, does God really work everything together for GOOD?

    13. Wow! How many more people are like this in this world? This is sad. We need to help them. If someone told Amanda of Jesus, and how much he loves her and cherishes her,that he can forgive her and start new, if only… our job now is to find those people and tell them about Christ, so then we wouldn’t say “If only..”

    14. This is sooo sad i just cried.

      But in some ways i can totally relate and i know how she feels… All through sixth and seventh grade i sat alone at lunch… in the cafeteria where i felt like the whole school was staring at me… and i felt avoided because i sat at a huge table that was always completely empty. It isn’t fun.

      And I have an extreme passion to want to help people like this, people that are hurting so much inside. But it can get really muddled and confusing when some of those people seem perfectly fine on the outside and have friends and jokes etc… yet still do things like cut…
      I know this one kid who said he “used” to cut but today i found out that on friday night he slashed up his whole arm! And i really dont know how to help except to always be there as a friend and try to encourage him to do other things when he gets depressed. There are others i know but this was just recent and it hurt me to see that. I dont know if it is because of bullying or not… but i every single day i pray that God will use me to help anyone who needs it. If you just always be kind to everyone you meet then you may not even know how much you just helped someone. Thats how i live. And yes, i pray for the bullies alike because obviously they are just jealous or hurting as well or something… usually jealous. Envy is a terrible thing.

    15. It does not matter how much attention she got,what matters is she was loved and she was in SO MUCH PAIN,all because people are so,so evil.There are millions of people just like her,even though their stories are not all the same. WHOEVER is in pain and reading this,God LOVES you more than anyone could ever hurt you and HE WILL make your eneimes your footstools.Trust me,I know.

      (Luke 20:42-43) And David himself saith in the book of Psalms, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand,

      (1 Peter 5:7) Casting ALL your care on HIM; FOR HE CARES FOR YOU.

      He will avenge you. He will never leave you suffering,he will always let you know that HE IS GOD and he has it ALL in his hands!

      (Romans 12:19) Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, VENGANCE IS MINE; I WILL REPAY, saith the LORD.

      (Psalms 46:10) BE STILL, and know that I AM GOD!

    16. This is very sad and I send my condolences and prayers to her family through this tough time. Her story should be encouraging, a reminder that this happens everyday and we should pray for people like her and talk to people like her too. Maybe a simple hi to make their day.But without a doubt pray for them even if you don’t know them.They may even come to Jesus cause He heals ALL 🙂 Something like this is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We need need NEED to pray and bind this out of the world! We have the very same power that raised Christ from the dead.Keep confessing that this will be out the world, expect this to be done in Jesus name and it’s done. Excellent post!

    17. My prayers go out to her family, I saw this and cried because I was bullied really bad from 3 to 6 grade. In 7th I got tired of it and put up a wall of protection around me. I didn’t let the world in, I didn’t let my family in. I am in 10th grade now and the bullying stopped. I am very happy with my life. I just wish Amanda Todd had found that kind of relief. But now I have a little sister who I love deeply, and at only 7 years old she is also getting bullied. It hurts me every morning when she wakes up screaming and crying so she won’t have to go to school. There is no reason for bullying. I tell her everyday that she will pull through it like I did. I won’t let her get to the place I was at. I felt so alone. I remember I was so deep in depression I didn’t let my mom hug let alone touch me. Depression is not a fun place to be in. It’s like your world is always dark. I hate watching the news and seeing teens committing suicide because they were bullied. It’s not fair to them or their families. Amanda Todd was just a teenager having a little fun, and yes flashing was wrong, but she didn’t know that at the time. And now not knowing of what she did, she is gone. I hope all those people who tortured her feel terrible right now. I hope they know they are the ones that caused her death. My prayers go out to everyone who miss her and loved her. I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless.

    18. U never know if the girl u smiled at in the hall or the guy u lent a pencil to in class needed that one act of kindness to change their mind about committing suicide b/c they felt completely, utterly alone. Bottom line-let’s all act Christian towards all we come into contact with, so that fewer and fewer people do what Amanda did. R.I.P., beautiful angel!

    19. I totally agree about showing her personal stuff was wrong but people make mistakes so ya don’t be saying is bad cuz that makes people want to kill themselves more take it from someone with experience

    20. I find it frustrating that quite a few people are downplaying the severity of what happened to Amanda Todd because she isn’t the first teen to commit suicide or getting angry because she is getting so much attention when others don’t. We know she’s not the only person to kill herself because of bullying just like Megan Kanka wasn’t the only child raped and killed by a known child molester. But her name and story made national news. Should what happened have been downplayed just because she wasn’t the first child to have been molested and murdered? NO! Should we be angry because she got more attention than others? No! She is a name and face for all the others that went through what she did and even has a law named after her. What happened to her was bad. What happened to Amanda Todd was bad too. She was bullied to the point of suicide. She’s not the first person to do this, but that doesn’t make what happened any less horrible and shame on us if we are getting angry because she got more attention. She is a name and a face for many others who have gone through the same thing!

    21. I literally just found out about this and I can’t stop crying. My heart aches for this girl and her family because she did not deserve any of the pain she endured. Although she made mistakes, she was young and we have all made mistakes. I grew up in a different time when the internet was just coming onto the scene and so my mistakes weren’t public like many of the mistakes that can be now. My heart just aches for this girl because she wasn’t given the chance to truly grow and be loved.
      This story encourages me now more than ever to do all that I can to truly BE THERE for people. People are hurting and like she said-“need someone”. They really do….I will be praying for her family and I truly pray that one day we can find some sort of solution to prevent things like this from happening again….

    22. O my gooodness, i’m totally shoked!my heart bleeds and aches for Amanda.we need to reLIZE THAT WEBSITES LIKE FACEBOOK and/or twitter is a very dangerous tool. we can use it to build up someone or to hurt somone. Lord, i just pray right now thjat you would comfort all the girls who are like amanda, Lord, and that you would give some of those girls a happier ending. in JESUS name,amen.

    23. Do people not have any compassion? This just sickens me. People should Instead of focusing on the already dead try and go and save others from committing suicide! Do something about this! My prayers go out to all those girls in this situation. That they would find God. Churches and people should start helping girls out in need.

    24. This is so devastating, it truly breaks my heart.If we help girls see that they are worth more than they think and how precious they really are in God’s eyes, then we could prevent many tragedies like this. Always remember, there is no mistake or sin too big that God can’t forgive. “…for with the Lord there is unfailing love and with him is FULL redemption”. ~ Psalm 130. This is why I want to be a girls youth group leader or minister, to help girls see that they are special regardless of what others think, and that their worth is rooted in Christ, not the world.

    25. While I definitely think that it is sad about the suicide — she really did bring a lot of it on herself (I know that sounds mean, but I don’t mean it that way!). Here’s why: Amanda Todd is only giving us part of the story. She didn’t include that she took a photo of herself topless & posted it online, was sexually driven, and into prostitution. Now I do not agree with the bullying (which I quite frankly do not believe have of what she said is even true), but she also made a bunch of wrong choices which led her to the suicide. If bullying hurt her so much, perhaps she should have thought twice about the choices she made.

      Again, I do think it is very sad that she made those choices and I dearly hope that I will see her in Heaven when I pass on.

    26. So I watched the whole video this time, and:

      I don’t get it. I just don’t. WHY are people sympathizing so badly for this Amanda Todd? Now I disagree with the “bullying” (which I don’t even believe half of what she said was true) and I feel bad that she made such horrible choices. But seriously? She took a topless photo of herself and then was upset because it got posted on the internet and people didn’t like her because of it? Um, HELLO! She never mentioned regretting what she did and that she shouldn’t have done it. She kept having a pity party for herself and staying upset that people didn’t like her because of it. Secondly, she SLEPT with a guy and again, didn’t regret doing it — yet she was upset because he had 15 other girlfriends? Ok, sure go ahead and sleep around with people and then get upset because they have other girlfriends. Lastly, I don’t believe what she said. She claimed to have “cut” herself, but #1 Who the heck randomly takes a photo of their bleeding wrist? #2 If you look closely in the video, there are no scars visible from her “cuts”.

      If you ask me, she made half of that stuff up. I just don’t get how everyone is sympathizing for somebody who continued living in sin, wrongdoings, and didn’t repent of it or even seem to regret it.

      • Yes anna she made many wrong mistakes, but dont we all? to God a sin is a sin. Romans 3:23, for ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
        Never judge some one else, its not right.
        Every morning we wake up we sin throughout the day too, so we are also continueing to live in sin. that is why we must ask forgiveness of our daily sins. NO one is perfect

    27. It’s so sad how viral this video has become. The day this girl committed suicide, a boy (13 years old) killed himself as well (a friend of a friend and apparently he lived in my neighborhood as well…) Prayers to those who consider this awful fate and have been affected… <3

    28. I feel horrible about what happened but if you think about it it was WRONG to flash ppl and if she had never done that she prolly would of never lost friends it was also wrong she went out with someones boyfriend!!!! I feel bad at what happened but if she had never done third horrible things she wouldn’t of gotten bullied :((

      • From what I know, she was pretty much forced; the pedophile had contact information for her family and friends and threatened her that if she didn’t flash, her loved ones would be in jeopardy. She COULD HAVE called the cops, but when you’re scared, especially to that level, thinking becomes mush :/

    29. It seems people are trying to justify what happened to her in some way or say she got what she asked for. The problem with our society is the lack of mercy and the twisted sense of justice we have. We know what she did was wrong when she flashed the camera and when she fell for some guys words and slept with him when he had a girlfriend. But justice wasn’t served when she was bullied they way she was for as long as she was for doing these things. Justice was twisted and there was an utter lack of mercy.

    30. Whenever I see videoed like this I always post things about Christ. Maybe, they will see it and give their life to Christ. Have you guys tried witnessing to VenusAngelic? Ellen Degenrees? You never know. 🙂

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