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American Heroes Stop Gunman on French Train Saving Hundreds

You have probably heard about the three childhood friends from Sacramento, CA traveling together on a European vacation who subdued an armed attacker on a Paris-bound train on Friday. College student Anthony Sadler, Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, and National Guardsman Alek Skarlatoshey ended up in the same train car with the gunman who was armed with 300 rounds of ammunition.

The gunman fired, drawing the attention of the trio. “At that point I ducked down,” Skarlatos, who recently returned from serving in Afghanistan said. “I just looked at Spencer and said, ‘Let’s go! Go!’” Stone moved first, Skarlatos said. “I followed behind him by about three seconds. Spencer got to the guy first, grabbed the guy by the neck and I grabbed the handgun, got the handgun away from the guy and threw it. Then I grabbed the AK which was at his feet, and started muzzle-bumping him in the head with it.” The group “just started beating on the guy while Spencer held the chokehold until he went unconscious.”

Their brave actions, along with British man who helped, Chris Norman, saved hundreds of lives.

Sadler is a pastor’s son and Alek’s brother, Peter,  said, “They’re all Christians. They’re all very religious.”

President Barack Obama has contacted all three of the men to thank them for their heroism, ABC News reported. He said that all Americans are proud of their bravery. They were also awarded France’s highest recognition: the Legion of Honor.


American Heroes Honored

Left to right: college student Anthony Sadler, Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, U.S. Ambassador to France Jane Hartley, National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos


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