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Me Without Makeup


I have already sent a picture, but I thought I should send a more recent one. I am improving on my self image, slowly but surely. I can remember about a year ago I broke down in tears because I hated my face. Anyways, I’m now learning to love my smile, I have taken all of my piercings (except ear piercings of course) out, and I’m very glad that I have! 😀 I notice that the more I smile, the more friendlier people are, and I love that I can just completely shock someone, because I never really used to smile. I still love my eyes, most people do. :] I have been complimented a lot recently on them, and it feels great! Especially when I’m not wearing makeup and it comes out of the blue! I thank you all for the encouraging comments, and I’m proud to say that YOU have helped me improve. Thank you all again, and God bless!
P.S. I’m glad that there are wonderful women out there that actually want to help young ladies like me, and you are all beautiful in your own way, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! <3

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Image: Courtesy of Amy


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  1. Posted by Nicole on December 30, 2011 at 12:28

    you are so pretty! You are such a gorgeous girl, don’t ever think you’re not because that is Satan’s lie!!!