An Article About Real Beauty From Project Inspired Fan, Kaitlyn

    Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch watching TV. Suddenly, a commercial, a preview, maybe even the show you’re watching, shows a beautiful girl. Whatever she may be doing, you’re only looking at her radiance. You think something like, “Wow, maybe I should go buy some new clothes and makeup and stuff to look like her! I bet I could score major popularity points looking like that! I’d be guaranteed a date for the next dance!” But why would you think something like that? Why would you think you need to look exactly like a famous star to be popular or look awesome?

    Why don’t you look closer at her. Is she beautiful without any help, or does all her beauty come from makeup and clothes? One hundred percent of the time, each girl who looks ‘beautiful’ on-screen has had a few hours of makeup put on her, her hair done, a wardrobe stylist, good lighting AND they retouch certain stills on TV! Bet you didn’t know that!


    Is she a natural beauty? Because if she doesn’t have God in her heart, she doesn’t even know what real beauty is! Natural beauty — true beauty — matters a whole lot more than ‘manufactured’ beauty that’s created by products.

    Okay, so now think about this: Do you want people to see your beauty? If you said yes, do you want them to see true beauty or manufactured beauty? If you want them to see your true beauty, it doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to wear makeup or anything like that, it just means that you know you’re beautiful and you stay strong against what the world is telling you is right. ‘Cause the world is wrong. Satan uses these tools to whisper to you, “You’re not thin enough, or pretty enough, your hair isn’t right!”

    These words are NOT from God. The world is trying to deceive you. It’s trying to pull you away from God.

    God is the one who gives you your beauty. Your true beauty. If you’re beautiful on the inside (i.e. being kind and helpful), it will definitely show on the outside. Also, I’ve noticed that since I gave my life to Christ, I have felt more confident and I find myself looking just fine in the mirror. And chances are that if you’re confident and it shows, people will respect you more and want to be friends with you. If you’re down all the time and feel awful about your image, people don’t really feel like hanging out around you. Being lonely is definitely not fun.

    True beauty does not come from makeup and hair products. True beauty comes from the inside. Be a great person who’s kind and fun to be around and that will shine on the outside! Remember though, even if others around you refuse to see your beauty, God can see what’s inside you, and He sees just how gorgeous you are.

    By glorifying God, He will make sure you have a mansion in heaven where your beauty is celebrated everyday! It’s a place where real beauty exists, not the standards of beauty here on Earth.

    God loves you no matter what and if you let Him live through you, you will be the most beautiful girl at school, or work or anywhere. Real beauty comes from the divine, our great, forgiving God.



    “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—His good, pleasing and perfect will.” — Romans 12:2


    “The King is enthralled by your beauty.” — Psalm 45:11

    From Nicole: Girls, this is why I do my “Before and After'” photos on here, so you can see just how much airbrushing goes into photos and that it’s not real!**



    1. usually, beauty doesnt affect me. i know that i am beautiful in God’s eyes, and i have something that the actors and models dont that make me even more beautiful: Christ. (i think) i’ve done a pretty good job of staying grounded, but every once in a while, those thoughts creep into my head. i know those thoughts can only be put there by the devil. thanks for this.

    2. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’m a complete and utter tomboy. I’m the kind of girl who does what no one expects girls to do. I can’t stand makeup, dresses, skirts, even skorts bug me. And there’s times where, yeah, I’ll get into stuff like that – homecoming, ROTC military ball, etc. But no matter how much I say “I’m beautiful in God’s eyes no matter what” I always find myself looking in the mirror and thinking that “I look fat” and making different poses to see if I look better at a certain angle or what not. I’m always worried about what people think of my appearance, especially guys. And it being me, it’s a matter of whether they’re thinking, “Hey it’s Jenna! I wonder what sort of crazy things she did over the weekend?” or “Hey it’s Jenna! Man… she looks good today.” And as much as I hate to admit it, (and as much as I normally say otherwise) I DO care what people think. And it KILLS me that what others say bothers me. I’m the “wake up, throw on jeans and tshirt, hair in ponytail, walk out the door, don’t care what anyone thinks of me” girl. But in reality… I’m not. 

      I’ve always looked in the mirror and looked for flaws, things that could be fixed, that “should” be fixed. My nose, eyebrows, lips, teeth. But taking the mirror on my bedside dresser and taking a real good long look at the reflection… I don’t really see anything wrong anymore. Now, I realize that Satan is using mirrors and reflections to attack me. But I’m not gonna play his game anymore. I’m not gonna play the victim next time around. I’m beautiful on the inside. That’s all that matters. 🙂 

      And for anyone reading this, I want you to look up this song “Plain” by ZoeGirl. This song has always been a fave of mine… but only now has it really started to make sense. <3 

      • Jenna- thank you for sharing this with us! We all are struggling with these issues, right along with you! And YES that is Satan telling you that you’re not pretty, so don’t believe his lies! God Bless and I’m going to look up that song now!

      • i know what you mean… im not exactly a tomboy but i do play sports and while i do get inro the girly stuff i’m not an all out girlygirl like the other girls in my athletics class sometimes i hate that i dont look as good as they do. I hate that i let Satan lie to me like that. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m gunna look up that song. THANKS JENNA♥
        You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalms 139:14♥

    3. I’ve heard horror stories about girls who take nearly two hours in the morning to put on makeup and do their hair. I can’t help but think are they doing it because they want to or are they doing it because they feel like they need to. Everyone girl has natural beauty and i think some times we girls don’t need make up to show it.
      And there isn’t a single girl in the world who isn’t perfectly sized

    4. I feel exactly like Jenna, except for I’m a little bit more girly. I usually dont wear makeup because I’m running out the door. I brush my hair and teeth in the morning and wash my face, and that’s all the time I have for in the bathroom. Satan tricked me for so many years by telling me that I wasnt beautiful. But now when I look in the mirror, I think I look pretty. Sure, I have glasses, but they make my eyes look greener. My hair is unmanageable, but it’s a pretty color(red) that a lot of girls and women are trying to get. In this post I am not trying to brag, and I’m sorry if it sounds like I am. But I’m just showing that through God, anyone can feel like they’re beautiful. And God loves you a lot. He thinks you’re perfect and the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. When he created the birds, seas, grasses, fish, mountians, and trees he said it was good. But when he made humans, he said it was VERY good. So we are very good in his image. And I still have horrible thoughts about myself, but I no longer have the insecurities for my appearance, most of the time.

    5. thanks that is very helpful ive had self confidence issues since like 4th grade and im now a sophomore. its helpful to not exactly care what other people on tv look like but to try to see you as God sees you thanks nicole!!

    6. I understand with you Jenna. Sometimes I look in the mirror and say “wow, I look pretty good today”, yet some days I look in the mirror and see all the flaws with my skin or hair or eyes. What I decided to do was just say to myself was “I see who I really am in my eyes and I know that God sees the beauty in me. Anyone who is true and loves God will see it too!” It really helps me through the hard flaws I see sometimes.

    7. I know what you mean. I’m not really girly and my hair is really frizzy and thick and I’m really tall. Some days I just am not confident and others I don’t care what anyone thinks. I just have to be strong.

    8. i went through an incredibly awkward stage and was living apart from God. My heart began to change and now i can stand tall and not be awkward and embarrassed of HIM so thank you so much for this <3

    9. I have the worst confidence in the world. I don’t think i’m beautiful…even when I have ten pounds of makeup on. It makes me feel even more insecure about myself. I don’t know what to do.

      • Kelsey- you ARE beautiful, don’t compare yourself to other girls, I know it may be hard to do. Did you read my latest article about condemning photoshop? Now for the magazines you won’t see as much retouching in ads, and if they are- it will have stamp saying they have been retouched! What feature do you like best about yourself? Try to play up that feature. If you send me a picture of you, I would be more than happy to share some makeup tips I think will look pretty on you! You can send it to You are so blessed you don’t even know yet!

    10. I have always felt like somedays i am beautiful then on others i am not. I go to school that has the looks are everything rule. You have to have the perfect hair, make-up and clothes and body. It is horrible what girls can suffer everyday and I am proud to say that since i started listening to christian radio my life has been so much easier. I heard the song More Beautiful You by Johnny Diaz and I have never felt better and this is coming from a girl who has had a very hard time feeling beautiful. Also thank you for this website. I look at it every day and read the post and learn more each day 🙂 thank you and God Bless each and every one of you girls who read and post each day! 🙂

    11. I can SOO relate to Jenna. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see an ugly person who is fat, and later is see a beautiful person. And Satan DOES use mirorrs to attack! And sometimes I think “Oh, well I’m not worried about how I look just because I don’t want a gap in my teeth.” But that IS! I wanna ask you guys something. And this is NOT a trick questian, I am serious about needing an answer. Have any of you guys ever thought that you weren’t really anything important and your friends only hang out with you cause it’s the only thing there is to do? Cause some of my friends seem like that. They seem like they’re tearing me down by saying that I’m chunky and stuff like that…They called me fat one time. It’s like they don’t KNOW they’re insulting me, it’s just like it’s coming out. I really want your input on this…thanks guys. It means a LOT to me.

      • I do know how it is, Allison. Truth is, your friends probably don’t even know they are hurting you. So tell them, nicely. If they are real friends, they will stop, otherwise maybe you should rethink your friendship. also remember that you teach your friends how they can treat you. So if they hurt you, let them know, otherwise they might continue doing what got to you. you ARE important, Allison. never doubt that. Jesus died for you. You are worth so much to Him. He loves you so much. think about it for a minute. if you were God would you have willingly gone through all the pain we humans go through? I wouldn’t. But God DID, because He loves you so much and wants you to walk through heaven’s gates someday, into His arms. You are beautiful because you are made in God’s image, therefore, there is nothing wrong with who you see in the mirror. You make wrong choices sometimes, but as long as you ask God for forgiveness, you wear the best label I can image– FORGIVEN.

        Aren’t 2 sparrows sold for a small coin? But not one of them will fall to the ground without your Father knowing about it already. Even the hairs of your head are all counted. Don’t be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows. Matthew 10:29-31

        P.S. mirrors can be so evil sometimes. Don’t worry too much about what you see in them. Inward beauty matters so much more and shines through no matter what you look like on the outside. praying for you!

    12. I never really compared myself to models in magazines- maybe just cause they were so much older than me. But then I learned about how fake they are. Mainly when I see a commercial like that, instead of thinking, “I wish I could look like like that”! I think, “I wish I could draw like that”! I’m an artist. I heard something about clothes modeling, though- A normal person is eight heads tall. When they sketch models, or sketch clothing for them, they’re an unnatural eleven heads tall! My friend who is in a fashion design class told me that. But a person that was eleven heads tall would look like a freak in RL. They couldn’t exist. The business is just filled with impossibilities.

    13. This is so great. I have had issues with the way I look before but then I stopped to realize that Jesus died for me and I was complaining about the way I looked but he DIED for me. I was like wow, why would he have died for me if he didn’t love me and think I was beautiful?? That really hit me. Another thought I had was that God created me and I was dissing what he made. When I draw something I don’t want people dissing what I made. God created me the way I am for a reason. 🙂

    14. My whole life I have also struggled with low self esteem in just about every aspect of my life, but as I draw closer to our great Lord, He enlightens my heart and mind. I am His perfect design, and I am His beautiful daughter. I try to remind myself that when I pick apart the things I (or the world) see as “flaws”. It’s like telling the Creator of all of heaven and earth that I’m no good and when I think of things I would change it’s like saying “I could do better”. So what’s in my control? How I treat the property of God! I am (as is every one who accepts Him) His temple and dwelling place and I should honor Him.

      I always thought that by having such low self esteem I would be of more use to the Lord because if there was no room for me there could only be room for Him. It was my Pastor’s wife who shared the revelation with me that this is exactly the opposite. My low self esteem caused me to focus on myself, the things I didn’t like or lacked confidence in. Those thoughts hindered me from being able to go out and do God’s work. And Satan will use that to keep anyone down he can.

      Today I want to encourage any one who reads this to realize that YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY made! You are His perfect and unique design, there is NONE LIKE YOU! You are a daughter of the King most high and He has plans for you! Try focusing on Him and I believe you will find your true beauty and confidence! (But remember it is a daily decision, Satan never stops trying to bring you down!)

    15. This is an amazing article! I just have one question. I don’t wear makeup but would I still qualify as showing my natural beauty if I put anti-frizz cream in my hair after I shower?

    16. Like Jenna, I have always been insecure about my body. I look in the mirror and think things like ‘my nose is big’ or ‘my chest isn’t big enough’. When I read this I realized, my nose is perfect, as is my chest. Why? Because God created me like that, and the way he did it is the way he wants it. And if he wants it like that, it is beautiful. Maybe not in others view, but in God’s eyes, you are beautiful. People at school will be like “You’re ugly,” and “Ugh, your nose is huge,” but you know what? I don’t care. I am beautiful and God made me like that. So unless you say God made a mistake, don’t say anything at all. 🙂

    17. I needed to hear this! Thanks so much! God has been teaching me recently that it’s my inner self, my character, that’s more important than the outside – and this article just solidified the idea! So thanks! (:

    18. Thanks to reading these kind of articles on Project Inspired I have grown to start loving myself! For years I have so self conscience of my curvy like body and being larger than everyone else (I live in Asia and have been surrounded by thinner and shorter women all my life). But thank you for this! You have encouraged me that I am beautiful in God’s eyes!

    19. WOW thanks I have been feeling like that for quite a while now and I keep trying to look like these popular girls in my school when really I AM BEAUTIFUL and God works things out the way He works them out!

    20. To all the girls who by the standards nowadays are considered ‘ugly’: if anyone ever calls you that, smack them. You are amazingly gorgeous just the way God made you. And the more beautiful you feel, the more beautiful you are.

    21. Even months after this was posted this was a blessing to me. God led me to read it and honestly it was JUST what I needed. Thank you so much for walking in your calling (one of your many, I assume) and posting this.

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