An Essay on Cosmo–By PI Girl Chelsea!

    We are so touched! Project Inspired girl Chelsea wrote a research report on an issue that’s very important to us at PI—Cosmopolitan magazine and the Anti-Cosmo campaign! We loved her essay and wanted to share it with all our readers!

    According to Webster’s Students Dictionary, pornography is any obscene writings or pictures. Obscene means impure, offensive to purity of mind, and designed to incite lust. Harmful to minors, according to the Florida Law Enforcement Handbook, is any description of sexual excitement and is a third degree felony.

    So if Cosmopolitan magazine falls under these categories, why is it still in stores available for anyone to pick up and buy? Opened to this reality, I want to rally parents together to sign a petition to make it a law that Cosmopolitan should have a plastic bag covering it and only be sold to adults, like a pornography magazine.

    Cosmopolitan didn’t use to be a magazine that was all sex tips and raunchy articles. When it was first published, in 1887, it was geared towards helping ladies have a healthy marriage and a “how-to” guide to be a classy lady. Now it has completely changed into something horrible. It has been designed to target younger readers and is now a “how-to” sex guide. This is disgusting. The scary thing is it’s the No. 1 selling magazine in the USA.

    They have the right to print, because of freedom of speech, but it is illegal to market sex tips to minors, which is exactly what they are doing. As a teenager, I know they are marketing to teens and minors because they are putting models on the covers that tweens and teens know. For example, Dakota Fanning, 17, and Selena Gomez, 19, were recently on the cover of Cosmopolitan. In Florida, it is a third degree felony to use a minor in the production of a sexual excitement magazine.

    The people that publish this aren’t the only ones at fault here. The stores are in the wrong too. It is a first degree misdemeanor, in Florida, to have a magazine with content harmful to minors, Cosmopolitan, which is open to the public. It’s a third degree felony to sell to minors any magazine that contains sexual excitement.

    Now that I have given you the bad news, let me give you the good news. There is a project out there, called Project Inspired, encouraging everyone to do something about this black mark on society, in disguise. Nicole Weider is the founder of Project Inspired, and her goal is to alert the government of this magazine. She asks that it be put in a nontransparent plastic bag and not be sold to anyone under eighteen.

    “We are not asking Cosmo to change their content. We simply want them to take responsibility for it. They say it’s for adults, so let them sell it only to adults,” Nicole says.

    Sadly, the American Psychological Association has even proven that this magazine and its images and articles are harming our young people. In their 2010 study, they found that sex images damage girls’ self-image and body image. They also say they can link it to mental health problems, such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.

    “If you aren’t marketing to teen girls, then this request shouldn’t be an issue,” states Nicole.

    So where do we draw the line? At the disorders or at the beginning, because if we can stop the problem early on, then there won’t be a problem. So will you sign the petition?

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful essay, Chelsea! Check out the Anti-Cosmo campaign for more information and sign the petition to get Cosmo placed in a non-transparent wrapper and sold to adults only!

    What causes are close to your hearts, PI girls? Share your answers in the comments!

    Team Project Inspired
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    1. great essay! this reminded me of something…you talked about stores being to blame, in the Giant that i go to they have Cosmopolitan covered up with a special cover thing that says ‘Cosmopolitan’ so people don’t have to see it!

    2. Some causes I care about are: helping orphans, helping people that need, and a LOT of other things! I want to sign the petition, but I don’t know if I can, can I sign it even if I’m young…er than 18? I want to support this any way I can! This is wrong, and even though many girls have been affected, we can prevent others from being affected too. But for those who have, we should help them…I don’t know how, but we should, so they can heal…

    3. If we don’t stop a young girl could kill herself because of this Disgusting magazine! She thinks that she has to look like this model,so she starves herself,or she thinks she has to do sex acts to make men love her,so she sleeps with a bunch of men,and they hurt her badly physically and mentally. This magazine needs to be stopped immidiately!

    4. I definitely think this is an important cause. Every where I look in my middle/high school i see girls reading Cosmo! There’s like a ton of them being circulated around the school. I think this is a very important issue because its very sad to see so many girls reading about all this impure stuff.

    5. Amen! If the magazine is supposedly for adults, they should sell it for adults. Porn is illegal for minors to read–facts are facts and laws are created to keep us safe. SO all we are asking is to bag Cosmo so it’s only sold to adults because it’s porn and porn is for adults only. We’re not asking for Cosmo to shut down completely.

    6. This is amazing. I’ve never read Cosmo, but I am sooo offended just by seeing the cover. As a teenager, I don’t necessarily want to know how to have the ‘Best Sex Ever’…I don’t even want to have sex!!! Thanks for taking a stand…it really reminds me that the only man I need to belong to is Jesus.

    7. cosmo is NOT the same as porn, alright? i understand where you’re comming from, but if a young girl has sex simply because ‘cosmo said so’, then i’m sorry, but she isn’t very smart. also, cosmo strongly helps fight on campus rape, and promotes being confident. also, the ‘young’ stars that pose on it aren’t that young, they are legal adults and can make their own decisions. just because they are on the cover doesn’t mean they promote wild sex, they just want to show confidence and girl power. they aren’t little kids anymore. so i do understand your petition, but sex, unfortunataly is in our culture, and putting cosmo in a bag isn’t gonna help. bag free is how it’ll be.

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