I go to school where people judge you alot. At first I took what everyone said to heart, nut after seeing who I am I dont care! I love my eyes most! They are so brown dark n pretty!

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    1. I rarely wear makeup. I only wear it for special occasions or for a Halloween costume (I’m trying not to get too much into Halloween though–if I just think of it as the holiday invented less than 80 years ago for neighborhood kids, then it’s not that bad, even though a lot of it is based on ancient traditions).
      Anyway, I think it’s sad that girls feel like they have to wear makeup every day to be pretty or attractive. A lot of times, I think people look better without their makeup. In movies and theater, I think people’s faces show up better with makeup, but in everyday life, it doesn’t seem necessary. Who are you trying to impress? I don’t feel like I need makeup to be pretty, I am pretty, and my mom tells me that all the time too (and my guy-friend told me I have beautiful eyes). My aunt treats makeup like a rite of passage for girls, but I think it’s just a little extra, for a certain occasion, I don’t know. All I know is that as long as I take care of myself the way I should, I don’t need theatrics to be beautiful everyday of my life, I am beautiful.
      Sometimes I feel insecurities and I sometimes feel inadequate when I see girls who look like they put more effort in their appearance (clothes, hair, shoes, etc), but I have to remember that somewhere inside them, they must be feeling insecure themselves. I don’t like conforming to trends, and when I’m out of high school and on my own, I can present myself how I really want to and feel good doing so knowing God and Jesus are with me, and I probably won’t even remember what the popular girls were wearing! It’s be old news by then!
      Besides, doing your makeup every day sounds like too much work anyway. 🙂

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