I’ve had a mole above my lip and right under my nose for about as long as I can remember. I never used to care about it when in 5th grade I overheard some of my friends talking about how it looked like a permanent booger. I was so embarrassed and upset. Unfortunately I didn’t change friends, I changed who I was because of my friends. The next day I went to the dollar store and bought foundation, concealer, cover up, everything, and hid it every day. Soon after that I became more aware of my “flaws” my eyes were too tiny, my lips were too big. I soon began buying everything under the sun. I started using eyeliner that in fact hid my eyes and made them look smaller. I started applying concealer over my lips to make them look smaller which only made them look worse.
    Freshman year of high school, I stopped applying so much makeup and soon began going a little bit more natural, but I never stopped hiding my mole. One weekend my boyfriend came over unexpectedly along with some of my other friends. I had made new friends during the school year. They had never seen my mole. I had totally forgotten I hadn’t covered it up. Everything was going great until I went into my room to grab some things. I stopped by the mirror and suddenly a chill of fear ran down my spine. I had realized my mole was there in plain sight. I was mortified, absolutely mortified. I hurried to cover it up, making loud noises as I searched frantically through my makeup bag. My friend came in to find me, when she saw what I was doing I felt even more embarrassed, more embarrassed than that day in 5th grade when I heard those girls talking about “the permanent booger” she looked surprised and just stood there for awhile. I was about so say something when she took the concealer away from me in a sharp grab. She seemed hesitant as if she were going to say something, but didn’t know quite what, I will never forget what happened next. I am so blessed this happened to me. My boyfriend came in, I think he had watched the whole thing, and took my hand and led me back into the living room. I was confused at first, this is the type of scene that only happens in books and movies, but it was happening to me. My friends didn’t care it didn’t change their opinion of me, the only one who cared was me.
    I’ve stopped covering up my mole now because God gave it to me. He knew what he was doing when he created me, mole and all, and who am I to try and cover up God’s work.
    So I am pleased to say the thing I love most about me is my mole! Now whenever I buy concealer, it’s just for zits. I never covered up my mole since that day, and I owe the credit to my friends and to God who blessed me with those friends. Thanks for reading, God bless.

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    1. You’re beautiful the way God made you! I also have a mole under my nose. I wanted to get it taken off because people would tease me about it, but now whenever someone says something about it I laugh as say it’s a beauty mark. 🙂 So embrace the beauty God gave you! Love, Beth

    2. Thank you for such an inspiring story! I have a mole under my lip, and I’ve also been ashamed of it. But thank you for your story–it has helped me to look at it positively and as a gift from God. (: And remember, everyone calls moles “beauty marks”!

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