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    Dear Girls!

    Christmas reminds us of all that we are thankful for, all that we hope to give back, and all that God sacrificed for us. It is a time of giving, and remembering the ultimate gift we have received from God–Jesus Christ.

    This year, I want to celebrate your holiday wishes! For 12 days I will give away prizes to randomly selected girls who post their 3 wishes to this article.

    Even if you don’t win a prize from me, you are giving our whole Project Inspired community a gift by opening your heart and sharing your Christmas wishes.



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    1. Three Christmas Wishes:
      1. For myself – I wish that I could teach as many people about God and Jesus Christ as possible, and share with them His plans for us.
      2. For someone else – My best friend Kelly, is really sick. I wish that she could be cured. I know that there is a big chance of that not happening, so I at least wish that she could get some kind of relief, instead of being in so much pain all the time.
      3. For the world – I wish that every single family member and friend of any of the victims in the CT elementary school shooting, would be able to turn to God during this horrible tragedy, and gather strength from Him.

    2. Wish #1. That I can lead someone to Christ. Wish #2. That my dad, and brothers will be safe on a long trip. Wish #3. That abortion will stop and that our country can return to where we were founded, under Godly principals.

    3. 1. I want to bloosom my relationship with Jesus so i can share what he has done for me in song
      2.For my friends to come to church with me someday
      3.For the world to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ before he comes back

    4. 1. I pray that I soon find a job that pleases both me and God. I will be starting college in the Fall of 2013 and have been desperate for money.
      2. I pray for my friends who are non-believers and that I will be patient with them. I pray that God uses me as a tool to bring them to Christ.
      3. I pray for religious tolerance in the world. I’ve been put down for my religion so often and I know that others have a tough time hearing these harsh words. I pray for those who are struggling to stay with God and allow him to lead them down the right paths.

    5. 1. For Me- I wish to impact as many people on my upcoming missionary trip, to spread the Gospel of Jesus.
      2. For Someone else- I wish for my family to get to know Jesus. Some people in my family know Christ, but not all. I wish to guide them on the right path.
      3. I wish the world could have and open mind to Christianity. Mostly in school. Evolution is now taught as a fact, rather then an opinion. I wish that our schools could have public prayer. I also wish that the teachers and staff at the schools help/teach according to God’s Word.

    6. 1. I wish that I had more wisdom to use to help others.

      2. I wish that my boyfriend understood that God wants him to pursue Him for salvation rather than just a moral road map.

      3. I wish that the spirit of judgement would be cast out of the church once and for all. As Christians, we’re supposed to love and accept people even if we don’t like something they do. We’re supposed to hate the sin, not the person falling victim to it.

      I think I put more thought into this than I was supposed to, but really, that’s what’s on my heart right now.

    7. Three Wishes:
      1) Myself: I wish that I can grow even closer to God and keep him constantly in my thoughts.
      2) For someone else: My Sunday School teacher’s mother has had her leg in a cast for some time, and my teacher told me the pain has been on and off. I hope that her pain eases and she is more comfortable in her condition so that she can have a good Christmas.
      3) For the world: Like Ashley Hammermeister (and others), I wish that those in Newtown can get strength from God and heal. Please help them get through this tragedy.

    8. For myself- I’d like to become more disciplined to read my Bible more faithfully and be unashamed to share my faith with others
      For someone else- I’d love my best friend to be able to be in the same English class as me because he really wants to be!
      For the world- I wish the whole world would realize that Jesus is the only way to true happiness!!

    9. I wish for my Peru Mission trip to go smoothly and be able to comeup with the money in time. I also wish for my parents to stop with the bickering and just be happy and love each other. I sincerely wish that all that are sad and hurting can find comfort know that God will get them through this difficult time of need.

    10. For me- I would like more boldness to minister to people at my school.
      For someone else- I would like for my friend to healed emotionally and spiritually from the abuse she received from her father when she was young. That she will learn that forgiveness is the only way.
      For the World- That people would realize the road that this world is going down and that they would go turn around, to Jesus.

    11. for me, clarity about colllege decisions, and new cute clothes. for someone else, that their new job goes well. For the world, that the families of victims of the Conneticut shooting can survive what I’m sure will be a rough holiday season.

    12. 1. for myself I wish I could be a better girl/woman of god.
      2. for a friend. I wish that she could see how important life is!
      3. for the world. I wish that more people would put in effort to turn it into a better place.

    13. I would love to win this “12 day of Christmas Giveaway” … If I don’t then I still know and I want others to know that we already won when we gave our lives to Christ… 🙂 I still wanna win because I’m a competitive person. <3

    14. What are three Christmas wishes you’d like to make this year? Write one for yourself, one for someone else (no need to say their name) and one for the world!

      1.) I don’t want people to realize that I’m a follower of Christ by what I post on my Facebook and twitter. I want them to see me and be like that’s a Godly women just by knowing me and not by what I have on my Facebook or twitter. So I wish that I will be more of a UNASHAMED GODLY YOUNG WOMEN OF CHRIST. That the whole world will know.
      2.) I want my friend to realize that although her father was never ever there for here she needs to see that.. When you give you life to Jesus, You also need to accept that fact that your father was never there and will never be there but He who sits on the throne was always there and will always be there. You’re earthly father shouldn’t hold you back from you path of Christ because you have a heavenly father who will never leave you nor forsake you. I wish no I pray that see opens her eyes to know that see is a DAUGHTER OF A RISEN KING.
      3.) I want the world to not turn away from God but instead to turn to God when something bad happens. This world is getting darker and darker, We as followers of Christ all around the world need to shine, so that the world may proclaim that Jesus still sits on throne.

      I would love to win this “12 day of Christmas Giveaway” … If I don’t then I still know and I want others to know that we already won when we gave our lives to Christ… I still wanna win because I’m a competitive person. <3

    15. Myself: I don’t want to be worried about how to pay for college anymore. I should find out about all of my school’s by Christmas. I wish that I get enough money from scholarships so my family won’t have to worry anymore

      Other Person: I wish for the families in Connecticut somehow find happiness this Christmas. I hope I never know what it’s like to bury a child, but I hope they know that their children are truly safe in God’s loving hands.

      The World: I wish for peace. I know, it’s a longshot, but if everyone on the planet wished for peace, then it would exist in the world.

      To anyone reading this, have a blessed Christmas season <3

    16. 1. For myself-I wish that my brother will come to know the Lord and accept him as his Savior. 2. For someone else- A mom at my church is going through a lot of medical problems and she has 4 little girls who need her, I wish that God will cure her of all the bad stuff going on in her body. 3. For the world- I wish that God will spark a huge revival across the whole world.

    17. My 3 Christmas wishes:
      1. For my friends and family: especially my older brother Tim, that he would find true joy in Christ, and for my friend, Caitlyn, that she would have strength throughout her parent’s divorce.
      2. For myself: that I would be a reflection of Jesus’ light in every situation.
      3. For my country: that abortion would be completely outlawed and more babies would be able to celebrate Christmas.

    18. 1. I would wish to return to Hillsong College to finish 2nd year Diploma in Worship Ministry and to serve in fulltime kids/camp ministry, LORD willing.
      2. My friend, Matthew, is running away from God. I would wish him to have a real God-encounter to bring him back into whole-hearted on-fire passionate love and willingness to grow and learn and serve God.
      3. For the world, I would wish for God and prayer be allowed back in the schools in all countries where Christianity is not illegal and for the imprisoned Christians in countries of persecution to be encouraged and released.

    19. Wish 1: I wish that my best friend will fully accept Jesus as her Savior
      Wish 2: That my cousin will be happy, he truly deserves a joyful Christmas!
      Wish 3: That i can be corageous enough to talk freely about Jesus Christ with people who may try to make me feel bad, I need to stand up for what I beleive in! not cower to those who disrespect me for my beleifs

    20. My 3 Wishes:)
      For myself:I want to learn how to be more myself instead trying to be like everyone else
      For someone else:My friend left church and started going down the wrong path i pray about her everyday and i hope she comes back
      For the world:I hope that people stop hating each other so much and learn to control their anger instead of focusing on the bad they should count their blessings.

    21. Three Christmas Wishes
      1. For myself- To reach out to God more and hopefully get baptised or confirmed!
      2. For someone else- My friend Jasmine, who just went through a bad breakup. I hope she finds someone else who will love her for who she is really is and make her happy!
      3. For the world- For the whole world to turn to Jesus and God when they are looking for hope, faith, and love.

    22. 1) I wish I could learn to think about things before I say or do them.
      2) I wish my friends would be able to get along and be happy.
      3) I wish everyone would learn to think about how their words and actions affect the people around them, and be nice to each other.

    23. Three Christmas Wishes:
      For myself: I wish I could stop bragging and only thinking of myself, I want to be more christ-like in everything I do.
      For someone else: My dad has to get surgery sometime, but right now he is in great pain, and I wish that the pain would
      alleviate and he would feel better.
      For the world: I wish that everyone will find their savior in Jesus Christ and be saved.

    24. Three Christmas wishes I’d like to make this year..The one for myself-well..I guess for God so work in my heart in that He teaches me to be a bold leader for Him and that I may be obedient to Him through that..I think I(He) could change a lot of lives through me because of where He has put me. The one for someone else-I think this wish would go out to my mom and my expected brother/sister on the way. I pray that the baby will be healthy and my mom can get through it okay because she will be 38 when he/she is born, and also that my soon to be sibling will feel welcome and close to me and my other brothers and sisters even though there will be a big age difference. And the one for the world-I guess that people will come to realize God’s love for them & let that change their lives in a such a proud way..I think when I learned about God’s love for just..gave me a purpose to want to live and live well. My wish for the world is that people will hear the good news in such a way that is clear and heartfelt that it changes nations. That would be really cool to see!
      Thanks for reading, and thanks for putting up this drawing (:

    25. 1) To be able to hear God and follow his will , just like our heavenly mother. So much goes on in m y life that sometimes it’s just hard to be still, listen to what He’s trying to tell me and do as He says.
      2) A friend of mine found Christ on his own and was preparing to be Confirmed, but recently stopped going to church and denies the existence of God. I pray and wish that he finds his way back to Christ.
      3) That all practice love and respect, no matter what nationality, race, religion, sexuality, or morality they are.

    26. I would love to have a special day to spend with my friends. just us.

      for my special someone else. to realize that they are the best person in the world. and to give themselfs more credit.

      and my third wish for the world would be that everyone knows to have be saved, and lets jesus into their hearts. 🙂

    27. My Christmas wish for myself would be that I would be successful in my career path in becoming a Registered Nurse. My wish for others is for my friends- that they would truly know how much God loves them, and to seek His wisdom in their decisions. I wish for the whole world’s eyes to be opened to God’s glory and to be thankful for His many blessings.

    28. 1. I hope to mature and thrive in every aspect of my life: spiritually, academically, socially, financially, etc.
      2. I wish that my mother would be able to relax and enjoy herself, to allow herself to be pampered, and to be filled with happiness, satisfaction, and fulness of peace this season and next year.
      3. My hope is that Christians around the world would realize that we bear the responsibility for bringing the world to Christ. I pray that we would do the world a favor by taking our job more seriously.

    29. Three Christmas Wishes:
      1) For myself: I wish to have a closer walk with God and be more open to people about Him and His love.
      2) For someone else: I just recently lost a friend due to suicide so I wish his family comfort and peace. This is very difficult for them at this time.
      3) For the word: I wish people would learn to love and accept one another as Christ accepts them. If this were true, a lot of tragedies would not be occurring today. They need the love of God.

    30. 1)I would like to be able to share Jesus with at least one person this season.
      2)My really close friend to come back to Jesus. She seems to be slipping away and I’m worried about her.
      3) This isn’t a very realistic wish, but I wish I could help every kid in the world, if they are sick, don’t know Jesus, homeless, it doesn’t matter I want to help them.

    31. 1) I wish that God would give me the strength to overcome my shyness. All my life I’ve been extremely shy and I’ve missed many opportunities to tell people about Christ because I can barely say even a simple “Hello”. There have also been times when I couldn’t stand up for myself if someone was going against my godly values or even my own personal values.
      2) My wish for a friend is that she will continue on the right path. For a long time she has been walking on the dangerous side even though she is a Christian. Just recently she did something very major that she shouldn’t have and now she’s trying to turn her life back around. She is making amazing progress but I can tell she is still struggling. I pray that God will give her strength to continue.
      3) My wish for the world is that the people who do know Christ will learn to show it. I want more people to come to know Christ but how can they do that if others don’t show them any examples? Us as Christians need to stand up for our faith more, and that can be anything from going out and telling people about the gospel to helping out your next door neighbor during their time in need.

    32. 1. For myself-I want to read the entire Bible before the end of this coming up Summer. I have an inspiration for this so I can tell more people about Jesus.
      2.For someone else-I would like for this person to quit being a Luke warm Christian and give her heart completely to the Lord.
      3.For the world-This involves me, to go on mission trips and inform more people about God and His works. I want to help out with the major fundraising such as helping those with the Christmas boxes to shipped to countries who normally don’t have Christmas.

    33. for this Christmas I wish to become closer to God ( I want to feel God! )
      I wish for my best friend a more peaceful life.
      And I wish this world ( the people ) stop believing in what “the man” says and start believing in the word of God.

    34. 1. Myself – Hoping to inspire people with what I do as a Social Networking Page Admin. To inspire them that a page made by you with a help of a couple friends to Admin with you can become the biggest page on a social network(Facebook)
      2. Someone else – My boyfriend, Dylan. He has cancer and It rips me apart knowing that he has a maximum amount of days to live. I wish to be the best girlfriend he has ever had.
      3. The World – Bobo-ness(stupidity) will soon be gone from all the idiots out there.

    35. 1. One wish for myself is that I’d learn to see what God and everyone else sees in me. I’ve struggled with feeling beautiful for so long. Many guys, my family, and the Bible have told me I am, but i can’t seem to get over what i see in comparison to what they see. I know am a gift from God and i am His creation alone – I need to start being that. I wish for my eyes to be opened and see what he has created.

      2. I have a friend who is obsessed with smoking. I mean obsessed, like 4-5 times a day, every single day. Whenever i bring it up she just turns it around and makes me feel like a bad friend. I want her to know that i am always there for her, but i really need God to open her eyes in someway to make her realize that she is so much more than this girl she is allowing herself to be.

      3. For the world? Well my parents are missionaries in Senegal, W. Africa. I was born and raised there my whole life. I have so many friends there, to think they will burn in hell… If i had one wish it would be for them to believe in Jesus and act on it in their daily lives. To be saved and going to heaven. I cant stand the thought of them in hell forever.

    36. 1. To be placed in my official status of “Animal Care” “Adult Volunteer” in deserts of the Indianapolis Zoo.

      2. For my little sister to see that she is beautiful and that having a disability is nothing to be ashamed of.

      3. For the world to realize that disaster is not God’s will…sometimes things just go badly.

      Merry Christmas Everyone!! 🙂

    37. Three Christmas wishes
      1) give presents to the kids in the adoption center
      2) Give food to homeless people
      4) parents at least 3 kids from around the world to help them out <3
      I really love helping others and the 3 wishes dont involve me at all … Seeing the kids , families and individuals smiling and being happy 🙂

    38. This Christmas I want to make someone else’s Christmas special in some way… maybe by volunteering, showing God’s love or through one of the gifts I give. I hope someone is specially touched. A wish I have for someone is for my mother and I would like her to have a change of heart. Unfortunately, sadly to say, she has been really bitter lately but I hope and I know God will heal her and take away that spirit of despair… and change her heart and have her dwell in peace and joy. One wish I have for the world is for the world to hear to Gospel. That as many souls as possible get saved, even this Christmas. And that through that may God use me as a instrument for his kingdom to spread the Good News.

    39. Alll i want for christmas is YOUUU! lol ok so

      For myself- i would like to find the joy of Jesus abundant in myself even when circumstances arrive that tempt me to feel otherwise.

      For someone else- I pray my uncle would find Jesus and accept Him into his heart.

      For the world-I pray that people would open their minds and hearts to Jesus this christmas and the joy He brings with his everlasting love.

    40. My 3 Christmas Wishes:

      1. For myself- to safely give birth-naturally to our first child, Noah, either on Christmas when I should be 37 weeks or after. (hopefully and God-willing not to give birth prematurely)
      2. For someone else- for my two brothers to find Christ and find joy and meaning in life in Him!
      3. For the World- to at least acknowledge God in their lives especially after the recent shooting. To realize our GREAT need for Him. And for us Christians in this world, not to blend in but to bold to speak and act in truth!

    41. 1. For myself, that when i got to public school next year (because i’m homeschooled right now) that I can be a great witness and never give up on God. That kids can see the Christ through me. 2. For someone else, my aunt has a strange cancer in her eye and is not a Christian but my mom has been talking to her so I wish that she can get better and God can show her the right path. 3. For the world, that we can come in peace and our world can turn back to God. That we can return to our Godly principals like we were founded on. and NO MORE ABORTIONS (:

    42. For myself – That my words and actions will reflect Christ + that I will always radiate & shine for Him.

      For someone else – That my family can get along as we celebrate Jesus’ birth in the coming days & just enjoy each others’ company in general, without any bickering or nonsense.

      For the world – That everyone’s thoughts and prayers continue to be with those involved with the Newtown, CT shooting + that our leaders will step up and do what’s right for our nation no matter the situation or circumstance.

    43. 1. Myself- I wish I could lead my friends Coltin, Autumn, and Makenzie to Christ.
      2. Someone else- My mom. I wish her AS would go away
      3. For the world- I wish God would take hold of the world and fix it.

    44. I am quite content with what God has blessed me with.

      My only wish is for a friend who has been having a very hard time, two years ago her dad admitted to cheating on her mother and he is not signing the divorce papers and until then she is not able to apply for Financial Aid (and he is not helping her with college tuition either). And on top of all that her aunt (mom’s sister) just passed away from cancer. I would love to use this opportunity to possibly get her money to help with college.

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