Cosmo Magazine’s May Issue is Utterly Shocking


    The May 2011 issue is the worst yet! Warning: I discuss some explicit material here in my latest Anti-Cosmo video. The purpose of this however is so that I can share my advice with young girls: This magazine has a negative and harmful message. Please respect your bodies and do not listen to Cosmo.

    Let’s make history and help thousands of girls across the country by writing letters to get Cosmo put in a plastic bag! Sign this petition!

    Once you’ve signed be sure to post it on Facebook to SPREAD THE WORD!!!

    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Thank you for actually encouraging girls to think about what they’re doing instead of just following whatever the culture tells them to. Thank you so much for being such a huge inspiration to us! You have no idea how awesome your website is.

    2. Nicole I am so with you!! I am one of those people who really hates modern “cool” things too. How did you find out cosmo was lying to their advertisers? You should tell them that;) oh u swore at one part too FYI

      • Hey Amata! I found out they were lying to advertisers by doing a lot of research and sure enough one day I came across a website that showed the edited version they send out to companies such as L’Oreal, Garnier, Oil of Olay, etc. They take out the most sexually explicit articles in case the advertisers wouldn’t want to advertise a page away from telling girls to have anal sex. Cosmo is so sick and wrong and hurting girls. So that’s why we’re going to get it in a plastic bag! Please share this video with many people to help spread the message!

    3. I believe it’s telling young teenagers that sex is the way to keep a guy, and they don’t have to value you, Young Girls forget how much God loves them and the crave attention from guys and Cosmo is telling them the wrong way to get it. I’d love to write to Cosmo and I am trying to do that right now.

      • Hey Lexie- for Cosmopolitan magazine here is their address, and for extra attention to make sure it gets on her desk, you can pay an extra 10-20$ for FedEx. Tell her you’re telling all your friends to stop buying it too because it’s gross and hurting us girls! Please let me know how it goes. And for anyone else reading this, please write them!

    4. I’ve heard from many Christian Women writers that when you do have sex with a guy, he will usually leave you because he got what he wanted. It’s very sad. Also, it’s a bonding thing. Chemicals are released and it bonds you and your partner together. A woman who came to my school to speak about abstinence got two pieces of paper(which were in the shape of people) and said, “Imagine these are two people. Bob and Betty. And they meet at a party. And they find out they have many things in common, including being naked. And then they go and have sex.” Then she grabbed some superglue and glued the paper people together. She left it there for about an hour as she talked about abstinence. And then she said, “Sex is bonding. Once you do it–” she ripped the paper people apart, and some of the pink for the girl were stuck on the blue for the boy, and vice versa–“it will be with you forever.” It’s very sad. I think young women like myself should stand up against Cosmo, Seventeen, Teen Vouge, YM, GL, and other magazines. They cannot tell us how to live, but they can influence us very much.

    5. That gross of what u told us, but I glad us try to help us that what their sending the message is wrong and that we need to stop them from sending message wrorse and might end up sue for it. Bye with LOVE God bless u.<3 🙂

    6. I have never read a Cosmo magazine (thank God!) I am 13 years old and there is no way you can just buy this where you can buy groceries. It should be in some adult store in the middle of nowhere. Or at least have an 18+ notice.

    7. Dear Nicole, Keep up the great job. You are doing the Lord’s work so you are on the battle field’s front-line. Will keep you in prayer. P.S. The n in my email address is for my daughter Nicole (3-3-64 – 1/27/91).

      • Hey Ann- My posing for Maxim in 2006 is exactly the reason I am fighting out against the objectification and oversexualization of women in the media. They treated me solely as a sex object, I didn’t get paid one dime for them using my pictures, and they still continue to run them this day without me gaining anything. It’s harmful to not only the woman posing, but all the girls that see this and think it’s normal. If it wasn’t for that experience, I wouldn’t be fighting against it like I am now. Does that make sense?

    8. Okay so I am having trouble trying to find out how to email you… so I guess I will just ask my question on here. Okay, so do you believe you should wait and have sex once you are married? Thats what I believe and I am not sure if thats exactly what you are saying. If it is, I personally think you should state that more clearly on your next anti-cosmo video.

    9. and wait. instructions on how to be a prostitute??!?!?! it’s about having sex with your PARTNER.
      Cosmo has very good sex tips, it does bug me that they act like every girl is straight but you obviously would be glad for that, because you can’t see on the other side of the taboos, and you’re turning everything into something sinful.
      I’ll say it once more. It’s for adult women. If a 13-14 year old girl is at the store near a Cosmo, she’s probably with a parent, right? And if her parents are worried they can just stop her from looking at it. We shouldn’t shield our children from info about sex as though it will hurt them though. That’s damaging in itself.

      • 1.) Instructions on how to be a prostitute=giving multiple sex tips that are very difficult (i.e. you would have to have a lot of experience)
        2.) Having sex with your partner? A huge part of this magazine is teaching girls to wait until marriage! Cosmo rarely (if ever) mentions waiting.
        3.) Nicole does not “turn everything into something sinful.” God tells us what is sinful, i.e. homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.
        4.) A parent cannot stop their child from seeing it at some point. When they do see it, how are they supposed to erase the sexually explicit titles and sensually dressed/posed models from their childrens’ minds?
        5.) We should sheild our children from sex. When was the last time you saw a six year old who knew all about it?
        6.) Sex can hurt them. It can be damaging, and it almost always is if it is outside marriage.
        Please let me know what you think!

    10. This is so true. Everytime I go to the supermarket or any convenience store I see that awful magazine with sexually explicit words right on the cover in big letters for everyone to see. It offends me not only as a Christian but a member of the female gender that all that magazine is concerned about is if we can “please” our man or not. As if we have nothing better to contribute to the world.

    11. O my gosh yes! thank you! i have four sisters and they all like to read cosmo. i picked it up one time out of curiosity, opened to a random page, and nearly through the magazine down. it was sick! how are they even allowed to print that kind of stuff?! and look this is coming from an 18 yr old girl. im so disgusted with the mind set these people are trying to force on girls.

    12. I love what you’re doing here, Nicole. This is an awesome site, and it’s great to see a christian girl stand up for what she believes in. Too many ‘christians’ don’t act like it.

      Your website has inspired me. For a very long time, I’ve been so frustrated with what’s going on in the world. This site has inspired me to start a blog with my opinions on it all, and maybe open parents eyes to what their kids are around.


      • Hey Lauren- I checked out your blog, very good! Keep going and writing- you will help other girls too! I’m so happy you found this site inspiring, that’s our goal! Also you’ll love the magazine which we’re developing and will be out the end of the year! God Bless and have a great weekend 🙂

    13. Thank you for sending a positive message out there! Espically in the fashion industry because soooo many young girls look at the fashion industry and they want to be like that! Thank you for setting yourself apart! God bless <3

    14. What a horrible magazine.
      And it’s so true what you said Nicole, about girls bodies being temples. God tells us to honor our bodies, and that our bodies are a temple for the holy spirit.

    15. Audrey: not all fashion magazines are like that. Teen Vogue is actuallly a positive, fun magazine, and GL is appropriate for even the smallest child. You just think that because there is ONE worldly fashion mag out there, they are all just like that. this shows profound ignorance and judgementalness on your part. GL even encourages girls to wait. please dont judge ALL mags just vecause there is one bad one.

    16. hey nicole!
      I love your site, it’s super beast that you’re taking a stand against this stuff.
      I just want to remind you to not get to caught up in this, the thing is that the stuff of this world will pass. Our responsibility is to love the sinners like Jesus loved us, and share with them the good news!
      I know that cosmo is wrong, but I don’t believe that we’re called to concern ourselves with things of this world, and our energy and time would be better spent dedicated to bringing young girls and young men to christ’s forgiveness and truth. Instead of dwelling in the sins of this world, were called to live above it, love supernaturally, give abundantly, and follow unconditionally. If ms.cosmogirl would like to encourage 66 sex moves, that’s fine, you have-with your passion- a priceless oportunity to give her the love jesus gave you on the cross. If doing a campaign against her work is the best way to show her that love then i’ll be the first to stand behind you all the way…. but i just don’t see Jesus doing that.
      Have a wonderful evening, and I love you as a sister in christ!

      • Hey Izzi- thank you for your encouraging note, I am fighting against this magazine so it can be sold in a plastic bag so young girls won’t read explicit sex tips. I feel like it’s my moral obligation and another way to serve God by fighting against this magazine. 🙂

    17. Totally agree with the entire anti-Cosmo project. The media needs to be careful about what teenage girls (and younger!) are able to access. So many wonder why teenage girls are so insecure; or wanting to be so much like what they see in magazines. I think it’s amazing that you created an entire project against all of this! 🙂

    18. thank you nicole. I am praying that this gross magazine gets in a plastic bag. or better yet, goes away altogether!!! my mom and I watched this video and we were so shocked. shocked that the world encourages this crap and thinks that it’s ok. It’s not ok!!! I can’t wait for it to go in a plastic bag.
      Also sad that Hayley Williams was on the cover. She once sang in her church youth group. I was a HUGE fan of her, but now… I just hope she doesn’t give herself away to the world. 🙁

    19. This is terrible!!! I am most willing to help try and stop this. It gets so frustrating at times because I am probably the most old fashioned/ modest 16 year old girl on the planet and my older sister is just the opposite so some people need to realize the help can start in the home or with close friends and family. Thanks so much Nicole you are a gifted girl from God and I hope I can someday personally thank you for everything you are doing! God Bless!

    20. Wow, funny how you look almost exactly like a cosmo girl. Funny how its a pretty girls slaming other pretty girls. Agreed we don’t want young girls having sex outside of marriage due to pressure but that is a converstation that starts at home. A value of your self starts at home. Where is the not judging others? How do you know its not all married women trying things with their husbands? And if there are people have sex outside of marriage where is the not judging them first. I love the comso girl look alike dissing comso. Wow pot here is the kettle.

      • She can’t help how she looks! She can however, choose to wear modest clothes, unlike the models in cosmo. You dont see her taking interviews about her sex life and giving tips to everyone about how to please her man. You are the one judging- just because Nicole is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s a cosmogirl… unlike them her beauty is not fake!!!

    21. Apparently there are a bunch of jerks on there… I posted 2 times in a row. (I’m the one who lectured them.) If you don’t like or agree with the video, don’t click on it!!! It’s that simple!

    22. I love everything youre saying and stand for ! I’m writing a college paper on how harmful Cosmo magazine is to young women’s images of themselves and this is the perfect source ! So glad somebody is finally speaking up

    23. uhh….ohh i would like to have permission to use one of your pictures to make a page on fb so more and more people can see your wonderfull webpage..i hope you dont mind since its helping u and others

    24. Dear Nicole,
      This magazine it harming my family, especially my nine year old brother.
      I will quickly ask my mother for permission to sign this petition. I went to a purity meeting ( Lisa Bevere’s book Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry) recently and your videos are opened my eyes.
      Thank you for all you do.

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