Anti-Cosmo Press Release Goes Out – Warning! Explicit Content in This Article!!!

    Girls. I am so excited. The mission I embarked on with you when I launched this site is finally officially getting the major exposure that’s going to change the way Cosmo is marketed!

    We all know that Cosmo magazine unashamedly markets to teen girls. They insist in their press kits that their audience is 18-year-olds and over, yet they redesigned the magazine to target younger readers, the former editor-in-chief even ADMITS that they market to underage girls, and they put models on their cover who appeal primarily to teens (for example, stars of shows that only teens watch and everyone knows it!).

    Finally, this month they dug their grave by putting underage actress Dakota Fanning on the cover.

    I know they have the right to print the pornographic tips they want to print, however it is illegal to market these sex tips to minors. That is a crime, and that is what this whole mission is about. If the magazine is for adults, then let it be sold only to adults.

    This is the responsible thing to do. As an older sister, a friend, a Christian leader, and someday (I pray) a mother, I feel it is my duty to protect young eyes from the pornographic cover lines and sex tips within. Let’s get the magazine covered in a non-transparent wrapper and sold to adults only. Kids today are exposed to enough sexual content. They don’t need to be bombarded with it when they accompany their parent to the store.

    Read the press release below and, if you still don’t believe me, just look at the pages ripped from a recent issue (I had to block out some text…I’m not going to expose my Project Inspired girls to porn tips!).

    I’m doing a flurry of interviews over the next few days. I hope you click in to my Facebook page and “like” it. I will be linking to all the transcripts and podcasts of the interviews as they become available. God bless, Girls!

    Successful Model Leading Movement to Prevent Cosmopolitan Magazine from Aggressively Marketing Sex to Minors

    Nicole Weider’s Petition

    Seeks FTC Requirement that Cosmo Be Sold Only to Adults

    Los Angeles, CA—Overtly adult content requires that publications be sold in non-transparent wrappers to consumers over the age of 18. Yet Cosmopolitan, with cover articles featuring graphic sexuality has snuck under the radar, claiming that its publication is targeted to readers who are of age.

    Model Nicole Weider is leading a movement asserting that the publication is actively targeting minors. 17-year-old Dakota Fanning is on the current cover, alongside a cover line, “Too Naughty to Say Here. But you HAVE to try this Sex Trick.” Disney favorite, 19-year-old Selena Gomez, is reported as an upcoming cover model. Weider asks, if the magazine is not targeting an underage audience, why are teen heroines on the cover?

    Weider’s campaign demands that Cosmopolitan be sold in a non-transparent wrapper to adults only to prevent children from buying and reading material inappropriate for their development. The petition already has gained over 20,000 signatures since its launch, and can be viewed at

    “We are not asking Cosmopolitan to change their content,” explains Weider. “We simply want them to take responsibility for it. They say it’s for adults, so let them sell it only to adults.”

    The American Psychological Association’s 2010 study titled “Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls” suggests that sexual images of girls in the media is harming and impeding healthy development, self-image and body-image, and is linked to common mental health problems including eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression.

    The campaign began on her website,, but the response from girls negatively affected by the publication was so great the petition was created.

    Weider explains, “In recent issues Cosmo has urged readers to sext, participate in anal sex, accept cheating boyfriends, have public sex, try three-somes, and visit pornographic websites with the URLS conveniently provided.

    “With our petition, we simply ask that Cosmo admit its content is not appropriate for young girls, stop putting teens on the cover and wrap the magazine in a non-transparent wrapper. If you aren’t marketing to teen girls, then this request shouldn’t be an issue.”

    Download the full APA report here:

     [Images: Cosmopolitan Magazine]
    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


    1. Thank You Nicole for all of your hard work!

      If you want to read a magazine like Cosmo, I say go for it – totally your decision. What I am NOT okay with is bringing my kids to the grocery store to buy a gallon of milk and having Cosmo right smack dab in their face. Our local Lucky Supermarket has Cosmo front and center at the checkout, right at my 8 year old girl’s eye level. Just last month, my daughter learned about ’100 Best Sex Tips of the Year’ and ‘The Fierce Sex Every Couple Must Try’ and ‘When He Shouldnt See You Naked’ and ‘Sh*t My Guy Says’. She has to try very hard NOT to look, as she now reads and understand­s that the cover alone expresses many sensitive topics that are developmen­tally inapproria­te and can be damaging to a child her age. At least we have the choice to turn off the t.v. at home… I guess we have the choice of where to shop too, but I hope that Cosmo will be censored at the grocery stores very soon. No self respecting parent with young children would ever justify this garbage being shown to their kids.

    2. Another thing that frustrates me is that this porn article says in its first sentence that the fact that all men watch porn is “one of life’s CERTAINTIES, practically right up there with death, taxes, and cellulite.” Excuse me, Cosmo, but I personally really don’t want a man who watches porn, and I find it an upsetting idea that we should assume that our boyfriends watch it, and that we women just need to accept that and move on, or even start watching it with them! It’s gross and addictive, as most people know, and I’m not a fan of Cosmo putting that in their magazine for women to read,let alone teenagers or kids who might pick it up!………Ok, thanks. I just had to get that off my chest.

      • amen!! God says to stay away from porn for a reason. it pulls people down and destroys lives. and it is not and will never be acceptable for men to watch porn. when women make it okay for men to watch porn, and watch it with them, america has truly turned into a new Sodom and Gomorrah. we’d better repent, or watch out for God’s wrath 🙁

      • So true. Even though there are alot of guys that watch pornography, it’s a generalization to say that they ALL do, and I agree, they’re normalizing it as though it’s okay. Pornography is gross and addictive, and learning about it from the wrong places doesn’t help either. If only they really understood the truth, they wouldn’t publish that type of stuff, or try to market it to young girls! Secular society tries to normalize all kinds of evil, but we mustn’t fall for it, or else we will fall further from God, and that’s sad for anyone.

        • If I new that the guys I was dating was watching porn while dating me i would say, “forget it.” No girl should date a guy who isn’t satisfied. I mean, you date a person and become boyfriend and girlfriend because you love them. That guys mustn’t love you if he has to watch pornography to be happy.

    3. can anybody say SIN??? Pornography is not okay, it’s a sin sin sin!! it’s awful that cosmo is saying that it’s “normal” and accepted and expected for guys to watch porn. it’s not!! and it’s not normal or accepted nor expected for girls either! it’s a horrible, evil addiction. take it from me, as i know it’s power firsthand. it ruins lives. Cosmo is an EVIL, SINFUL magazine and shouldn’t be read by anyone!! this upsets me sooo much Nicole :'(


    5. Im so glad we are close. Ive truned the cosmo magazines backwards in the stores for months now. People are starting to ask. I show them whats inside and how the kids can read this stuff (i mean its right at eye level) and a couple decided to write letters. And I gave some the web address and they said they would sign the petition. It makes me upset when people write comments defending the magazine. They obviously dont understand our goal here… And I believe cosmo should be put on a bag and only sold to ADULTS which is who they say they target (like you target adults with teenage girls and “sides of them you never knew”) ugh gross

    6. I hate Cosmopolitan. The fact that they put teen actors/actresses/singers is absolutely degraded and disgusting (Plus, if Selena Gomez appears on the next cover, all of my little sisters are going to literally cry). These people are perverted. If you read down at the bottom of paragraph four, it says that once people become a group of others doing the same thing, they feel better about it. If you feel guilty about doing just about anything, DON’T DO IT!!!! This makes my blood boil…

    7. At some stores that sell magazines at the front counter, usually like Publix, there is a flap over the Cosmo magazines to block the cover–at least they’re being courteous. In other places though, it’s clearly visible, visible to children too. Although stores like Publix have a section just for magazines and periodicals. I wonder if any of those magazines are innapropriate, and if they are, are they all hidden, or are some/all of them visible? Just thinking.

    8. Nicole!
      I am so happy right now!!! I was reading an article on about this movement, she was obviously against this whole “fiasco” but i am just so happy!
      I mean if people are starting to oppose us then it means that God’s working and working fast and Satan is afraid!!!!

      Because this is movement is spreading like fire now! Praise God for being so awesome! I can’t wait when God is going to make that woman on shut up, because i know that He will.

    9. Thank-you. It’s about time. It’s hard enough being a woman with all the other types of media out there telling us ‘how to be’, ‘how to look’, bla bla bla. This is one step forward. Be it a small one, yes, but one none-the-less. I hate walking into a grocery store and being bombarded with these magazines! It’s simply NOT FAIR. However, that is another topic. Targeting underage girls is the topic right? This shouldn’t even be an issue, but IT IS! Why stop at targeting women my age? They just HAVE to go farther and shove it down these young girls’….CHILDREN’S, throats. This makes me sick. It is NOT okay to slap these young girls’ role models on the covers of these magazines and promote these lifestyles. NOT OK! The LEAST Cosmo Girl can do is censor their “entertainment” and “tips”. This is pollution. Period. Again, thank-you for your hard work. I am completely behind this 100000000000000000000%

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