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Are Inspiring Teen Voices in the Media Important?

Sad news, girls: L.A. Youth, a school newspaper entirely produced by teens, for teens, in the Los Angeles area, published its final issue this month due to financial troubles.

The inspiring newspaper was published for 25 years and had an actual office, circulation system and a readership of around 400,000. Printed six times a year, the paper featured first-person accounts by young people who were writing about themselves and the world around them, including their communities, families and cultures. It had both serious stories (about undocumented immigrants, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and school budget cuts) and lighter stuff like art and cafeteria lunch reviews.

The news of L.A. Youth’s closing got us to thinking: How many other publications exist that are entirely teen-run? How important do you think it is for teens to hear other teen voices in the media? Said one L.A. Youth contributor, “I was basically invisible in high school, but after my stories people noticed me…I’m not as shy or intimidated as I was before.” Have you ever had an experience speaking out for something you’re passionate about? Did it make you feel more confident?

Let us know how you feel teens are represented in the media, what kind of teen voices you’d like to see in the media, and anything else in the comments below!

Source: LA Times

Image: Los Angeles Times


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  1. Paris

    Posted by Paris on January 24, 2013 at 22:08

    It is very important that teens can hear other teens. We have a lot of good and smart things to say,and we don’t just attract negative attention. Teens need to lift others teens up and provide accurate information from their prospective.

  2. Project Inspired

    Posted by Beyounique on January 24, 2013 at 18:03

    I have a blog (theleadingfollower.wordpress.com), and I really want to use the social media to reach out to teens. With as much time as teens spend on the internet, I believe it is important to reach out to them where their comfortable. I am still trying to grow it and would appreciate it, if you would check it out,

  3. HurricaneMurphGirl

    Posted by HurricaneMurphGirl on January 24, 2013 at 13:32

    One of the reasons I like magazines like Teen Ink is that it’s actually written BY teens. It’s not older people trying to write for teens, it’s teens writing for teens. It’s neat to read articles written by people like me, who love what they’re doing, and are in a similar place in life as I am. It’s very sad that this newspaper is shutting down. We need more newspapers and magazines that are well written and designed, BY teens- not just for teens.