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Catch Nicole in Catching Faith 2 now on DVD and streaming!


    Are You Bored and Want Some New and Creative Ways to Have Fun? Look Here!

    I love this article by a Project Inspired girl, Addy Garner! 🙂

    Use this list to fight away your summer boredom! These are great ways to have an awesome time — great for youth groups, school clubs or just a group of friends!

    9 Fun Things to Put on Your Summer To-Do List

    • 1. Nerdsville

    This is a wacky activity that will get lots of laughs! Make sure you bring a camera! Everyone in your group must dress up as a “nerd” (shorts and long socks, taped glasses, etc.) and go about the town.

    • 2. Park hopping

    Park hopping is really simple, but loads of fun and best yet, FREE! Write a list of all the parks in your area. Go to each park and set a timer for 15 minutes. You must try everything in the park (slides, swings, etc.) When there’s one minute left, someone in the group must announce, “1 minute warning!” Everyone must be in the car with seat belts on before the timer goes off. This is loads of fun for youth groups and/or families.

    • 3. The autograph game

    In this game you must go about the town collecting autographs, treating each person you meet like a movie star. Sample approach: “Hello, Sir! Could I have your autograph please?” Don’t forget an autograph book and pen! The team with the most autographs wins!

    • 4. Backyard camping

    This is a fun and easy one that you’ll remember for years! Go about gathering normal camping stuff (tent or bed sheet, s’mores supplies, sleeping bags, etc.) and have a camp out in your very own backyard!

    • 5. Get help redesigning your room

    A little rearranging can go a long way! Do you have some old furniture that’s taking up too much space? Perhaps you’re sick of those old decorations. Here are some things you can do: 1) Borrow some decorations from a friend and change up your room a little bit. 2) Sell your old furniture on E-bay or have a yard sale! 3) Got some old paint in the garage? Ask your mom if you can use it to paint your room.

    • 6. Have a mani-pedi party

    All it takes is some hand cream and nail polish for a night of pampering!

    • 7. Make a mini-movie

    Direct a movie starring all your friends and neighbors. Then, have a viewing party with everyone plus your families!

    • 8. Food fight!

    Ask all your friends to bring over a bag of the nastiest, stickiest foods they can find in the back of their cabinets (sauerkraut, canned fruit, spaghetti O’s, etc.) and have a food fight in your backyard. I would definitely involve your parents in this, too, to make sure you pick safe foods (and ones that weren’t supposed to be part of your dinner!) and for picking the easiest spot for post-food fight clean up!

    • 9. Go summer caroling!

    Who says it has to be Christmas to go caroling?! This one is sure to get a lot of confused glances from strangers passing by.

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