Are You Holding Resentment For Another Person? Read This!

    Forgiveness. It’s something that’s sometimes hard to give out. However, I am hear to tell you that it should not be difficult at all.

    Our Savior hung on a tree after men nailed Him onto it. They nailed His loving hands that healed many, gave sight to the blind and touched nations. They nailed His precious feet that walked on water and walked hundreds of miles to spread His Father’s Good News. Despite all of this, He forgave them.

    How amazing is that? Just the thought of it blows my mind. He’s going through excruciating pain for all of our sins, and He forgives them. What an amazing example to follow!

    Everyone at some point gets hurt and everyone at some point hurts someone else. I was hurt badly in my eighth grade year. No one should have to go through what I went through. Middle school girls can be hurtful and mean. Words were spat out, harassment went on and things were said that should never ever have been said.

    I find myself reliving certain moments from eighth grade over and over again. Because of this time in my life, trusting people is beyond difficult for me. I am extremely self-conscious because of these girls. But, I’ve held on to my past for too long.

    About a month ago I realized that I needed to forgive these people. But how? Forgive them for all that they did to me? Every word, every action? I felt like they put me through so much, I couldn’t possibly forgive them! It seemed like the most difficult thing in the world.

    It wasn’t.

    If this world had more forgiveness, would there be so much hate? Would there be war? Would there be fear and worry? Why is it so hard for us to forgive when our Master showed us that it’s so simple?

    Letting go of that year and looking forward was a huge and hard step, but I did it with God at my side. The feeling of peace and love immediately came over me. Whether they know it or not, I have forgiven them.

    The purpose of this is not to glorify myself in any way. It’s to simply let you know that forgiveness needs to take place in our lives every day. It’s something that as Christians we need to demonstrate and show people — that with forgiveness, love comes out of it.

    I want so badly to bring people to Christ and show them the amazing forgiveness of God. I need to set an example to those people by throwing hate and sin out of my life and taking in forgiveness and love.

    Prayer is what I ask for. It’s the only way to true forgiveness and grace. By changing our lives we can help change the lives of others. The thought of that brings a smile to my face.

    Can you imagine how many lives we can save just by forgiveness? I pray that you can change your life and forgive those who have hurt you and ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt. The outcome is breathtaking. Follow in the steps of your Savior and forgive no matter how difficult.

    Forgiveness, pass it on.

    ~Tabytha Smith


    1. Great article. I understand about bullies in middle school. Also for me, especially 8th grade, I have a lot of bad memories that shaped the self-conscious self I am today. I still hold some resentment. Also, currently, I hold a lot of resentment towards the boy who just broke up with me. I need to forgive them all, and I think I will feel a lot better.

    2. wow! Tabytha, you are a really great writer! Your writing style felt to personal. Almost like something I would say to myself. Keep writing! You have a wonderful message. Forgiveness was something I thought I was good at, but you’ve challenged me 🙂

    3. Thanks very much for this article, it’s great! It makes me so happy to see people out there wanting to become as Christ and loving the Lord and sharing the word to the girls that just need to know they are loved. Forgiveness can be difficult and it is amazing how much God loves us and that he always forgives. The great thing about God is that you can always just start over and and keep moving forward. With him all things are possible and he has given me the strength and the heart to love and forgive when it isn’t easy. So thanks again and God Bless, you will be in my prayers. 🙂

    4. Forgiving people is extremely hard for me, but I know I have to do it. Even though I may not be friends with these people, but I can still forgive them. I have been hurt very badly, by many of my family members, but I know I have to forgive them. Not just because their family, but because God forgives me like 600 times a day. It’s the least I can do to forgive the people who have hurt me. Thanks for this, Nicole! 🙂

    5. Forgiveness isnt an easy thing to give i can totally relate to this story my biological father did something horrible to me as a baby, i found out at 7 and it took me 7 years to forgive him and im still not sure i fully forgive him

    6. thank you so much for this!!!!!! I thought that I would be mad for ETERNITY for the boy who kept spreading nasty rumors about me, making fun of me to my face, and now, as I read this, I decided it was time to let go of it. Thank you so much!!!!! Please be praying for me as I forgive those who have hurt me in the past. Not just about him, but for everyone else who has hurt me.

    7. It’s so hard to forgive though. I have tried to forgive my father, and now I’m working on my step-mother, after they abused my brothers and I emotionally; but it is so hard. All of this resentment has built up inside of me for years that now I feel like I can’t let it go. I read the article, but do you have any other adivce?

    8. I just don’t know how to forgive him for all the things he said about me behind my back. I know I NEED to forgive him,but all of a sudden he wants to be friends when he hasn’t even apoligized for all the terrible things he said. He spread a rumor that I’m a liar and other stuff, and called me so many bad things. And he didn’t even have the courage to say it to my face. I need to forgive him, and I constantly pray about it, but I just don’t know how to let go…. I’m so scared that he’s going to hurt me again…

    9. Yeah, I am kind of bitter towards this one guy because he would text me and flirt with me and I thought it was all just harmless fun and I was telling one of my other friends about it and he informed me that this guy had a girlfriend. I felt so bad for flirting with another girl’s boyfriend and it just made me feel so disgusted with that guy because why would he do that when he has a girlfriend? That happened close to last year, but I still hold that bitterness towards him in my heart and I never really thought about it today, but now that that is revealed to me, I know I have to forgive him. I don’t want to, but I will. I will pray for him and for myself that I won’t hold any bitterness towards him anymore and that I will just have the love of Christ for him.

      • IK the feeling; something extremely similar to your situation actually happened to ME only a couple years ago. Praying for you and the guy; stay strong. Try to let go of the bitterness; bitterness is, as the old adage says, like “swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.” Don’t let Satan have his way; that’s what he wants. In my case, things were slightly more mutual, and I had a much, much harder time forgiving MYSELF rather than just the guy, but it CAN be done. I’ll be here if it’s still an issue; IK this was a while back, lol.

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