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Are You Spiritually Lazy?

We think of spiritual laziness as unwillingness to pick up our Bibles or pray. We know we should, yet we don’t actually DO what we know would benefit us. But spiritual laziness actually applies to any kind of laziness! If we’re lazy in one area of our lives, there is a good chance we’re lazy in another, too. This is particularly the case when we’re being lax about our time spent with God, because our spiritual condition affects every other part of our lives.

It might seem like the solution is to read and pray more, but those actions only transform us when our hearts are aligned with the Lord. If we don’t see laziness for what it is—a spiritual struggle—we’ll lapse right back into it when life gets busy.


Laziness Is a Spiritual Condition

Laziness is one of those “pet sins” we keep around because it’s so harmless—funny, even. We joke about napping all day and being late, but are these things really characterizing our lives? Are we choosing comfort over discipline?

Discipline might sound like a scary word, but it simply means we’re teaching ourselves to do the hard thing. Breaking laziness requires seeing it for what it is: a spiritual problem. To solve it, we need a spiritual solution. We need the transforming power of God!

We don’t need to read and pray because “that’s what we should do”; we need to read and pray because it invites God’s presence into our lives and helps us live effectively for Him!


Laziness Takes Many Forms

Being lazy isn’t just for couch potatoes. You can be lazy but look very busy! When we use procrastination and distraction to avoid big tasks, we’re taking on a form of laziness—even though we’re technically “doing” something.

We do this a lot with our devotional time, don’t we? We do all the other chores and tasks ahead of us instead of simply sitting down with the Lord. I know I’m guilty of this! Laziness can take many forms, and we need to recognize the model we’re prone to using. By knowing your own weakness, you can discern when it’s time to ask for God’s strength, deny yourself and do the hard thing ahead of you.


To Overcome Laziness, Tap Into Your Purpose

Laziness is easy; that’s why we choose it. To overcome it, we must grasp that hard things in life are part of our eternal purpose in this world. Each time we choose discipline, honor, stewardship and obedience, we’re living out our call to know God and make Him known. How you handle the responsibilities on your plate is an opportunity to showcase the glory of God!

When we choose laziness, we not only feel worse (purposeless, without momentum), but also miss an opportunity to reveal God’s strength and wisdom as it plays out in our lives. At the beginning, you’ll probably have to take action before your emotions catch up. You’ll have to get up, get out of bed, turn off the TV, put away your phone and tackle the thing God is calling you to do. But as you do so, you’ll be surprised by how much purpose life possesses! Laziness cheats us by keeping us still. When we get up for God, abundant life becomes as real as Jesus described.

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  1. realmisslq

    Posted by realmisslq on June 25, 2017 at 10:34

    This is pretty much what I’ve been dealing with for the past couple of months. When you finally get up & take action with the Word, life changes for the better! ^.^ Great article! <3