Attention Girls! Please Sign the Petition Below Because Every Decision Maker Gets Your Signature In an Email! STOP COSMO!

    Ask everyone you know to sign the Anti-Cosmo petition I started on, and email Kate White directly to put it in a bag to prevent young girls reading porno sex tips, you can email her here demanding her to stop selling Cosmo to minors! I get about 2,000 visitors a day on here so if every one of you signs it and gets your mom and dad to sign it- this will snowball and get HUGE!! Make a difference NOW and let’s blow up all of their inboxes!


    Comment here if you signed, and if you got anyone else to sign!




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    Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. Today, Nicole is an active wife, mom, producer, actress and author and has made it her mission to share her personal story, the bright moments and the challenges, with young women around the world.


        • very optimistic, but thats also probably been said about Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears and everyone else. i sincerely hope so, and i pray that she is

        • If that were me… I would NEVER let my face be next to “100 BEST SEX TIPS OF THE YEAR.” Or any other of that naked gunk, trashy stuff, and disgusting language. No. Way.

        • UGH! this makes me so sad!! WHY!!! this not only hurts women! but guys extremely!!! I hate seeing my brothers in Christ struggling with following God due to easy accessible porn and sexual garbage!!

        • It’s not like she’s writing what’s in the magazine. She’s a rising star and this is for publicity. Relax. I honestly wish more women would cover up for this type of thing instead of thinking they have to be nude for every photo shoot.

    1. … 100 great sex tips? Wow… how original. I bet it’s less awkward if you’re trying to figure it out with someone you love, like your husband, rather than a different guy every night. Please acknowledge my sarcasm when I say I applaud their originality.

      I just feel like it’d be more fun to figure it out with one special person. Instead of having so many different partners that you’ve become bored?

      This just influences promiscuous behavior. Why don’t they educate us on what could happen instead?

      Again, while Marie Clair does have a sexual area of it’s magazine, they’re not obsessive. I love how it has stories about empowering women, different women from all over, and strong women.

      Either way, I love how you’ve shown me that it’s okay to dislike this magazine, and that I dislike it for all the right reasons. I can say first hand that it provides a lot of pressure.

    2. In biblical times, girls were ofeten married having children at the ages of 13, 14, and 15. So, in my mind, Cosmo is actually bringing us closer to Jesus’ time, in turn bringing closer to Jesus and God. BOOM!

      • Unless you actually getting married, (which I wouldn’t advise at age 15!), then its not really bringing us closer to Jesus’ time. Anyway, going closer to His time wouldn’t necessarily bring us closer to Him.

        • um, Cosmo isnt saying “get married at 13 and have a pure relationship” its more about hookups and how to please a guy, which is NOT bringing us closer to God in anyway. plus, Jesus’ time was a world away. there is no going back to that. back then, girls were raised in a society that taught and prepared them to be married then. they also had a shorter average life span, and so getting married earlier was vital to keep the family line. now, girls are not ready or mature enough to be married that young, no matter what they think. i see girls get married in high school or immediately after, and i cant help but think that they are way too young and immature to really know what they are getting into

      • You shouldn’t say Boom! As if your slamming someone. It makes it sound as if your opinion is the only one that is right and the only one that counts. Times have Changed and I feel it’s for the better because these days 13,14′ and 15 year olds can’t support a baby and for the mental sanity, don’t need to.

      • Just because people were getting married at that age doesn’t make it what God wanted. He never said what a right or wrong age was. Cosmo encourages girls of all ages to give themselves up for guys, and it feeds us the lie that all we are are sex objects for our boyfriends. Is that what you think getting closer to God is all about?

        • Sorry. I hit the wrong reply button. I meant that reply for the person above you. This is what I Meant to say to you. I’ve read Cosmo and it never says anything about giving yourself up to your boyfriend. In fact it tells you that of your not in the mood or not ready for sex you should tell him and not do it. I have also never heard it say that we ate all sex objects for our boyfriends.

    3. I signed! And I am getting all my friends at my school to sign it. I go to an amazing Christian school. I could get 50 more girls interested and maybe even teachers, then maybe they could get their families too? Let’s hope! Ripple Effect! (:

      • yes PLEASE! do that. THat just got me thinking- I should create a flyer on here that you girls can print out, and post at school, on the streets, wherever to spread the word about the Anti-Cosmo mission. Please tell everyone you know to sign it, because their signature COUNTS. thanks Morgan so much!!

    4. Although Adele is on the cover of the magazine it does not mean she has any part in that particular article. She may not have known shed be sharing the cover with something that scandalous. I love Adele, and I also love the idea to have this petitioned.

    5. Adele is a beautiful person and artist. She is definitely an inspiration of mine. I know she does not support the demeaning messages in this magazine and am sure she is only there for her article. I don’t, however, support Cosmopolitan and think it’s fantastic that this petition has been created. Way to go, Nicole!

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