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    Hey!! So to tell you a bit about myself... I love a lot of things.. I have many interests.. and I love most everyone. So don't be shy! I am an open book. For one, I love reading. A good novel will always get me excited, especially if it has an edgy twisting plot with some kind of desperate romantic swell of emotion that overwhelms you. My favorite author is Ted Dekker. I love to write. Its like my passion and I hope to be an author. So if you and I have any of these in common, you are immediately my best friend! Anyways, most of all, I love God and hope everything I do reflects his love. I also want to work in missions as well. I want to show people God's love in anyway I can. From a heartwarming, thought-provoking story... to listening with an open mind and heart... or just being there as a friend and sister in Christ... helping those in need. I love to make new friends and would love to be able to talk! https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.pal.37?ref=tn_tnmn Friend me!