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About AnaBear

Hey beautiful ladies! I figured it was about time I edited this. I'm Ana (friends call me Ana-bear or Ana-bee). I'm a crazy girl with big opinions and I am so beyond grateful to have found (my gorgeous, wonderful adopted sister) Nicole and Project Inspired through a close friend of mine! I am a conservative Roman Catholic IN LOVE with my faith after years and years of studying different aspects of it. I love traveling and studying other cultures and religions--I hope to go to Israel next year and Eastern Europe later this year--I love music and animals. I hail from Hawaii originally and my mom's a photographer so I'm also fond of modeling and acting. I hope to be an equine vet someday...or an apologetic, or linguist, or actress or psychologist... (who knows!?) I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life! Love you girls! <3

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