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My name is Elizabeth, but you can call my Liz if you life. I'm currently 18 and attending Johnson and Wales University for Culinary Arts. I like singing, I did my church choir for 14 years and miss it terribly. I also dance, write, and take pride in finding clothes that I know suit me well but reflect who I am. Guess it's a hobby or something. But I'm still finding my way, trying to pray every morning and every night before I go to bed. Sadly it's hard to get to mass at school since there is not a church nearby. But for now (until my car gets up here) I will pray everyday until I can get myself to one. Anyways, it's been forever since I've been in here and I am glad to be on again, especially away at school I need this community to keep me grounded and focused on what's at task, being close to God again.

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