Ask Olivia

    Got a question about boys, your besties or God? I'm here to help! As the girl all my friends always came to for advice, I've turned my girl talk, level-headedness and love of Jesus into a job -- one I love because I was a teen not long ago, too! Click into Ask Olivia in our Girl Talk Forums to ask me a question!

    “Help! I’m Not Sure if My Boyfriend Is Turning Me Toward God or Away From My Friends!”

    Are you concerned that your boyfriend is trying to turn you away from your friends? Find out what Olivia suggests.

    “Help! I Struggle With Lust. How Do I Stop?”

    Do you struggle with lust? Find out what Olivia suggests!

    “Help! I’m Self-Conscious About My Looks!”

    Do you have a physical feature that you're embarrassed about? Is it ruining your life? Find out what Olivia suggests!

    “Should I Share My Sexual Past With My Boyfriend?”

    Are you wondering if you should share your sexual past with your boyfriend? Find out what Olivia suggests!

    “Help! My Crush Is Pulling Me Away From God!”

    So there is this guy I like. And he is a major farm boy type. And we have gotten closer. And I found out...

    “Help! My ‘Ex’-Friend Is Causing Me Anxiety! What Should I Do?”

    Are you dealing with a toxic friendship that's causing you sadness and anxiety? Find out what Olivia suggests.
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