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Hi! I am a high school junior/college student (dual enrolled). I play flute in marching band and concert band and tenor sax and piano in jazz band. I can also play guitar and ukulele. I really enjoy music. What I love most about music is using it to praise and worship God. I have played softball since I was 7, volleyball since I was 13, and competitive weightlifting since I was 13. I have a bunny rabbit named Cocoa. I absolutely adore him! I have been through a lot with him including helping him through an injury which left him unable to walk for 5 weeks. I witnessed God do a miracle when he healed him after this injury. I have been a Christian for my most of my life but throughout 2013 I re-devoted my life to God. I also felt God giving me a passion for the lost and hurting and calling me to be a missionary, but I'm still in the dark about how he's planning my future.

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