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About Baine

Hello mate! I'm Baine. Not me real name of course, but a pirate never gives out her secrets! Aye, that's right, I'm a pirate. Me profile picture is of me and me mum. And aye, I'm a Christ-follower. Been one since I was nine, quite a while. Let's see, a few thin's about meself. I like to pillage and plunder. Well, not really, but dressin' up and makin' people smile is one of me favorite activities. I dress up as an elf too, Lord of the Rin's elf. Though we don't call it "dressin' up" in me group, we call it roleplay-cosplayin'. Anywho, I've got to be goin'. May the good Lard bless yer soul. -- Baine Telrunya

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