Lauren Pearson

    The Lord is my driving motivation through life. There's no greater reason to truly try your best. It's all to glorify Him. I want to use my talents for God and make a difference in this world somehow. I also LOVE writing. I'm also a preprofessional ballet dancer. My goal in life is to be the editor and chief of a magazine one day. But most importantly, Jesus gave it all. So all to Him I owe. The verse I'm trying my best to live by is Micah 6:8.

    Bad Things Happen…But We Can Flip on the Switch by PI Girl Lauren

    Imagine it: you are sitting in class and start telling someone about what you believe. The person you are talking to isn’t so sure about the whole God thing. They listen but don’t truly listenbecause they just see the whole Christianity thing as confusing and not practical

    What Does Beauty REALLY Mean? By PI Girl Lauren

    Forget society's definition of pretty—it's your inner beauty that counts.

    A Foundation to Stand On, By PI Girl Lauren

    Every day it happens. You get flustered. Upset. Mad at something or someone. We all can relate, right? If so, you need to read this!