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About Brandi

Share something about yourself for your Project Insired Profile!The first thing that you should know is that I'm a Christian and a cowgirl, and if you wonder why i'm not talking very much it's cuz no one's talking about horses, sorry but it's just my thing...like Barel Racing, Jumping, Riding in general, Volleyball, Softball. But Riding is My passion for sure ;) I go to Grace Baptist Church in Corona. I'm homeschooled and and train and ride horses, I have 4... Harley, Belle, Kachina, and Dazzle. I LOVE to barrel race, pole bend, trail ride, jump, and just about anything eles you can do on a horse... I have awesome supportive parents, 5 brothers and 1 sister. I'm kinda independent, I don't like having to rely on other people. My bfff is Hailey Prater and we do everything together! ♥ I'm the kinda person that gets along with just about everybody :P I can be pretty random and hyper at times...I lovee to scream on rides just for the fun of it :D I'm pretty quiet unless I know you well. I lovee Neon colors, animals prints, and everything sparkly :D I'm NOT a girly-girl, I love gettin down and dirty :) You'll never have fun unless your willing to do something crazy...like pouring soap and hot water on a slip 'n' slide in the middle of winter... :) So yeah that's me XD I'm retarded like that ;)

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