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About BreakingFree

Well first off I love Jesus! I'm an extreme nerd and I love to read and write. I am on a Christian Drama Team and am involved in Local Theater. I also hate society's low expectations for teenagers now a days. Just Because your young doesn't mean you can't set an example for others and it certainly should not give you a right to be rebellious and do dumb stuff just because it's what people expect. Don't conform to this world, break free and show the world the Light that lives inside of you. I also despise the so called "definition of beauty" that society has placed on girls today. No one should ever place a standard on beauty because God created all things and He says that it is all good. Plus we were made in the Image of God. That should speak for itself. Anyway I guess that's about it, so be blessed, shine your light, and change the world.

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