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About Celby

Hello! My name is Celine Okumah. I was born in Francistown, Botswana, moved to Zambia after being there for eleven years came to the United States of America. I've been here a little over six years and I am currently seventeen years old. I was saved when I was 10 years old after having confessed Jesus Christ to be my savior. I was Holy Spirit baptized in December twenty-fourteen and water baptized earlier on that year in September. I've read the bible cover to cover and you are free to ask me any questions if you wish (just ask me on the random questions thread by using my name in the title of the thread if you wish). Even political questions or those dealing with gender and sexuality. Nothing is too bad to share or ask about.my email is celinokumah@yahoo.com or okumah.celine@jdragonmail.us

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