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I have a lot of stuff to say and not a lot of space and time to do so. I mean this isn't a book ;). Starting from a very young age, I loved singing. I started out singing Disney Princess and Barbie songs for so long until about 3rd grade. I started getting more into pop and hit songs. And now I'm 13 and I like a wide variety of music, artists, and songs. As I've gotten older I have found another love: English. I love reading (ex: Divergent and The Lying Game). I love writing and spelling too. I write poetry and by writing poetry, I can express myself, and that really helps. I also like basketball and watching tv (preferably: drama, mystery, or action/survival). But last winter in 6th grade, insecurities just took me over and over the summer it got worse. Just recently I cut myself (and it was my first time). I felt no emotions, but on the inside I was dying. My dry skin and my feeding tube scar on my belly just made the insecurities worse. I am working through the sadness :).

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