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About Dana E.

I'm a homeschooled, high school Christian girl! I love horse back riding playing basketball, reading and writing. That picture is me. I took it a few years ago. About me: I'm a short, acne bespeckled, glasses wearing, awkward, nerdy teenage girl. I am OBSESSED with Peter Hollens and the Gardiner Sisters on Youtube and any a capella music. I really like Pentatonix too (saw them in concert) I have lots of problems. Attitude, sass, sarcasm, easily angered. It hardly comes out. Unless I'm with my family. Then it does. I'm like any other teenage girl. I have boy problems. I do like to try and help others with there problems and I've been told I'm outspoken. I will strive not to offend you but if I do, please lemme know.Congrats you made it to the end!xoxo Dana

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