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About Deborakami

Hi my name is Debora. I've grown up in a christian home and I've kind of alwayas been a christian. But I've never really taken it seriously before now, I am 14now . I've started reading the bible more and I pray wich is a very important part of being a christian of course and I just wanna encoruage ya'll continue reading the bible and praying It's all worth it. I've always been very quiet and shy and after watching the movie Perks of being a wallflower I was 100% convinced that I was a wallflower and that's just what I am and will always be. But I know who I am, I've found my identity through Christ and I am not a wallflower. I am a world changer , I am a princess , I am loved and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I know that God gave me this personality that I have for a reason. I don't always talk much but thats okay. It means that I can listen more to others. I love helping others and always put myself in their position trying to understand them thats how I am.

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