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Hello everyone. My names Angelina but I go by Angie. A personal goal I have for myself is to be the opposite of people and be a small change in the world. I absolutely refuse to wear makeup because I believe that I am beautiful without it.I used to not think so and a while back came out of a deep depression which lulled me into committing self harm and gave me constant thoughts of suicide. I'm good now and have been clean of the self-harming addiction for a couple years now.Currently I have a girlfriend who I love very much and I hope that laws change soon so that we could be together through marriage. Yes I am a homosexual and I'm very proud of it.My profile Picture above is a drawing I did for my art class. This is the comparison between the photo, the rough and the final: http://devochka303.deviantart.com/art/Selfie-Drawing-comaprison-374705111

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