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Hey :) so just random things. Um my favourite Bible verse is the start of Isaiah 43. probably like the first half. i'm in my last year of school and i take biology, chemistry, english, calculus, french and drama. I'm thinking of doing scholarship courses for chem, french and english. im doing grade 8 clarinet and i teach myself piano. French is definately my favourite subject :D i would love to go to malawi one day or to work in an aboriginal community back home in Australia. I'm pretty hyperactive and i get really over the top about everything. Except sometimes i'm really relaxed but usually i'm crazy :P I love the beach except new zealand is way too cold to go there :( And i love flowers :D and food :D and summer :D and summer fruit :D and lots of other stuff :D but especially God and my bible :D :D :D :D :D

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